Seeking Immortality In The World Of Cultivation

Chapter 303 - Chapter 303: Chapter 295: Top- grade Magical Equipment

Chapter 303: Chapter 295: Top- grade Magical Equipment

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Meng Guan is indeed still in Cloud State now.

Two years ago, Meng Guan told He Song that he wanted to leave Cloud State and seek opportunities elsewhere.

At that time, He Song also supported this idea.

But for some reason, two years had passed, and there was no further news about Meng Guan leaving Cloud State.

Seeing this, He Song didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t bring up the matter again, as if it had never been mentioned before.

Now, two years have passed, and it seemed that Meng Guan had put the matter aside. He was still in Cloud State and had not left.

If He Song was going to Cloud State to attend the auction, he could indeed meet Meng Guan in Cloud State.

Therefore, what He Song said was not a lie.

“That’s great. I wonder if the Master could do my friend in the Treasure

Pavilion in Cloud State a favor by delivering this item to her.”

“Being the Sub-Pavilion Master of this place, I can’t leave.”

“Can the Master help me out?”

Upon hearing He Song’s words, Master Luo Jing’s eyes brightened, and they sparkled even more when Master Duan Hun was mentioned.

She had heard of the three supporting each other from humble beginnings to the present.

Now that He Song had mentioned Meng Guan, she naturally trusted He Song more.

Thus, during the conversation, Master Luo Jing took out an object from her storage bag and placed it in front of He Song.

It was a pure white jade slip.

The jade slip was thick and couldn’t fit into a Sound Transmission Amulet.

The information contained within it must be huge, and it would take a long time to copy it onto paper.

Therefore, it was impossible to transmit it through the minuscule space within a Sound Transmission Amulet.

Perhaps this was why Master Luo Jing wanted He Song to help deliver this to her friend.


After hearing Master Luo Jing’s words and seeing the jade slip in front of him, He Song felt enlightened.

No wonder, no wonder Master Luo Jing had been eager to know if he was going to Cloud State.

She was waiting for him here.

But what on earth was so special about this jade slip that Master Luo Jing and her friend were willing to cross mountains and seas to deliver it?

Could there be some important message contained in it?

He looked at the jade slip, intending to ask about it, but saw Master Luo Jing seemed to remember something. Her expression became slightly tense and she quickly retracted the jade slip from the table.

Then she cleared her throat and seemed somewhat guilty when she decided to speak.

“Ahem, if the Master agrees, I will certainly have a generous gift for you. I only ask that you do not read the message in the jade slip during the journey.”

“This thing is urgently needed by my friend in Cloud State, and I haven’t had it for very long. ”

“I originally wanted to spend some spirit stones and hire someone to deliver it, but now that I know the Master is going to Cloud State, I decided to entrust it to you.”

“If it were entrusted to others, there might be accidents on the journey, but it’s different with the Master, whom I trust.”

“I hope the Master won’t refuse.”

Having said that, Master Luo Jing’s gaze naturally fell on He Song.

As she said, what the jade slip contained was indeed what her friend had entrusted her to find.

Now that she had found it, she naturally had to deliver it to her friend as quickly as possible.

However, the information recorded in the jade slip was something she found hard to explain, which was why she appeared somewhat strange after taking out the jade slip.

This was also the reason she decided to keep hold of the jade slip after presenting it.

If the Dual Cultivation Skill recorded in the jade slip was seen by He Song, her image would be ruined immediately.

The main point is…

She wasn’t the one who wanted to find it.

Her friend did, and had just asked her to make a copy when she found it.

She did find and make a copy of it a while ago.

But this was girls’ private business, and she couldn’t tell anyone else.

The reason she assigned this task to He Song was that he was a perfect moral example in her eyes.

Such a man, once having agreed to something, would definitely not do anything improper.

With He Song’s cultivation base, taking this jade slip to Cloud State would not result in any accidents.

So, instead of looking for possibly unreliable messengers who could run into trouble, it was faster and safer to entrust it to He Song.

However, when she was nervously hoping that He Song would agree… After listening to Master Luo Jing, He Song’s brows furrowed slightly.

Delivering an item.

There was no problem with that.

A jade slip was actually not large.

Even if it was put into the storage bag, it probably wouldn’t take up one ten-thousandth of the space.

Since he was going to Cloud State anyway, he could just find Master Luo Jing’s friend and deliver the jade slip. It wasn’t a difficult task. For cultivators to find each other, it is quite simple.

It didn’t require much from He Song.

He Song could understand her request for him not to read the message in the jade slip.

After all, there were countless cultivation skills and mana formulas in the world. What if this jade slip contained some profound formulas?

It was just delivering a jade slip, they wouldn’t need to reveal all the information in the jade slip, right?


