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Chapter 38: My Guy

Chapter 38: My Guy

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"This person must die." Luo Tianyang suddenly had an urge to kill Han Sen and was about to raise his whip again. When he looked at Han Sen, however, he stopped and his whole body became tense.

Han Sen had put away the broadsword and held Doomsday in his hands. Drawing the string to the fullest, he pointed the arrowhead at Luo Tianyang.

Although Luo Tianyang did not recognize Doomsday, thanks to his rich experience of fighting, he could smell danger from Han Sen and his bow and stayed completely still.

The two were into a deadlock—Luo Tianyang did not dare to move, and Han Sen did not have the confidence to kill Luo Tianyang with only one shot. Even time seemed to stand still.

The onlookers were completely shocked. When Han Sen beat Liu Feng and his friends, they simply couldn’t believe it, and now he was even well-matched with Luo Tianyang?

Luo Tianyang was one of Son of Heaven’s henchmen, his strength rating was near 10.0, and even he didn’t dare to move with Han Sen’s arrow pointed at him.

Anyone with a strength rating of more than 9.0 would be among the top 100 in Steel Armor Shelter, where there were more than 100,000 people. That someone like this could be scared by Han Sen was an overwhelming fact to all. No one knew how Han Sen could gain such strength when isolated by both Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven.

"Han Sen, put down your bow," said Qin Xuan, leading her gang, who were all riding beast soul mounts.

Han Sen put away his bow and arrow. His strength was still weaker than Luo Tianyang, and Han Sen was not sure if he could shoot his opponent when Luo had his guard up. Keeping the posture was consuming his energy very fast, and the deadlock was not good for Han Sen.

"Miss Qin, I’ll kill this bastard for you," said Luo Tianyang, whipping at Han Sen, who had already disarmed himself.

Han Sen seemed to be prepared for this and was about to block the whip with Doomsday. Before he acted, a beast soul bronze sword was thrown over and hit the whip. The strength of the throw was so fierce that the whip fell from Luo Tianyang’s hand.

"I will discipline my guy, and you can mind your own business." Qin Xuan looked at Luo Tianyang coldly and summoned back her sword before she rode into the shelter.

"Follow me," Qin Xuan turned back and commanded Han Sen.

Han Sen quickly caught up with her and followed her gang into the shelter.

The entire Steel Armor Shelter was suddenly in an uproar. Ass Freak beat Liu Feng and his friends, was well-matched against Luo Tianyang and was, most importantly, declared by Qin Xuan to be her guy. All the news had driven everyone mad.

No one understood what had happened: it was all guesswork.

"Did they develop a love affair from the stab?"

"I have to learn from Ass Freak and stab a beautiful and capable woman in the ass. Maybe I can become rich and powerful."

"Qin Xuan looks so serious, but she is actually a flirt."

Rumors spread across the entire Steel Armor Shelter, and Han Sen was once again put under the spotlight.

However, Han Sen’s strength was not really the focus. People cared more about whether he was Qin Xuan’s boy toy. Even Qin Xuan’s gang would look at Han Sen weirdly.

"You know archery?" asked Qin Xuan after she called Han Sen to a hall.

"I used to practice," Han Sen shrugged.

"You can use Doomsday, so you must’ve worked hard on it," said Qin Xuan matter-of-factly. "You can join Bullseye and follow me in the future."

"No," Han Sen refused.

Qin Xuan bite her lips and said snappily, "You just offended Luo Tianyang. Without my protection, do you suppose he’d let you live?"

"Thank you for your kindness, but I will deal with it myself," Han Sen said indifferently.

"You should have known who I am. My men are more or less related to the military, and Bullseye belongs to me. Follow me and you will gain great advantages when applying for military schools," Qin Xuan suppressed her anger and said to Han Sen.

"I never wanted to go to a military school." Han Sen knew that he could apply to a military school for further education after he finished integrated compulsory education. However, all military schools had high requirements of fitness. If one’s fitness index was below 10 before the first evolution, one had no chance at military schools. For Han Sen, to reach 10 in the fitness index was not hard, but he wasn’t interested in going to school at all. He’d rather put more effort into hunting.

Exasperated, Qin Xuan said, "Without education from military school and an aristocratic title, you could only be an ordinary soldier when you are of age to serve. Only through a military school can you become something in the army. At least by then you wouldn’t have been sacrificed."

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