Chapter 3434: See Through

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The back of the bus was elevated. Ye Jian stood on the elevated position while Xia Jinyuan stood below. In this way, the two of them were almost the same height. Ye Jian spoke in a low voice. Her light breathing brushed past Xia Jinyuan’s ear. It was like a soft down feather brushing past his heart. It was gentle and ticklish.

Xia Jinyuan raised his eyes slightly and smiled at the sly girl. There was deep affection in his deep eyes. “I don’t plan to do anything. Just follow me.”

“How can that be? Sun Ying will definitely recognize you. Don’t forget that she has seen you before.” Ye Jian shook her head instinctively. She didn’t agree with him following her directly. Sun Ying had seen Captain Xia before in the classroom. At that time, he was still wearing his military uniform. Since Sun Ying had undergone underground training, she would naturally be more vigilant than ordinary people. If she noticed that something was wrong, things would be troublesome.

Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but smile. “If you can’t let me follow you, what do you think I should do? You can’t leave my sight, and you can’t let me pretend to be your classmate. What else can I do?”

“I’ll walk around the school first. After I enter the school, it doesn’t matter if you don’t follow me. No matter how much Sun Ying hates me, she won’t dare to do it.

“If you’re really worried, you can wait for me outside. Maybe you can find a place to rest and wait for my call. How about that?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xia Jinyuan couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. His little fox… wanted to send him away.

There was a faint smile on his thin lips. His tall and big body leaned back as the bus braked. Ye Jian was afraid that he would fall, so she subconsciously raised her hand and pressed her elbow against his back. She heard the man leaning over. “You want to send me away? That won’t do. The higher-ups have already instructed me to protect you. You can’t send me away.”

His intention… was seen through at a glance.

Ye Jian couldn’t help but purse her lips. There was a hint of resignation in her pitch-black eyes. “That person must know you. I’m afraid I’ll cause unnecessary trouble for you.”

It was just like Principal Chen. Because his identity was exposed, he might be killed at any time.

Captain Xia’s identity was special. Once Li Chuhai knew about it, there would be more trouble. She was even more worried… She was even more worried that he would have to fake his death and retire like Principal Chen to cover his identity.

This was what she had been worried about ever since she knew that he was secretly protecting her.

“If that person really knows about it, he won’t be able to spread it. Just like how he knows Principal Chen’s identity but he can’t send the news overseas. If he knows my identity, the higher-ups won’t let him leave the country alive.”

Compared to Ye Jian’s worry, Xia Jinyuan, who had been living his life like a sharp knife, was not worried about his identity being exposed at all. The military and the national defense would not allow such a thing to happen.

Ye Jian wasn’t as optimistic as him. Nothing was absolute. How could they guarantee that his identity wouldn’t be exposed?

The best way to not expose his identity was for no one to know Captain Xia’s identity!

“Captain Xia, I’m very worried…” she said softly. Her voice was tense and uneasy. “I’m really worried.” As the passengers on the bus got up and down, someone stood close to the two of them. Ye Jian pursed her lips and didn’t continue.

Her hand was suddenly grabbed. A familiar touch came. Ye Jian couldn’t help but lower her head to look at her hand that was being held tightly. The darkness in her eyes deepened..

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