This Master Luo Jing had just done him a great favor.

She allowed him to obtain the auction catalog of Cloud State so much earlier than expected.

Now she wants him to help deliver something, yet she mentioned providing a big reward.

Monks usually operate on principles of mutual trade and reciprocal benefit.

However, this Master Luo Jing not only helped him without asking for anything in return but also insisted on giving him a big gift while asking him for a small favor.

Isn’t she being too polite?

This is why He Song frowned.

“There’s no need for a big gift, a friend like you just giving me the jade slip is enough, I promise not to check the information inside.”

“However, you should also provide me with your friend’s Sound Transmission

Amulet information. Once I arrive at Cloud State, I will find her myself.”

With a wave of his hand, He Song promptly refused Master Luo Jing’s big gift, directly agreeing to her request.

If it weren’t for Master Luo Jing and her friend in Cloud State, He Song might have actually missed this auction.

If he had missed it, he wouldn’t know when he might get a chance to learn such a cultivation skill that could evade divine sense exploration. It could be said, although this matter seems small, it’s quite important to He Song.

Therefore, since Master Luo Jing has already done him a big favor, helping her with this small task naturally would not be a problem.

To the side, upon hearing He Song’s words,

Master Luo Jing’s expression brightened, and was then followed by a touch of awkwardness.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Actually, there’s nothing too important in this jade slip, only… some private matters.”

“I hope you won’t mind.”

“However, going to Cloud State involves a long journey. Do you need to prepare anything?”

“As the Sub-Pavilion Master of the Subordinate Treasure Pavilion, I can offer you some ideas to make your trip safer.”

“Moreover, you don’t demand anything in return, but I can’t stand by and do nothing. Today, all your expenses here will only cost you ninety percent of the original spirit stone price.”

“Consider it my way of seeing you off.”

After the awkwardness, Master Luo Jing handed the jade slip to He Song. The conversation shifted topics just as quickly.

This topic was too awkward.

If her friend hadn’t pressed her, she wouldn’t have thought of asking He Song to deliver it.

Now that He Song has agreed and promised not to check the jade slip, Master Luo Jing naturally felt relieved.

As the Sub-Pavilion Master of the Heaven Power Immortal City Treasure Pavilion, she was indeed adept at changing the topic.

Having known He Song for many years,

although she had never interacted deeply with He Song before, she was aware of his cautious nature.

Hence, once she realized that He Song was about to embark on a trip to Cloud State to participate in the auction, she immediately thought of He Song’s current needs.

Given He Song’s cautious nature, he would probably make quite a few purchases in the Treasure Pavilion.

As the Sub-Pavilion Master, it was well within her power to offer He Song a ten percent discount at this opportunity.

In this way,

He Song could save a significant amount of spirit stones.

And she wouldn’t have to give out much on her part.

He Song would benefit,

while she, in return, not only reciprocated his kindness, but also established a new bond of favor with him.

Such mutual exchanges and mutual assistance could accumulate over time, and their relationship would naturally improve as a result.

Once they became good friends in the future, there would be more benefits.

Remembering the scene when He Song came to look for the Longevity Elixir for a mere Qi Refining loose cultivator, Master Luo Jing’s eyes softened as she looked at He Song.

“If that’s the case, thank you very much.”

“I need two high-quality Artifacts, preferably one offensive and one defensive.

Do you have them here?”

After receiving the jade slip from Master Luo Jing, He Song replied as soon as he heard her words.

Now that his cultivation had broken through to the Late Foundation Establishment Stage, it was time to replace his high-quality Artifacts with top-quality ones.

Even though his currently displayed cultivation stage is Mid -stage Foundation Establishment, it doesn’t mean he can’t use top-quality Artifacts.

Top-quality Artifacts are essentially used by monks in the Late Foundation Establishment Stage.

But he could justify buying top-quality Artifacts as an extra trump card. Top-quality Artifacts just consume more mana and have greater power.

Essentially, they’re still Artifacts, with no qualitative change.

Moreover, if there is an opportunity to save spirit stones now, He Song will naturally not behave reservedly with Luo Jing.

As the Pavilion Master here, the ninety percent price offered by Luo Jing doesn’t require her to pay spirit stones.

Giving customers some spirit stone discounts is actually a normal operation for a Pavilion Master.

This authority is certainly within Luo Jing’s reach as the Sub-Pavilion Master.

Therefore, knowing well that Luo Jing doesn’t need to pay spirit stones herself, when He Song encountered such an opportunity to save spirit stones, of course, he would not be coy.

“Please wait a moment, friend. The Treasure Pavilion does have top-quality Artifacts. I’ll fetch them for you.”

Without asking He Song why he wanted top-quality Artifacts, Luo Jing merely nodded and stood up to leave after hearing his words..

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