Super Gene

Chapter 3461 - By Dollar’s Name (The End)

Chapter 3461 By Dollar’s Name (The End)

A coin soared through space. It dinged when hit the geno tablet. It was like it had been drawn to the big block like a magnet. It stuck to the surface of the geno tablet.

The geno tablet had been like a full-on generator seconds before. Now, it was as if it had stopped. The reversal of the universe suddenly came to an end.

The two universes were dead silent. The whole world was covered in purple light. Countless creatures had a purple light surrounding them, but they did not keep on reversing as they did before.

All of the creatures were shocked as they looked at Dollar. They did not quite know what was going on. They did, however, muster a glimmer of hope, even if they were afraid that renewed hope might buckle and break any second.

Da-da! Da-da!

In the silent universe, footsteps rang out obscenely loud. Everyone turned their heads in the direction of those footsteps to look.

Qin Xiu had been softly staring at Wan’er the whole time. Now, he was willing to move his vision away from the slumbering Wan’er and peer into the purple light.

A shadow emerged from the purple light and came close to the geno tablet. The shadow became clearer as time went by. When the figure reached the geno tablet, everyone was able to discern his face.

“Han Sen… San Mu… Dollar… Wealth God…” Suddenly, many people were screaming aloud these names throughout the universe. The names were all different, but they were all spoken in shock and exuberant glee.

Chaos was holding Bao’er while this happened, anticipating the end of all. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Han Sen with sheer disbelief.

“I knew Daddy would come…” Because her universe powers had been taken, Bao’er was like a baby again. Her small face was very happy.

Han Sen looked at Qin Xiu, and Qin Xiu looked at him. Han Sen quietly said, “Qin Xiu, give it


“Are you going to be the hero of this tale and come here to judge me for my sins?” Qin Xiu clutched Wan’er and looked at Han Sen disdain.

“I have never claimed to be a hero, and I am not capable of judging you,” Han Sen said. “If I were in your position, perhaps I would have sought to do the same thing you are doing.” Qin Xiu’s eyes lit up with surprise. “But you still stand in front of me looking to fight me.” Han Sen looked into space. After looking at Bao’er, Ji Yanran, Han Ling’er, Han Littleflower, and the others, he looked sad. His expression quickly changed to one of certainty. When he looked at Qin Xiu again, his face remained unchanging.

“That is because the people I care about are all against you,” Han Sen said. “You will destroy the universe for Wan’er, so I will protect this universe for the people I care about. It does not matter. Making the distinction between what is righteous and what is evil, right or wrong, is all down to luck. Between you and I, only one of us can protect that which we want to.”

Qin Xiu laughed. “You are right. We are the same kind of people. This fight cannot be avoided.”

“Unless you give up the idea of reversing time and space.” Han Sen asked, “Would you?”

“I will not,” Qin Xiu replied. “Would you?”

“I will not either.” Han Sen’s answer came without a glimpse of hesitation. “Very good.” Qin Xiu stood up. He put Wan’er down on his seat softly. He kissed her on the forehead and said, “Wan’er, wait here for me. Your big brother will save you from this nightmare very soon.” When he turned around, he was like an angel turning into a demon.

When Qin Xiu looked at Han Sen, his soft face was totally gone. His eyes looked certain and impervious to change.

“Although I was controlled by Chaos’s will back then, most of the time, I was sleeping. I could still feel your existence. It was, however, a magical feeling. I did not know who you were until the geno prototype armor’s shell completely melted and my own will started to assert control. Then, every now and again, I was able to feel you exist.”

Qin Xiu looked at Han Sen and went on to ramble, “To me, you are the closest stranger. When I felt you for the very first time, it was very weird.”

“What feelings were they?” Han Sen asked.

“You and I are too similar,” Qin Xiu coldly said. “If we weren’t going to become friends, it was obvious we would become enemies.”

“It looks like your predictions were fairly accurate, but I wish you were not accurate,” Han Sen said with a sigh.

Qin Xiu looked at Han Sen and said, “You practiced with four geno arts. One came from Sister Moon’s Cold Sutra. Blood-Pulse Sutra came from Blood Legion. Dongxuan Sutra came from Xuan Men, and The Story of Genes hailed from my own first life. If you have practiced Cold Sutra to the max, and you have taken that step and purified your genes, the small universe you will create must be incredible. Blood-Pulse Sutra is not for fighting, but it can make a small universe. It would be the best out of the four geno arts. The Dongxuan Sutra is a strong geno art. Perhaps when that reaches the max, it can renew the universe, but it will not be your small universe alone.” After saying all of that, Qin Xiu stopped talking

“You revealed the first three skills, so why don’t you reveal The Story of Genes?” Han Sen asked.

