Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast

Chapter 301 - Chapter 301: Chapter 178 Endless Purgatory, the First Death of the Sixth Layer Heaven_2

Chapter 301: Chapter 178 Endless Purgatory, the First Death of the Sixth Layer Heaven_2

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“All Federation people must die.”

With a cold gaze at Ethan Polis’ corpse, the shadowy figure flickered and appeared in the nearby forest, then disappeared silently into the darkness.

Just as the shadow left the mountain forest, a surge of violent and scorching power descended from the sky above.


The earth shattered under the destructive black-red shockwave, raging wind howled, and the force swept away all the trees within a range of more than twenty meters.

In the midst of the howling wind, two figures, one black and one white, separated and landed tens of meters away.

The one wearing snow-white clothes was Ilisa Wesley, who had left only a short time ago.

The other figure was shrouded in black robes; with an eerie black power flowing around like a void, it seemed as if it could disappear at any moment.

Ilisa looked at the bundle of shadows and said indifferently, “Shadow God Sect’s lurking member, haven’t you followed me long enough?”

A hoarse voice came from underneath the black robes, “My Void Shadow has reached its grand accomplishment, I can blend into the surrounding shadows and shield all my breaths. How did you find me?”

Ilisa said indifferently, “Do you think I would tell someone who’s been sneaking behind me for days how I found them?”

Cooper, shrouded in black robes, fell silent for a moment, feeling that his question was somewhat foolish.

“Ilisa, aren’t you a member of the Divine Sect Alliance? Why didn’t you kill that Federal Genius earlier? And, what are you looking for here?”

Instantly after Cooper finished speaking, an invisible cold chill enveloped him.

Ilisa said indifferently, “Sometimes knowing too much can get you killed.”


Feeling Ilisa’s killing intent, Cooper’s aura exploded to the Peak of the Fifth Layer Heaven; black power surged like leaping flames, and his figure retreated explosively.

His speed was so fast that it almost reached the supersonic speed of 400 meters per second; he vanished like a black line cutting through space.

But at this moment, with a round moon appearing behind her, Ilisa’s figure disappeared in an instant, appearing like a reflection in front of Cooper.

The round sun appeared in the sky simultaneously.

Boom boom boom!

The mountain forest collapsed, and the trees exploded.

Soon, amidst the fire and smoke filling the forest, Ilisa held a head with unyielding eyes, her gaze calm as she looked deep into the mountain ranges.

As she casually threw away the head in her hand, her figure vanished deep into the forest, with a faint voice echoing, “How dare you stalk me, looking for death. Next time I meet you, I will kill you.”

More than a thousand meters underground, the humming subsonic waves in the air made Jack Clark uncomfortable, but still within the acceptable range.

The scorching lava river flowed below the cliff, and the dancing firelight illuminated the deep red of the dim underground.

In the lava lake at the source of the small river, a Flood Dragon with a body as thick as a water tank, spanning twenty-seven meters, coiled and swallowed scorching materials.

This Flood Dragon, like those red pythons, had a round body covered with red scale armor that emitted a metallic luster, and a head similar to a dragon with protruding bones and horns.

This scene was somewhat similar to when the Sword Armor Beast encountered mutated red eels under the sea crevice.

After awakening the fire talent similar to those Mutated Creatures, they gained the ability to absorb scorching energy and no longer needed to rely on hunting to grow.

Moreover, even the bodies of those Level 1 Red Pythons were as hard as iron, the flesh of this Level 5 Peak Serpent would be more terrifying, especially since it was in the lava lake.

In this situation, even an entire team of Fifth Layer Heaven Cultivators might not return unharmed.

However, this wasn’t an issue for Jack Clark.

Standing on the edge of the cliff with his War Halberd, Jack took a deep breath of the scorching air. In an instant, the overpowering Dragon Elephant True Strength within his body erupted.


The void trembled, black-red radiance flickered, and the air around Jack exploded, forming circles of white waves that blew outwards.

Most importantly, the irresistible killing intent of the surging tide, instantly made the serpent below raise its head, its scales erupting, and flames burning.

Roar! The Flood Dragon stared at Jack on the cliff, who had intruded into its territory, and let out a roar like a tiger.

At that moment, flickers of black-red light shone high in the sky, and a two-meter-long halberd skill emerged from the black-gold Battle Halberd, like a meteor descending from the heavens.


The Flood Dragon coiled in the Lava Lake roared brutally, opening its mouth wide, and firelight danced within. In an instant, a flame soared sky-high, covering a range of tens of meters.

As a Level 5 Peak Fire Mutated Creature, this Flood Dragon even possessed breathing ability.

However, its breathing ability was more like spewing fire, with flames only reaching a thousand Celsius as they scattered without any shockwave containment.


The halberd swept across the sky, and the overbearing halberd skill tore through the sea of fire, striking the Flood Dragon’s head without losing momentum, causing black-red radiance to explode in an instant.


Under the ferocious, overbearing attack, the scale armor on the serpent’s head burst, flesh and blood splattered, while the heavy force smashed the serpent’s head into the Lava Lake.

Boom! A large amount of raging magma flames soared into the sky, with many even splashing onto Jack who had them blocked by the True Strength circulating outside his body.

At the same time, taking advantage of the counter-shock force, Jack’s figure flew back, landing at the edge of the Lava Lake tens of meters away, the heavy battle boots crushing the volcanic rock with a clang.

Roar, roar, roar!

The Lava Lake exploded, and the bloody Flood Dragon raised its head and roared angrily. Its huge body formed an S shape as it pounced towards Jack in an instant, stirring up rolling scorching magma..

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