Chapter 440

Reporters swarmed the South residence, quickly trending the news of how Ellis and the Davis family members were cornered there.


In the hospital.

Austin was leisurely sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, while Jackson was still in bed recuperating. Suddenly, Austin sprung to his feet, excitedly pointing at his phone.

“Did you arrange those reporters?”

Jackson was taken aback. “No.”

Why would he do that?

His goal was revenge and to take down the Olsen family. The incident itself was enough, and the Olsen family’s stock was falling. Why would he waste money on arranging for reporters?

Austin was confused. “If it wasn’t you, then who did this?”

Few knew Mary was staying at the South residence. Even Austin didn’t know she wasn’t living with the Olsens.

After all, Mary and Ellis were newlyweds. Who would have thought she would move out?

So someone must have arranged it!

Otherwise, how could the reporters have found the correct address?

Jackson looked at Austin and said abruptly, “Do you still have the number that sent you the hospital report?”

Austin immediately took out his phone, scrolled through it, found the number, and dialed it. However, he only heard, “Sorry, the number you have dialed isn’t in service…”

Austin frowned. “It’s a dead number; I’ll get someone to look up the owner.”

Jackson rolled his eyes.

Did he even need to check?

It was obviously an unregistered number!

Indeed, Austin quickly figured out that it was an unregistered SIM card.

Austin laughed. “It seems someone hates Ellis more than we do! Having reporters interview him is that man’s ultimate humiliation! If I were interviewed for being impotent, I’d rather be dead!”

As soon as he said this, Jackson’s face twitched involuntarily.

He subconsciously looked toward a particular part of himself that was now missing…

Compared to being infertile, his condition seemed even more severe.

But he dared not get angry.

He had no choice. Austin was the favored legitimate son of the first branch, while he was just from the second. Ever since Jackson’s uncle took charge of the Gill family, his father had told him never to fall out with the first branch.

Jackson clenched his fingers tightly.

Austin could speak without any consideration for his feelings. That last remark was particularly grating!

At this moment, Ellis’s face darkened.

The usually unruly and defiant man was now the picture of a calm and collected one, resembling the steady mien of a future Olsen family head.

He was always like this.

He might seem capricious and unreliable, but if that were indeed the case, Uncle Olsen wouldn’t have chosen him.

Do not feel humiliated?

How could he not?

It was just that they were able to keep their emotions from showing on their faces.

The reporters passed along even more unpleasant words.

“Mr. Ellis, is your infertility really caused by horseback riding? Could it actually be hereditary? After all, Uncle Olsen doesn’t seem to have any children either…”

Ellis’s eyes instantly became sharp as he looked toward the speaker. “Which newspaper are you from? It’s fine to ask me, but why involve my elder? Is the Olsen family’s reputation something you can smear at will?”

He turned directly to his assistant who was always by his side. “Remember him, have the lawyers of the Olsen Group sue him for tarnishing my uncle’s reputation!”

The reporter’s face immediately turned pale, but he still straightened his neck and retorted, “Mr. Ellis, this is unreasonable of you. I’m just putting forth a conjecture. Besides, everyone knows that Uncle Olsen has never had children…”

The surrounding reporters nodded in agreement.

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen, standing to the side, both changed in expression, and even Ken furrowed his brows.

Ellis might just be the future heir of the Olsen family, but the stocks were already sliding.

Uncle Olsen was the Family Head, and if such news were to break, the stocks would definitely plummet even further!

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen were about to step forward to explain.

Ellis just sneered. “Who says my uncle doesn’t have children? Just a few days ago, our family had a reunion banquet where we acknowledged Uncle Olsen’s long-lost daughter. Don’t you know about this?”

After speaking, he turned to his secretary. “We made it very public without any secrecy. Are you not well-informed? Or is it that…”

Ellis’s voice suddenly became stern. “You only report the negative news about our family, not a single piece of good news? As journalists, is this how you chase after rumors?”

The reporter was left speechless by his questioning.

However, the other reporters, after a slight pause, no longer dared to attack Uncle Olsen and continued to question Ellis.

“Then Mr. Ellis, is your infertility report real?”

Ellis looked at the person who spoke and said, “That is my privacy, don’t I have the right to keep it confidential?”

After that, he chuckled.

However, the reporter was not ready to give up and continued to inquire, “If your infertility is true, then whose child is Miss Mary carrying? Could you please give us an explanation? Right now, everyone is paying attention to this matter.”

Ellis frowned and said, “I think what everyone should be more concerned about is the future development plans of the Olsen family, not my personal matters! The Olsen family will soon implement a series of measures, including the development of new energy, AI intelligence, as well as conducting in-depth research on autonomous driving. We have already achieved very good results. Additionally…”

Ellis looked toward a certain camera. “This month, we will launch a new electric car, and I myself drive that model. It comes in various colors, with excellent safety features. I hope everyone pays more attention to the products of the Olsen Group!”

This speech left the reporters stunned.

Wait, wasn’t this a PR crisis? How come he was treating this like a press conference?!

But Ellis’s move indeed halted the downward trend of the Olsen Group’s stocks.

Keira, standing by his side, also raised her eyebrows.

With everyone’s attention on this scandal, the interest was at its peak. Was Ellis… riding the wave of his own popularity for free?!

Uncle Olsen trained him to be his successor, and this man certainly lived up to the expectations!

Lewis commented, “This round of PR could be a case study in public relations, worth learning for all PR departments.”

Keira, who usually focused on scientific research, also nodded in agreement upon hearing this.

Ellis’s PR campaign was very powerful even if in the end it proved an Olsen family scandal, the higher the scandal’s temperature, the more free advertising it brought to the Olsen Group.

Ellis won brilliantly.

The reporters, after being dumbfounded for a moment, snapped back to reality and promptly asked again.

“Mr. Ellis, we are still very interested to know, is your marriage to Miss Mary authentic? Is her child yours?”

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