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Chapter 17: Unexpected Encounte

Chapter 17: Unexpected Encounter

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Fortunately, Han Sen’s feet were also wrapped in armor, and the scorpion tail couldn’t hurt him at all.

Han Sen stepped on the quartz scorpion and crushed it.

"Primitive creature quartz scorpion killed. No beast soul gain. Eat the flesh of quartz scorpion to gain zero to ten primitive geno points."

Han Sen picked up the dead scorpion, put it into a prepared bag, and walked further into the cave with the bag on his back.

Protected by the black beetle armor, Han Sen killed all quartz scorpions he saw on the way, and there were nearly a hundred scorpions in his bag after he had walked for an hour.

"Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away." Han Sen collected the dead scorpions as he was humming a nursery rhyme.

His mother had to work to support their family, and he was the one who took care of Han Yan. That’s why he was used to humming nursery rhymes.

"Dollar?" Han Sen heard the other name he had given himself when he was on a spree. Shocked, he peered in the direction where the voice came from.

In the cave sat a woman in her twenties leaning against stalagmites, looking at him surprised.

"Qin Xuan!" Han Sen exclaimed. Not expecting to see this woman here, Han Sen turned around to run.

Since he had stabbed her in the rear, he had had nightmares about it.

"Don’t go. I don’t care about the grudge between you and Son of Heaven. And even if I wanted to look for trouble, I wouldn’t be able to," Qin Xuan quickly said.

Hen Sen paused and looked back at Qin Xuan, whose ankle was swollen and badly bruised. Clearly, she had been stung by a quartz scorpion.

It suddenly hit Han Sen that Qin Xuan must have so many treasures on her since she had been in Steel Armor Shelter for years and wished to evolve with the maximum sacred geno points. She must have sacred-blood beast souls and very many mutant beast souls.

At this point she was injured, and it looked quite serious. She had so many geno points that the scorpion poison might not kill her, but her ability to fight surely had suffered, or at least she couldn’t move her injured leg.

"Although I was the one who stabbed her, she hit me back right away and has been ruthless to me ever since. If I could blackmail her right now, that would be some compensation for my suffering these months," Han Sen thought, leering at Qin Xuan.

As if she could see through him, Qin Xuan summoned a beast soul in the shape of a purple butterfly, which turned into a purple dagger in her hand.

"You know the name of this dagger?" Qin Xuan asked him with a smile.

"I don’t." Han Sen noticed the gleam of the dagger, but she couldn’t have summoned it for its beauty. It must be at least a mutant beast soul and even possibly a sacred-blood beast soul.

"This dagger is the beast soul of a malicious butterfly, and it is envenomed with strong poison. You decide if your armor could block my dagger." Qin Xuan was still smiling.

Qin Xuan couldn’t see Han Sen blushing because his armor blocked his face. "You worry too much. We just met and have no hard feelings between us whatsoever. Why would I try to hurt you?"

The sacred-blood armor might not have been able to block the sacred-blood dagger. Han Sen would not take the chance. Besides, they weren’t really enemies either, as Qin Xuan didn’t do anything more than make a few threats. It was Son of Heaven and his gang that really bullied him.

Qin Xuan smiled and took back her dagger. "I can’t move. If you can take me out of the cave safely, I will pay you a generous reward."

"How come you came here alone?" Han Sen asked, not agreeing straight away. He was curious how Qin Xuan was able to come this far when there was no trace of quartz scorpions being hunted on the way.

"Originally I wanted to kill a mutant quartz scorpion, but it was more cunning than I thought. It started to attack me, leading other scorpions when my incense was about to burn out, so that I couldn’t leave the cave. The primitive scorpions no longer feared me when the incense was gone. I was able to fight them off but was stung by a mutant quartz scorpion. So now it’s even less likely that I can leave here."

Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen and said, "Didn’t you barter with Su Xiaoqiao for money? Take me out and I’ll offer you that."

"You were stung by a mutant quartz scorpion?" Han Sen looked at her, horrified.

"If it was just a sting by a primitive quartz scorpion, I wouldn’t have asked for help," Qin Xuan said casually.

Han Sen now knew it was incense that kept the quartz scorpions sway from Qin Xuan, and she thought that he must have used the same method. What she didn’t know was that he had killed all quartz scorpions on the way out. If she had known, she would have walked away herself.

"Did you not kill the mutant scorpion?" Han Sen asked again.

"Yes, but I did not get a beast soul. No one could get the flesh either, as it’s full of scorpions out there," Qin Xuan said.

"I’ll take you, not for money but for a mutant beast soul."

"You are too greedy." Qin Xuan glanced at him.

"Miss Qin, for you, a mutant beast soul is nothing. Is your life not worth it?" Han Sen said.

"Alright then." Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen earnestly.

"Amazing. You have a deal Miss." Han Sen walked farther into the cave.

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