“Because it is a skill that cannot be practiced. When I woke up with my past memories, I debated whether or not to practice The Story of Genes. Ultimately, I gave it up.” After pausing, Qin Xiu looked at Han Sen and said, “In fact, what helped you to progress with The Story of Genes was not Chaos. It was me.”

“It was you?” Han Sen looked at Qin Xiu in shock. He seemed to be surprised by this answer.

Qin Xiu said, “Chaos wanted to help you. After all, she had studied the Sky people. But it was a shame she was not the one who created The Story of Genes. She did not understand The Story of Genes much. If I did not do something when she did it secretly, even with the geno prototype armor’s help, you would have been unable to learn The Story of Genes.”

“Why did you decide to do that?” Han Sen asked.

“I wanted to know if The Story of Genes only led to a dead end or not,” Qin Xiu said with a smile. “Now that you have seen what you have, I know for certain it is not a dead end. You have walked its path.” “I do not know if I have walked it or not, or if I am even on its path at all,” Han Sen said.

“It is a shame that between you and I, only one of us can go forward,” Qin Xiu said. A purple light started to rise.

The geno tablet’s words, which had been so dim, suddenly started to shine brightly. The coin that was stuck on the geno tablet bounced away and returned to Han Sen’s hand.

Time stopped reversing earlier, but now it was starting again. It was stronger than before too. Time was soaring back. The whole universe was going back. Countless creatures were fading away.

The spirits that went to the geno hall were going to the geno tablet. The souls that were in the geno tablet did not reincarnate. They were absorbed by the geno tablet.

“The whole universe has already combined. I am the universe. The universe is me. If you seek to defeat me, you will have to destroy the universe. If you cannot defeat me, the universe will restart from the point when I was the happiest with Wan’er.” Qin Xiu’s body’s purple light combined with the geno tablet and the universe. He was like a sky god that could control the sky and the ground.

Han Sen looked dim. He looked at the countless planets like they were countless souls flying. Many planets faded away. Many planets that did not exist or only existed in ancient times were now appearing.

His fight against Qin Xiu was not just about one person against another. It was not that simple. It was about fighting against the universe.

Han Sen did not know if his decision was good or bad for the universe, but he knew that if the universe did exist, Ji Yanran and Bao’er would exist.

“Stop him!” The god temple fell. The geno hall fell. Annihilation-class God Spirit bodies began to fade. A sky full of God Spirits screamed together.

It was not just the God Spirits. The God Chaos Party, the universe of kingdoms, 10,000 race genes, countless creatures, and many more cried endlessly. They all screamed and cried. Countless creatures cried and prayed for salvation.

The universe was covered by purple mist. Everything was breaking to its relentless encroachment.

“Come! Let me see the powers of your little universe. I want to see if you will be able to stop my will.” Qin Xiu was like a demon god. His voice echoed through the universe.

“I cannot wake up my little universe.” Han Sen’s body was covered by purple light, but his voice could be heard by everyone.

“Has he not woken up a small universe?” Chaos’s face changed.

Crape Myrtle looked bitter. “Was the evolution wall’s suppression still not enough to wake up his body?”

“The universe is too big,” Han Sen said. “My heart is not big enough. I cannot keep that much stuff inside. All I have are my coins. Now, I will give them to you.” He raised his thumb and fired a coin at Qin Xiu.

In the purple universe, that coin became a smart and outstanding showcase. It went through the purple air and kept spinning toward Qin Xiu with both sides flapping.

Qin Xiu’s eyes froze in place. The whole universe’s purple light was going to the coin. It was trying to stop the coin’s advance.

The coin was rapidly spinning, and it was not stopping. Its front and back were showing, bouncing back the purple light. The coin was like a gold bolt of lightning that was coursing through space. It rushed before Qin Xiu without slowing down for a second.

Qin Xiu frowned. He opened his hand and sought to grab the coin.

Qin Xiu looked at the coin and asked, “Is that the power of The Story of Genes? It is very unusual. My universe powers cannot control it.”

The coin looked old. There was only the number one on its front. It looked like it was only worth one dollar.

Qin Xiu wanted to flip the coin over and see what was on the back, but he noticed the coin was stuck in his hand. He was unable to turn it over.

Han Sen looked at Qin Xiu and said, “No. This is not The Story of Genes’ power, but you can still say it is.”

“Are you saying that The Story of Genes is a part of you, but this is not a part of The Story of Genes?” How smart was Qin Xiu? He immediately understood Han Sen.

“Yes,” Han Sen said.

“That means by destroying it, you will be destroyed too. Isn’t that right?” Qin Xiu looked weird. His eyes flickered. A purple mist gathered along his body. It was like there was a demon covering his body. Qin Xiu clenched his palm tight. A scary power exploded in his fist. He was going to crush the coin into dust.

