Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3825 - Chapter 899 - Astonishing Zero Wing

Chapter 899 – Astonishing Zero Wing

“Zero Wing?”

“To my knowledge, there is no apex power named Zero Wing. Could Zero Wing be a hidden apex power as well?”

The pseudo-apex powers’ representatives were confused momentarily when they heard the name of Dragon’s Crown’s ally. Red-Tailed Dragon’s Tarnished Wind even began rummaging through his memories for information about all the apex and pseudo-apex powers he knew, hoping to find information about Zero Wing. However, no matter how much he racked his brain, he couldn’t recall anything about a power named Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, South Lake and Apocalypse were stunned to learn the name of Dragon’s Crown’s ally.

“Did we mishear her?” After regaining his senses, Apocalypse quietly asked South Lake, “Or is the Zero Wing that Miss Jade mentioned just a Guild that goes by the same name as that Zero Wing?”

Apocalypse knew the name of Zero Wing well. It would be hard not to know.

After learning that Red Frost had recovered from her condition, Apocalypse had promptly launched an investigation of Zero Wing, which shared close ties with her. Hence, he was well-informed about the Guild’s situation.

Zero Wing was not at a Guild with an established history. Instead, it was an upstart Guild that had gained popularity following the Eternal Realm’s birth. Thus far, the Guild’s achievements included occupying an entire second-tier city by itself, establishing a solid foothold in the Eternal Realm’s Crystal City of Secrets, partnering with two pseudo-apex powers, and occupying a Neutral Town in the Eternal Realm.

However, even with all these achievements, Zero Wing could barely reach the standard of upper-ranking hegemonic powers when placed in the vast Greater God’s Domain.

If not for Red Frost, Apocalypse wouldn’t even have paid a second glance at a Guild like Zero Wing. Therefore, he had difficulty envisioning Zero Wing having any sort of connection to a hidden apex power, let alone receiving equal treatment.

“I don’t think we misheard,” South Lake said, shaking his head. “Also, it shouldn’t be possible for two Guilds with the same name to exist in God’s Domain. The system won’t let that happen.”

“Could it really be that Zero Wing, then?” Apocalypse was filled with disbelief. “But I’ve already thoroughly investigated Zero Wing. I am certain it is an upstart Guild. Even its Acting Guild Leader entered God’s Domain only recently. How can it possibly have any dealings with a power like Dragon’s Crown?”

“Could it really be an overlapping name?” After hearing about Apocalypse’s investigation, South Lake couldn’t help but wonder if the Main God System really had made a mistake.

None of the Greater God’s Domain’s hidden apex powers were ordinary. Although South Lake didn’t know why these apex powers had chosen to hide themselves, history had shown that they were all incredibly closed and arrogant. They would only pay attention to powers of equal standards. Even if they decided to have dealings with a weaker power, they would maintain only a superior-subordinate relationship. They would never treat weaker powers as equals, much like humans would never treat ants as equals.

Zero Wing? It can’t be, right? Ember Dragon was also confused by Purgatory Jade’s answer, and he couldn’t help but scrutinize South Lake’s and Apocalypse’s reactions, hoping to gain verification from them.

Ember Dragon naturally knew about Zero Wing. He had even tried to use the recent commotion to eliminate Zero Wing’s Guild Leader to reduce Red Frost’s influence over Holy Dragon Spear and strengthen his own. Of course, like Apocalypse, had it not been for Red Frost, Ember Dragon would have never known or cared about Zero Wing in the first place.

Even after observing South Lake and Apocalypse, though, Ember Dragon failed to glean any useful information. He only saw them reacting with astonishment. Evidently, they didn’t know anything more than the others in the tent.

As for Cloud Rider, the Divine Wing Dynasty’s Guild Leader, when he heard Zero Wing’s name, the first thing that popped into his mind was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, the person responsible for killing the Divine Wing Dynasty’s number one chosen one. However, he quickly dismissed the idea that this Zero Wing was the same as the one mentioned by Purgatory Jade.

After all, it was impossible for any dealings to exist between a dragon and an ant.

