Chapter 286: His Courage

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Wen Ruan looked at Zhao Fengcheng, who was charming yet somewhat cute, and couldn’t help but laugh.” Let your group perform a dance for me first.’”‘

Zhao Fengcheng looked at Wen Ruan, who was so young but did not have stage fright at all. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and said,” Sure, come in first and greet everyone.””

Wen Ruan followed Zhao Fengcheng into the training room.

Seeing Zhao Fengcheng bring in a beautiful and eye-catching little beauty, the members of Group B’s training room did not look at her with a bit of scrutiny and hostility like Group A.

Everyone enthusiastically introduced themselves to each other.

One of the girls with shoulder-length hair left a deep impression on Wen Ruan.

Her name was Yu Yi. She was tall, with single eyelids and an oval face. She had a high-class face and gave off a cool and arrogant feeling.

Zhao Fengcheng asked them to perform the latest rehearsed song.

Yu Yi stood in the center and had quite a personality. She could be remembered at a glance.

Compared to Group A, the trainees of Group B seemed to have a weaker foundation.

After Group B’s performance, Zhao Fengcheng said to Wen Ruan,” Join our group. I will focus on nurturing you in the future.”

Wen Ruan raised his hand, indicating for Zhao Fengcheng to speak later.

She walked up to the trainees and suggested a few improvements to the dance moves.

When Zhao Fengcheng and the trainees saw Wen Ruan’s suggestion, they looked at each other in dismay. However, they were soon stunned.

She had only seen it once, but she had actually remembered their actions and could even give her opinions.

Zhao Fengcheng was secretly amazed when he saw her actions.

This girl was destined to be famous all over the world!

She had such a good memory, and her body was soft. She could even dance so well!!!

Although the trainees from Group B were friendly, Wen Ruan had suddenly given them advice. At first, everyone was a little dissatisfied, thinking that Wen Ruan was deliberately trying to show off in front of Zhao Fengcheng.

In the end, after reading her suggestion, everyone was stunned.

Yu Yi took the lead and clapped.

“I think her suggestion is very good.”Yu Yi was the leader of Team B. She didn’t talk much, but she trained hard and was happy to help her team members with poor foundations.

“Everyone, do it again according to her suggestion!”

Wen Ruan looked at the hardworking trainees and nodded at them.” You guys continue to practice. One day, you’ll get results.’”‘

Wen Ruan left the traininz room.

As soon as she left, a few trainees whispered,

“She looks very young, but her aura is very strong!” “You’re exuding confidence and intelligence from head to toe.”

“I suddenly realized that she’s the kind of girl I really want to be!”

Zhao Fengcheng clapped his hands, indicating for everyone to hurry up and practice.

Seeing that Wen Ruan had left, he hurriedly followed him out.

“Little girl, why did you leave?”Zhao Fengcheng was unwilling to let go of such a good seedling. He patiently advised,” With your qualifications, it would be a pity if you don’t debut. Your voice is sweet, so your singing must be very good too, right?”

After passing by Class A’s training room, Supervisor Han walked out and looked at Zhao Fengcheng, who was following behind Wen Ruan like a lackey. He sneered and said,” What? A trainee who can’t enter Class A, and you Class B treat him like a treasure?”

Zhao Fengcheng and Han Yue were competitors in the company. Han Yue had once led a popular girl group in Country H, so she had some experience and connections.

Although Zhao Fengcheng had once led a big shot in the entertainment industry, he had a falling out with the big shot and his reputation had plummeted. Big management companies did not dare to hire a manager like Zhao Fengcheng who had a history of being tainted. It was only because he had some friendship with Wen Jingyan that he was able to work here and be the supervisor of the trainees in Group B.

Zhao Fengcheng couldn’t be bothered with Han Yue. If they missed this little girl, it would definitely be a loss for Team A.

Zhao Fengcheng followed Wen Ruan all the way to Wen Jingyan’s office.

Seeing Wen Ruan push the door open and enter, Zhao Fengcheng was stunned.

A few female employees walked over and saw Zhao Fengcheng in a daze. They reminded him softly,” CEO Wen brought him over personally this morning.”

The female employee’s eyes were a little ambiguous.

Zhao Fengcheng reacted belatedly.

No way!

President Wen, who had always been focused on work, cold, abstinent, and strict, actually brought his little lover over?

No wonder that girl was unwilling to be a trainee!

Trainees were really tough. Being President Wen’s woman, she might even become their lady boss in the future!

Although he felt that it was a pity that such a good girl could not become his artist, Zhao Fengcheng did not dare to snatch her from his boss!

After the video conference, Wen Jingyan called his assistant in to discuss the company’s development with Wen Ruan.

Currently, the main section was Short videos. The artiste management section was still being improved and strengthened.

Wen Ruan then told Wen Jingyan about her plans. Other than being an artist manager, she also wanted to do music, movies, variety shows, and if possible, games in the future!

Wen Jingyan’s assistant had heard Wen Jingyan mentioning his cousin before and had long admired her. After hearing her thoughts and opinions today, he admired her even more.

With President Wen and Miss Wen leading the company, it would definitely develop even better in the future!

In the afternoon, Wen Jingyan called a few of the company’s senior executives into the meeting room.

He formally introduced Wen Ruan to them.

The higher-ups all knew about Wen Ruan, the major shareholder.

However, the young miss was fair and teder, delicate and soft. She looked like a high school student, which was different from what they had imagined!

Wen Jingyan brought Wen Ruan and a few higher- ups to the training room.

Today was the day of the trainee assessment for both groups A and B.

The assessment was held in a stairwell.

The members of the two groups came to the stairway room and the front row was left empty for Wen Jingyan and a few higher-ups.

Han Yue and Zhao Fengcheng were waiting in the stairwell. When they saw a group of people enter, the two of them stood up to welcome them.

However, when they saw Wen Ruan beside Wen Jingyan, everyone in the stairwell was stunned.

Han Yue had always been a person who distinguished between public and private. She had already heard some people discussing the matter of CEO Wen bringing a little girl to the company in the afternoon. She also heard that the two of them had lunch together in the office.

Han Yue immediately recalled that when she went to Wen Jingyan’s office yesterday to report on her work, Wen Jingyan had instructed his assistant to buy a juicer, fresh fruits, and snacks that little girls liked.

Could it be that it was prepared for the girl beside him?

Han Yue frowned, not quite understanding why President Wen, who had always kept a clear line between public and private matters, was so muddle-headed about this matter.

There was already a lot of gossip in the cafeteria this afternoon. It wasn’t good for President Wen and the company’s image, right?

Wen Jingyan and the others walked to the judges ‘seats. Before Wen Jingyan sat down, he considerately pulled out a chair for Wen Ruan.

Seeing Wen Jingyan’s actions, Han Yue and all the trainees were stunned.

Wen Jingyan looked gentle and amiable, but he was definitely not an easy person to talk to. Of course, he couldn’t speak now, but his work attitude was quite serious and formal.

As the CEO of R.Y, every trainee was more beautiful than the last. It was impossible that there were no trainees who had evil thoughts about him. However, the last one who had evil thoughts was directly fired by him.

He also issued a notice that if anyone had any ill intentions, he would report it to the industry.

If it was really reported in the industry, it would be equivalent to being banned! From then on, no one dared to have any thoughts about him!

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