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Chapter 333 - Chapter 333: Prepare to Play With Flowers

Chapter 333: Prepare to Play With Flowers

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“Master, the first space elevator had been fully assembled.”

“Okay, I know.”

After hearing the report from Red Lotus, Tang Rui put down the device he was holding, picked up the phone next to him, and called the aerospace command center.

“Hello, Professor Tang, this is Wang Bo, the duty officer tonight. What can I do for you?”

“The first space elevator has been completed. Tomorrow, I will launch the components of the Konggang Space Station. At that time, we will need five to seven duty officers to be stationed at the space elevator. Please remember to arrange that.”

“Got it, Professor Tang, I’ve noted that.”

“Good, nothing else.”

Tang Rui hung up the phone and continued assembling the device parts he had in his hand.

The issue with the space elevator was a minor one for him; he hadn’t taken it seriously at all.

The most pressing issue at the moment had been the black dwarf star.

After more than half a month of continuous observation, scientists worldwide had been studying this black dwarf star.

The biggest question had been the cause of its formation.

The surface temperature of this black dwarf star, which was about to reach the solar system, had already dropped below 5000K.

What did this mean?

Every few trillion years, a black dwarf star could not naturally evolve to this extent.

Excluding natural evolution as the cause.

That left one possibility: artificial interference.

After half a month of brainstorming, top scientists around the world had developed a model.

That was an energy model with a billion white dwarf stars at its core.

Suppose there was a high-tech civilization that could create a device that shields gravity. Then, after capturing a white dwarf star, they would use it as a source of energy.

In this case, how much energy could a white dwarf star provide?

The answer was thirty million times the total radiated energy of a solar-mass star over its lifetime.

It sounded unbelievable.

But in reality, the energy a white dwarf star could emit over a trillion years was indeed much more than a regular star.

Especially since this energy could be extracted more quickly.

It wasn’t like a Dyson sphere, where you passively waited for a star’s radiation, and the energy obtained each day was fixed.

A white dwarf star, composed of electron degenerate matter, could be manipulated in special ways to enhance its energy output.

Tang Rui had the means for this.

Its principle was similar to the technology of converting stellar magnetic field energy, just more advanced.

The technological gap had been like the difference between a hydrogen bomb and controlled nuclear fusion: the same principle, but vastly different difficulty levels.

In other words, scientists around the world had come to believe that this black dwarf star was a white dwarf star that had been artificially interfered with and had all its energy extracted.

As for this theory, Tang Rui believed it only partially.

Why only half-belief? Mainly because he thought that an alien civilization with gravity-shielding technology would not need to extract energy from a white dwarf star. Wasn’t vacuum zero-point energy more attractive?

Being able to directly extract infinite energy from the quantum bit sea, why rely on old-fashioned stars as an energy source?

It’s not that aliens couldn’t discover it.

Even with human technology, vacuum zero-point energy had been discovered, and it was impossible for a higher civilization not to discover it.

So, the specific situation of this black dwarf star was still questionable.

“Red Lotus, continue calculating the previous magnetic field model.”

“Okay, Master, Red Lotus is performing the calculation.”

Red Lotus was controlling a quantum supercomputer specifically for physical use, calculating the magnetic field of the black dwarf star.

However, the calculation speed had not been very fast.

After all, the black dwarf star’s magnetic field was incredibly strong, about 17 million times that of Earth’s magnetic field.

What did this mean?

The sun’s magnetic field was only about twice that of Earth’s.

A normal white dwarf star’s magnetic field was about three million times that of Earth’s. The strongest magnetic field found in a white dwarf star was only 4.2 million times that of Earth’s.

Gravity was something Tang Rui didn’t quite understand yet.

But he was very skilled with magnetic fields.

A large part of his black technology was related to electromagnetic technology.

So, after discovering the situation of the black dwarf star’s magnetic field, he immediately had a new idea.

He didn’t know if there was a repulsive force corresponding to gravity.

But there was definitely a repulsive force in electromagnetism.

Since the black dwarf star’s magnetic field was so strong, could some tricks be played in this area?

The answer was yes.

However, to play tricks on the black dwarf star, a magnetic field of equivalent strength was required. Considering the current situation of the major planets in the solar system, it was not even close to finding an equivalent, let alone related.

No way around it.

Tang Rui could only try to enhance the magnetic field strength artificially using technological means.

In this regard, he still had some tricks up his sleeve.

Not to mention, he also had a system panel. If all else failed, he could cheat, so he decided to give it a try.

But this plan, he hadn’t told anyone.

“Master, the calculation and analysis of the black dwarf star’s magnetic field is complete. Due to the lack of data and key information, the simulation data accuracy is less than 60%. Please be cautious, Master.”

“I understand, show me the simulation results and data.” Tang Rui immediately said.

“Okay, Master.”

The black dwarf star appeared on the holographic projection screen, surrounded by wave-like magnetic field simulation images.

These layers of magnetic fields were not only strong in intensity but also high in energy level.

Even within the magnetic field, there were some magnetic vortices and special disturbances that he could not understand.

These phenomena were beyond Tang Rui’s understanding.

As the simulation data constantly changed, the surrounding data also kept fluctuating.

He looked at the data in front of him, frowning.

It seemed impossible to overcome.

The black dwarf star, whether in terms of mass, gravity, or magnetic field, was a bit too much for the solar system. Ordinary methods were just like scratching an itch and were ineffective.

Physical size, indeed, was the most unreasonable factor.

“It seems that we can only trouble Jupiter big brother now.”

After reviewing all the simulation data, Tang Rui muttered helplessly.

He then turned off the holographic projection and stood up to return to the main assembly workshop.

In this workshop, there lay a conical device 310 meters long with a maximum diameter of 66 meters at the tail end, quietly resting there.

This was the device Tang Rui had been manufacturing recently.

However, it was not yet complete.

But now, it needed to be reworked.

“Red Lotus, re-segment the entire device and manufacture two more cores, increasing its length to over 1200 meters.”

“Okay, Master, but doing so will mean we can only assemble it in outer space.”

“I know, manufacture one first, and take it for testing in three days.”


Tang Rui looked at the new design model provided by Red Lotus, confirmed there were no issues, and then went to strengthen the two cores.

Initially, only one core was needed.

However, after reviewing the magnetic field simulation data of the black dwarf star, he found that the parameters were off and had to build two more.

[Item: Magnetic Field Energy Level Transition Activation Device]

[Experience: 0/0]

[Enhancement: Instant Energy Level Transition System]

[Attributes: Energy Reaction Increase by 220%]

[Origin Points: 28266.35]

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