My Vampire System

Chapter 2542 1 Year Later

One year had passed since the world changing event. The disappearance of an entire separate race was done in a day, and the human race had to figure out what it was that they needed to do.

Vampires were already living among them on many different planets, and suddenly for them to change just like that was not just a shock for them, but for everyone around them. However, with the help of those in charge,those that were already trying to bridge the gap between the two, things had moved along quickly.

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, the humans were much more willing to work with the new humans who were just like them. Those that were afraid, had almost no reason to be. The excuses they made about living side by side with those that feasted on them, couldn't be used anymore.

As for why this had occurred, that had been kept under wraps. Many of the now ex-vampires were actually displeased with what had happened to them, feeling as if something had been taken away from them.

It also meant, many didn't learn about the decision and the sacrifice Quinn had made for them all.

As with all things though, as time went by, people adjusted to the change, they adjusted to their new life, and the ex-vampires were able to integrate into human society, and rather than being apart, they had practically become one.

Most of the political issues had been dealt with, it was an ongoing issue, but not as much as it was at the start. It allowed the humans to focus on more things, one of them being the reconstruction of Earth.

Through their technological advancements, they were able to take land mass from asteroids and other planets and bring it to Earth. Large continents were being created in the seas, replacing the ones that had originally been destroyed by the Dalki in the first war.

lightsnοvεl For everyone it felt like there was no incoming threat looming over their heads like before. There were still beasts on other planets and travellers. This was because crystals were still a valuable resource for society's use.

Although vampires no longer existed, abilities still did. So humans as well as the vampire turned humans would learn abilities to do as they wished.

At the same time, the human forces kept their relationships with the Amra, Penswi, and Mermerials; keeping up their close relationship as a whole. They would be a force to be reckoned with in the universe if anyone attacked them.

In this new world and new life, on Earth, a new land had been developed, and on that land an evolved society had been built. With large houses, high speed networks allowing one to travel from one area to the next, and the teleporters to travel even further distances had been implemented.

On the outskirts of the city, there were the suburbs where large houses had been developed with green around it. In one of these areas there was a large gated house. Lasers shot out from the bottom, formed by crystals, to make up the gate.

A stone pathway led up to a water fountain feature, and eventually to the large manor-like house.

A dark small coloured spaceship making next to no noise had landed on a stone pathway not too far away, and there were many other spaceships that were already there.

The door opened up from the bottom to the top, and immediately a small black curly-haired boy jumped down, bending his knees.

"Ah, finally we're here!" Galen shouted, standing up strongly. Minny also jumped down, her feet landing on the ground.

She was dressed up in a nice little polka dot red dress and had her hair tied up with a red bow as well. While Galen was in a shirt tucked into his little trousers. Soon following the two of them, was none other than Layla, with her brown hair. She was in a nice light blue dress that sparkled, while wearing several items of jewelery on her.

It was clear that all of them had made the effort to dress up nicely, and that included Quinn who had come out last. Looking the same as he ever had. Only his usual curly hair wasn't in so much of a mess as it was parted to the sides cleanly.

He was wearing a nice black suit with a white shirt. He didn't wear a tie though because he felt like it restricted his breathing a bit, it was uncomfortable to say the least.

"Beast armour is more comfortable than this." Quinn commented.

"Come on, everyone is going to be dressed up nicely. It's only for one day. It's been a while since we've done something like this." Layla said, as she grabbed onto Minny and Galen's hand and walked forward.

Minny had moved in a certain way so she could hold onto Quinn's hand as well and they all walked forward, heading to the large door. As soon as they arrived there was a scan of their face, and a voice sound played.

"I'll be at the door in a second, a female voice said."

It wasn't long after that before the door opened up and a female in an elegant dress was there to greet them all.

"Oh Lucia, it's so nice to see you, and congratulations on the news." Layla said as she moved forward and went in for a big hug, but she was careful as she was careful not to touch her stomach so much.

"Ah yes, you heard, didn't you. It looks like in less than a year, we will have a little child of our own." Lucia commented with a big smile.

"Congratulations." Quinn said. "I bet Peter is really pleased about this. It seems we are all growing up, since all of us are having a family of our own now."

"Well, why don't you head inside, he and the others are all waiting for you."

Heading inside with his family, they entered the large hallway with a grand dangling chandelier. The house was nicely decorated. But it felt a bit empty in places. It was clear that they hadn't lived in it for very long.

The event that they had been invited to was a house warming in the first place, and the house they were in belonged to none other than Lucia and Peter.

The two of them had gotten together not long after he had turned back into a human. It seemed after his turn he had realised his feelings. He rushed over to Lucia and decided to tell her everything that he felt.

Walking down the hallway, they took a right turn and they pushed through a pair of double doors and heading in, Quinn had entered a room full of people.

"It looks like everyone is here." Quinn smiled to himself.

This was the start for Quinn, a memory he remembered clearly. At that time, meeting everyone, he had made a final decision for himself. This was perhaps the start when he realised, he was different from everybody else.




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