After a long silence, Purgatory Jade spoke up again.

“Do you have any other questions?” Purgatory Jade asked, observing everyone’s confusion. Although she found it strange how Zero Wing seemed to have little to no fame in the Greater God’s Domain, her expression remained unchanged. “If nobody has any problems, I will let Zero Wing’s Guild Leader discuss the specifics of the partnership with you.”

“Please do.” Ember Dragon, Tarnished Wind, and the other representatives nodded in response.

Subsequently, Purgatory Jade pulled up her Friends List, sent a message, and had everyone in the tent follow her out to welcome “Zero Wing’s Guild Leader.”

None of the pseudo-apex powers’ representatives objected to her arrangement, either. They could not afford to neglect the Guild Leader of a Guild capable of standing on equal footing with an apex power. Thus, they followed Purgatory Jade out of the tent without hesitation.

After Ember Dragon and the other representatives exited the tent, they waited about five minutes before two figures approached them, along with the rest of Dragon’s Crown’s Level 240-plus experts. The powerful aura these Dragon’s Crown members exuded made the ten pseudo-apex powers’ members tremble in fear and automatically make way for them.

“Black Flame?”

“Zero Wing’s Guild Leader?”

Upon getting a clear look at the two figures walking in the lead, South Lake, Apocalypse, Ember Dragon, and Cloud Rider revealed colorful expressions.

Impossible! Impossible! How can it be that Zero Wing?! When Ember Dragon saw Shi Feng and Red Frost approaching the tent with Dragon’s Crown’s members, his brain froze.

As for South Lake and Apocalypse, they were indescribably shocked and excited.

Am I dreaming?! It really is that Zero Wing?! South Lake couldn’t help but rub his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng and Red Frost, wondering if he was hallucinating.

Zero Wing’s Guild Leader? When Apocalypse saw Shi Feng, he was similarly at a loss for words.

Initially, Apocalypse thought that Shi Feng had thrown his full support for Red Frost to ride on her coattails and form a connection with Holy Dragon Spear. At the time, he had been contemptuous of Shi Feng’s behavior. But now, he realized that he had gotten everything wrong. Rather than Shi Feng riding on Red Frost’s coattails, it was the other way around.

“Elder Apocalypse, didn’t we meet just recently? Have you forgotten me already?” Shi Feng joked when he saw Apocalypse gawking at him.

“How can that be?” Apocalypse promptly snapped out of his daze and coughed awkwardly. “It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be such a big shot, Guild Leader Black Flame. You have really hidden yourself well. I bet Frost has been having a good laugh this whole time.”

Red Frost couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw Apocalypse’s awkward expression. She had never thought a day would come when her extremely stern teacher would show such a nervous expression. As for Zero Wing’s actual situation, she had no intention of informing Apocalypse or South Lake. She felt that it might be more beneficial to maintain this misunderstanding.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I’ve already conveyed your intentions to them,” Purgatory Jade respectfully told Shi Feng. “You can hash out the details of your partnership with them.”

“Sorry for the trouble, Vice Guild Leader Jade,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Then, he looked at Ember Dragon and the other pseudo-apex powers’ representatives and continued, “I won’t waste everyone’s time. Besides the Dragon God Palace and the Divine Wing Dynasty, everyone willing to cooperate can come inside and chat.”

After saying so, Shi Feng stepped into the Advanced Tent with Red Frost, followed closely by Holy Dragon Spear’s South Lake. As for Tarnished Wind and the representatives of the other pseudo-apex powers that weren’t explicitly mentioned, they glanced at Ember Dragon and Cloud Rider sympathetically before entering the tent as well, leaving the two standing outside with ugly expressions.

When the various conglomerates’ members and the independent players saw this scene, they were greatly shocked.

“Who is that person? He got the other pseudo-apex powers to cast aside the Dragon God Palace and the Divine Wing Dynasty!”

“I think that person is called Black Flame!”

“Black Flame? Do you mean the Divine Glory List’s 281st-ranked expert?”

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