Pregnant Before the Royal Marriage

Chapter 77 - Chapter 77: Chapter 77: I’m not his own child

Chapter 77: Chapter 77: I’m not his own child

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After saying that, he held a brocade box in both hands and said, “This is the birthday gift from your son and the Princess Consort.”

Concubine Jin nodded slightly, her cold face showing no expression. She instructed the palace maids to take the box and said, “You may all stand up.”

Not even looking at the things inside the box.

Li Hongyuan stood up.

Jiang Ning assisted Huang Ying in standing up.

Concubine Jin glanced at Jiang Ning and said, “You can sit down.”

“Thank you, concubine mother.”

Jiang Ning had a good impression of this cold beauty and sat down immediately.

Concubine Jin seemed to be reluctant to talk, but she had to say something to her son and daughter-in-law. She asked casually, “Have you two been getting along well these days?”

Jiang Ning looked at Li Hongyuan.

Li Hongyuan answered, “Your son and the Princess Consort are doing well. Thank you for your concern, concubine mother.”

Concubine Jin gave a hum and said, “In that case, you should have a child soon.”

Li Hongyuan was silent for a moment and then smiled, “Your son will do as you say.”

“Alright then, if there’s nothing else, go and join the banquet. It’s quite noisy outside, and I prefer the peace and quiet here.”

“Yes, your son will leave now.”

Li Hongyuan turned and left.

Huang Ying also pushed Jiang Ning and followed him.

This mother and son pair really didn’t look like they were related at all.

But that was their family matter, and Jiang Ning was too lazy to worry about it.

All she had to do was come and eat, then go home and sleep.

When the banquet officially began, Jiang Ning saw a few familiar young girls, including Princess Ling’an from the draft selection day.

Princess Ling’an was sitting right across from Jiang Ning, staring at her with a resentful look.

Jiang Ning had heard that Princess Ling’an had admired the Prince of Yu for many years and had vowed to marry no one else.

Unfortunately, the prince did not care about love at all; he only cared about the benefits others could offer him.

“You little wretch!” Princess Ling’an held a pair of chopsticks in her hand and muttered under her breath while staring at Jiang Ning. She imagined that Jiang Ning was the fish on her plate and stabbed it repeatedly.

Jiang Ning glanced at her, poured a cup of tea, and brought it to Li Hongyuan’s lips. She sweetly asked, “Prince, are you thirsty? Have some tea.”

Li Hongyuan was talking to someone else when a cup of tea suddenly appeared in front of him. He looked at Jiang Ning in surprise.

Jiang Ning smiled, “Drink.”

Li Hongyuan frowned, wondering what this woman was up to.

Had she put some knockout drug in the cup again?

“There are so many people here,” Jiang Ning reminded him.

Li Hongyuan looked at her, opened his mouth—

Jiang Ning fed him a sip, then looked at Princess Ling’an.

Princess Ling’an’s teeth were grinding.

Jiang Ning pulled up Li Hongyuan’s sleeve, put it to her nose, and sniffed.

Princess Ling’an:”…”

Jiang Ning wrapped her arm around Li Hongyuan’s, resting her face on his shoulder—

Li Hongyuan had been ignoring her the whole time, but now he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t aware of her actions.

This woman…

“Ahh, I can’t stand it anymore!” Princess Ling’an exclaimed, standing up.

Everyone looked at her.

Princess Ling’an’s face turned red. Thinking quickly, she picked up her wine cup, walked up to Jiang Ning, and said, “I heard that Prince of Yu can drink a thousand cups without getting drunk. As the Princess Consort of Yu, you must have a good tolerance as well. Why don’t we have a drinking competition?”

Jiang Ning said, “The Prince of Yu can drink a thousand cups without getting drunk; you can go compete with him. I’m not his blood relative; can this ability be inherited?”

Li Hongyuan:”…”

Princess Ling’an said, “Do you dare not?”

“I don’t dare.”

“You…” Princess Ling’an felt like she had just punched a cotton ball. She was so frustrated she wanted to spit blood..

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