In the next second, Qin Xiu’s face changed. He started to look glum. His fist was shaking. His fingers were moving. Some gold, rainbow light came out from the gaps in his fingers.

His body’s purple light was going to the coin very quickly.

“This… What kind of power is this?” Qin Xiu’s face changed to something ghastly. His whole body had been trapped by this coin. It was getting sucked into the coin.

Qin Xiu used every power he could, but he could not stop his body from getting sucked into the coin.

Qin Xiu held his arm. His hands were getting slowly sucked into the coin. Han Sen said to him, “Although I did not wake up a small universe, I can eat any universe I choose. That includes your small universe. Maybe I am not a human anymore.”

“How is such a thing even possible?” Qin Xiu’s eyes trembled, but only for just a moment. In the next moment, Qin Xiu’s other hand acted like a knife to cut off the arm that had a hand holding the coin.

“That is useless.” Han Sen shook his head.

Qin Xiu cut off his arm, but his arm was sucked into the coin. Qin Xiu’s body was still unable to escape the suction of the coin. He was still getting sucked in. His body was falling into the coin.

No matter how much power he exploded with, he could not escape or deny the coin’s force of suction. Suddenly, half of his body had been sucked very close to the coin. “I did not expect this to happen… I really did not expect this… The power of The Story of Genes is so strong… If I had known this sooner… Why would I bother getting the geno prototype armor… I did not expect this… I will lose to my own geno art…” Qin Xiu laughed maniacally. His laugh was a bit strange. It was a bit sad, but it was also a bit happy. One could not describe what sort of smile he had.

“Yes, you have lost to yourself,” Han Sen said.

“No. I did not lose yet. Even if I die, if Wan’er can assert happiness, then that is already enough.” Qin Xiu looked at the geno tablet and Wan’er. He was happy and said, “Wan’er, goodbye. Even if Big Brother is gone, you must continue to live happily.” “Oh no.” Crape Myrtle’s face changed. He wanted to remind Han Sen about something, but it was too late.

Seeing Qin Xiu’s mouth cough up some blood, a purple blood light was spat at the geno tablet.

Almost at the same time, Qin Xiu’s body was sucked in the coin completely. That coin showed its back now. There was a purple shadow behind the coin. It was Qin Xiu’s face. Behind Qin Xiu was a universe that looked like a star.

“God… One universe coin…”

There was a voice in Han Sen’s brain, but he did not bother listening to it. The geno tablet absorbed the purple blood light Qin Xiu spat out. It suddenly started to run madly. The universe’s time and space collapsed. It was like it was the end of the world.

“Oh no! The geno tablet is the controller of the universe. Qin Xiu is dead, but he activated the geno tablet’s self-destruct command, which was the last resort. The whole universe is going to be buried alongside Qin Xiu.” Light Goddess’s face looked pale.

“No, Qin Xiu did not want the geno tablet to self-destruct,” Crape Myrtle said. “He wanted to bring the universe back to Wan’er’s time.”

Moment God gnashed her teeth and screamed, “Han Sen! Hurry up and stop the geno tablet! It cannot be allowed to continue!” The geno hall was breaking

“It is futile,” Crape Myrtle looked said. “Only Qin Xiu can command the geno tablet. Qin Xiu is dead. No one can command the geno tablet. If you want to destroy the geno tablet, it means you destroy the universe. If you do not destroy it, with the geno tablet controlling the universe now, it will take the universe back to that time.”

“That means it is game over for everything now.” All of the God Spirits were very sad.

The whole universe was full of apocalyptic cries. It did not matter if the people were from the universe of kingdoms or the geno universe, since several places were falling. Countless spirits succumbed and died to the disaster. The spirits were like stars rising above a sea. They all flew to the geno tablet.

“Han Sen, save Bao’er first!” Chaos could tell the universe’s reversal could not be stopped. She wanted Han Sen to save Bao’er first and foremost.

“I will save Bao’er, but that which I need to save is not just Bao’er.” Han Sen reached out his hand and pulled a stone clock out of his pocket. He knocked the stone clock’s surface and said, “By Dollar’s name, a sky full of everything will listen to me. Make everything go back to normal.”

Via Han Sen’s voice, the madly running geno tablet suddenly stopped. In the next second, the geno tablet that was consuming everything suddenly spit out the power it had just absorbed.

The universe that had been destroyed by the reversal started to come alive again.

A sky full of everything and all creatures felt their powers return. Space was becoming lively again. It was a very joyous occasion. Everyone raised their heads to the sky and looked at the shadow of the geno tablet. The shadow was burned into the deepest part of their brains. They would never forget this.

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