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Chapter 4939: Chaos

Five disciples from the Long clan instantly surrounded Long Chen and the scammer, one of them wearing a particularly dark expression. The scammer instantly tried to flee but was quickly caught by one of the disciples, who slapped him hard. The disciple didn’t hold back; the scammer’s mouth split open from the force. Despite seeing the slap coming, the scammer didn't dare to block or dodge, accepting it head-on.

“Fuck, how many times have I told you that if you want to be a scammer, go be a scammer, but don’t point at us? Next time you try to use us like that, I’ll rip your mouth off permanently,” said the disciple who slapped the scammer. He then kicked the scammer away.

Even after being slapped and kicked, the scammer didn’t dare to make a sound and just left dejectedly.

“Little fellow, are you a novice? Listen to big brother’s advice: there’s no such thing as a free meat pie in this world. These people are all scammers, but they have backers, so we can’t do much to them. As for becoming an outer disciple of the Long clan, the trial for this year is over. Also, the requirement to be qualified for the trial was to be at the fifth Heavenstage of Divine Venerate realm at the very least. You don’t meet the requirements, so no personal connections can help you,” said the disciple.

Long Chen was surprised to see a trace of righteousness in this corrupt world.

Seeing that Long Chen remained silent, the disciple examined him and said, “You came out to adventure, is that it? You should go back and bring an elder to accompany you. To tell you the truth, rich young nobles like yourself think that they have power because of their family’s protection, but I don’t even know how many of them have died here. Life is precious, and you should cherish it.”

Long Chen nodded. “You are entirely correct. Many thanks.”

He waved his hand, sending a medicinal pill flying toward the disciple. The latter was baffled and instinctively caught it.

“What’s this? Are you looking down on me? I don’t need your charity—”

“What the fuck?! Look at it closely!” One of the disciples beside him cried out. When the disciple talking to Long Chen caught the pill, he accidentally brushed off its outer layer, revealing its true form.

“This is… a top grade Divine Venerate Pill!”

The disciple’s jaw dropped. When he looked up, Long Chen was already charging into the depths of the Heavenly Desolation Domain, leaving behind only a blurry afterimage. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

“Damn, who was that?! Did he just give away a top grade Divine Venerate Pill?”

These disciples were all stunned. After all, a pill on this level wasn’t something they were qualified to consume, but this stranger just randomly gave them one.

After walking for a bit, Long Chen wore a rather odd smile. Interesting. Even the guards of the transportation formation are split into different camps. The interior of the Long clan is quite complicated.

Long Chen had been in no rush to barge through because he wanted to see the expressions of the Long clan’s disciples. From the tiniest of clues, he could infer the general situation within the clan. This was crucial for Long Chen.

Unexpectedly, the disciples guarding a single small transportation formation were divided into three camps. Long Chen noted their distinct attitudes.

One faction was hardworking, another was lazy, and the third was antisocial.

The ones helping Long Chen belonged to the antisocial group. Their assistance wasn’t necessarily out of kindness but seemed to be a display for the other two camps.

When the scammer was beaten, Long Chen noticed the expressions of the “hardworking” camp change. That scammer was clearly on their side. If he succeeded in his scam, they would definitely get a cut. Thus, beating him was also slapping them in the face.

As for the lazy group, they seemed content to just pass their days without doing or caring about anything. However, the ones who had helped Long Chen were clearly on the opposing side of the hardworking camp.

It was unclear if the transportation formation’s profits were unevenly distributed, or if the scammers refused to share with them, but the antisocial camp didn't look happy.

The complex dynamics seemed to be a projection of the interior of the Long clan.

Long Chen continued forward, not going too fast or slow. Some people passed ahead of him, and he walked past some people. All the while, he closely sensed the fluctuations in the Heavenly Daos.

He found that the laws in the Heavenly Desolation Domain were heavily tainted by the auras of the devil and demon race. The laws here were more chaotic compared to the outside world, and cultivating in this environment would easily lead to people becoming temperamental and violent.

The further Long Chen went, the more active his seven-color Supreme Blood became. It was like a withered tree finally being nourished by rainwater.

“Is the seven-color Supreme Blood a violent type of bloodline?” Long Chen pondered on it. The seven-color Supreme Blood seemed to enjoy this kind of environment.

Long Chen was minding his own business, sensing the changes in his seven-color Supreme Blood. However, a voice rang out behind him. “Hey, little brother, please wait!”

After that, a figure rapidly caught up to him.

Long Chen was startled for a second but quickly understood. Seeing that everyone else in the vicinity had vanished, Long Chen simply flashed a cold smile and stopped walking.

“Little brother, I have something important to tell you…”

The person rushing over was panting as if he had something urgent to tell Long Chen. He wore the robes of the Long clan, but when he got close to Long Chen, a dagger suddenly appeared in his hand. With a twisted smile, he thrust it at Long Chen ferociously.

Long Chen asked, “A single medicinal pill is enough for you to want to kill me? It seems that you aren’t doing too well. Is losing your life for a medicinal pill really worth it?”

Long Chen turned ever so lightly to dodge his attack. Just then, two more figures ambushed him from behind, their two swords hacking down like bolts of lightning.


A scream shattered the silence as the two ambushers severed the dagger-wielding disciple’s arm into four pieces. Blood sprayed into the air.

These two ambushers also wore robes of the Long clan. Seeing that they had struck their own companion, they were baffled. They had aimed for Long Chen, but somehow ended up striking their own comrade.

“Not bad, not bad. If you had succeeded, you would have had to split the profit among fewer people. Don’t panic, you’ve done very well,” Long Chen comforted the bewildered disciples.


The two assailants furiously lunged at Long Cheen once more, their swords raised.

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