Chapter 135: We Are Not to Be Messed With 1

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A group of people watched into the distance, their gaze fixed on a sixteen or seventeen-year-old youth suspended in mid-air.

His entire body was glowing, swathed in a holy radiance. With his tall and upright figure, his hair scattered, he held himself aloof from the world as if Slaying an Ancient Beast’s cub with a casual swipe of his hand was as easy as crushing a fly.

The most amazing thing was that the youth had double pupils in his eyes, both emitting a dazzling light. Looking down from above, he appeared as if a divine king had descended to the world.

A mix of emotions passed over the faces of the group of talented individuals who had entered this small world, finally converging into a deep, profound sigh.

They were all considered geniuses, but there were disparities even among geniuses.

They had worked to exhaustion, using every trick in their book and still were no match for the Black Behemoth. They were chased until they lost their defenses and were in a state of utter disarray. Meanwhile, the youth effortlessly used a Treasured Technique to kill an Ancient Beast’s cub, completely obliterating its body into fragments.

That represented the gap, the gap they would never be able to bridge.

To be born in the same era as a Double Pupil Holder was both a stroke of fortune and a tragedy.

Lucky, because having such a formidable opponent as a goal prevented anyone from slacking off. Unlucky, because no matter how outstandingly talented they were or how hard they tried, they would always fall short of catching up to him.

On this magnificent and long road, they were destined to follow behind, being left further and further behind, becoming stepping stones for his journey towards invincibility.

No one accepts such a reality willingly. Who wouldn’t want to dominate this Wilderness of ten thousand miles? Who wouldn’t desire to look down upon the eras, to sit outside eternity?!

But they had no choice but to concede and console themselves!

Having congenital double pupils, such individuals were destined for greatness from birth. Born as a human yet capable of contending with Pure Blood Creatures like the Demon Butterfly, even defeating it five or six times.

Such a person, even if he achieves the minimum, would be able to step into a Supreme Realm, becoming an unreachable existence for them.

Walking with such a person, they were destined to only see his back, left far behind by this youth on his path to invincibility. Some creatures sighed regretfully, thinking that they came at the wrong time. If it was a different era, they might have been the ones wielding power.

But there were also some whose gazes were different. They were all young girls of the Human Race, with attractive bodies, translucent skin, and pure white complexion. They observed the youth with shy admiration tinted in their sparkling eyes.

“This kid…has four pupils?!”

On the back of the Three-headed Feng Luan, Tu Wa Zi, Gu Chen, and others looked surprised.

They had grown up in Liu Village and had never seen anyone with double pupils before. This seemed strange and amazing, even awe-inspiring to them, because it did not look bad, even dignified.

“This boy has congenital double pupils, the symbol of a future supreme being. I didn’t expect such a talented monster to appear in this lifetime!”

Lin Zhuang sighed, his face solemn.

He often chatted with Old man Lin and the elderly chief of the Native Tribe, learning about the legends of Double Pupil Holders.

Such a sign of supreme birth was almost invisible. It was said that all sorts of ancient Taoist laws were embedded in the double pupils, which were mysterious and unpredictable. Once the double pupils opened, they could even pierce the Heaven and Earth. A Completion stage Double Pupil Holder could even fight against ancient emperors and dominate several eras.

Most importantly, this youth was only a few years older than Gu Chen and Tu Wa Zi, which put them in the same generation. In the future, they were destined to contend against each other, possibly even in bloody battles.

At this moment, these mischievous boys turned serious.

Although they did not want to admit it, they felt that this youth was indeed very strong. He seemed as unique and independent as a Divine Spirit, a match they could not oppose, even in a combined effort. It seemed like he could oppress the entire small world by himself.

However, these mischievous boys did not feel that hopeless. After all, they were still young, and at least four or five years younger than him. If they were the same age and at the same Realm, they felt they would not necessarily lose to him.

As Tu Wa Zi and Gu Chen were staring at the youth with double pupils, the latter seemed to have noticed something and returned their gaze.


In the air, an astonished voice sounded. The youth with double pupils raised his brows slightly as if he had found something interesting.

The next moment, the youth suddenly strode out, seemingly walking as if he could shrink the ground into inches. In an instant, he covered thousands of meters and arrived directly in front of Tu Wa Zi and his group.

In an instant, an endless pressure accompanied the assault, like a surge of tidal water hitting the face.

He stood there like a divine spirit, shrouded in radiance with the glow of auspicious clouds surrounding him. His hair danced in the wind, and his pupils shone with a heart-throbbing light. Merely glancing at him might cause one to lose oneself in the glow.

The Feng Luan, sensing the deadly crisis, let out a shriek. The youth’s imposing aura made its body tremble, its fur standing on end, and its agile eyes filled with boundless fear.

“There seems to be a familiar aura on you all, like it is from an old acquaintance of mine!”

After a long while, the youth with double pupils spoke. His face was as calm as water, showing no signs of emotional fluctuations.

What are you talking about? We’ve never seen you before, let alone your so-called old friend. Are you picking a fight? Just a warning, don’t mess with us, we’re not easy to provoke!”

Tu Wa Zi and his companions braced themselves as if facing a great enemy, adopting defensive postures.

The youth with double pupils standing before them exuded an intimidating aura that was truly terrifying, which made them feel apprehensive. He was unfathomably powerful and formidable, making it hard to gauge his current strength.

However, even so, Tu Wa Zi refused to lose face. Whether they could fight or not was another matter, but they had to win the verbal battle first.

“The double pupil holder is confronting the people from Liu Village, this is big news!”

From a distance, a group of people watched with twinkling eyes.

They recognized Lin Zhuang and his companions and knew that they came from Liu Village. They possessed the Three-eyed Raven, a powerful and rare ancient pure-blooded ferocious beast, representing a rather mysterious power.

In the cold wind, the clothes of the young man with double pupils rustled, his black hair fluttered, and his eyes, like stars, scanned Tu Wa Zi and his companions.

Then, surprising everyone, the youth withdrew his gaze and suddenly turned and left in a certain direction.

“What just happened?! Could it be that the youth with double pupils feared Liu Village’s mightiness?”

A creature mused. They were several powerful ancient beasts, who swiftly eliminated any immediate dangers, hence had extra time for discussions.

“What are you thinking? You can tell you don’t understand the double pupil holder. The reason he left is obviously because he realized he wouldn’t get any answers and didn’t want to waste time!”

Someone retorted, clearly knowing more about the nature of the double pupil holder.

Born with double pupils, he was destined to be supreme in the future. Taking an undefeated path, unless facing an unimaginable existence, it would be hard to make him retreat.

Tu Wa Zi and his companions were completely puzzled, equally confused about what had happened. They found the behavior of the youth with double pupils very strange and difficult to fathom.

However, the current crisis was averted, and lazy to think further, they followed the advice of the older man with unkempt hair and hastily led the team towards the exit.

Similarly, many other creatures around were making the same moves, swiftly navigating through the woods..

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