My Simulated Road to Immortality

My Simulated Road to Immortality
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My Simulated Road to Immortality

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The Immortal Way, how arduous it is! Especially in this Immortal Cultivation World, which has been drastically changed by a plague! Mortals carry the disease, and when Immortals come into contact with them, they are liable to suffer a decrease in their cultivation, and in the worst case, end up Returning to the heavens. This has made Mortals and Immortals eternally separate entities. The Immortal Law cannot be jointly cultivated, turning the entire Immortal Cultivation World into a vast dark forest. …… Li Fan, having travelled through time, despite having boundless ambitions, can only toil within the mortal dust, wasting away his whole life. Fortunately, just before death, he finally awakens an odd treasure which can turn the real into the fake – transforming his real life into a vivid dream, enabling him to return to the time right after he travelled through time. Therefore, Li Fan began his long Road to Immortality! In his second life, Li Fan, over the course of fifty years, overturned the power balance of the world, yet he searched everywhere and failed to find a trace of Immortals, only managing to see the traces of an Immortal at the very end of his life. In his third life, despite Li Fan exhausting his spirit and wits and laying out all sorts of schemes, he still couldn’t withstand a single strike from an Immortal! In his fourth life…… …… I, Li Fan, a mere mortal, have no regrets even after a hundred lifetimes, I only seek Immortality!

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