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Chapter 182 Wake Up

Mrs. Olsen was still asleep, showing no signs of waking up.

At the door of the hospital room stood two black-clad bodyguards, blocking Isla and Jake from entering.

Inside, Taylor's eyes glinted as he saw her and Lewis come in, but he said little. He merely held Mrs. Olsen's hand and turned his head to gaze at Keira, sitting there in a daze.

In the mere three hours since Mrs. Olsen's incident, Taylor had aged a decade.

His eyes were filled with the weight of the world.

Even his hair seemed to have whitened a bit. He was visibly worn and exhausted.

His deep affection prompted a bitter smile from Keira.

Keira knew all along that Taylor wasn't her biological father.

And Mrs. Olsen was an upright person, so how could she possibly betray or have an affair?

What was she thinking at the moment she saw the photo and heard Mr. Allen call the woman in it Lady South, to ignore that and look for Mrs. Olsen?

She felt ridiculous.

At that moment, Lewis approached her and, taking her hand, asked, "Should the room be cleared?"

His gaze toward Taylor was unfriendly.

Anyone who was unkind to Keira, Lewis now regarded with disdain.

Hearing this, Keira tensed her jaw. She looked at the tightly clasped hands of Taylor and Mrs. Olsen and couldn't bring herself to separate them.

She lowered her eyes. "Let it be."

As long as Mrs. Olsen could see her when she woke up and hear the words she wanted to say before passing out, that would be enough. 𝗳𝚛𝚎e𝚠𝗲𝚋𝚗𝐨𝐯𝗲𝚕.𝐜𝗼𝐦

Lewis nodded in agreement.

Then came Jake's struggling cries from outside the door.

Keira didn't move but sat down on the other side of Mrs. Olsen's bed instead.

Seeing this, Lewis gave Taylor another look.

He seemed like a zombie, his decadence and worry impossible to fake.

Realizing he posed no danger to Keira, Lewis then stepped out of the room.

He was met with the sight of Jake being held aloft by a burly man in black, kicking and screaming. "Let go of me! I'm also a member of the Horton family! You all are bodyguards hired by the Hortons, and you must obey my commands!"

The bodyguard almost rolled his eyes hearing this.

As if the Horton family could afford them?

In choosing whom to protect, they also consider overall strength.

Did the Horton family's dirty money make them reverent?

The man in black showed no intention of letting Jake go. However, with a faint raise of his hand from Lewis, the bodyguard finally put Jake down.

Jake was beside himself with fury, stomping madly.

Isla also felt enraged.

Just then, Ellis's angry rebuke came from the door, "Lewis, what the hell are you doing?!"

Isla's eyes immediately reddened, "Mr. Olsen, Uncle and Keira have taken control of the room and won't let me in to stay with my mom... My mom's life hangs in the balance, and they won't let us in. This is outrageous!"

Tears began to flow silently down her cheeks as she spoke.

Ellis frowned and looked directly at Lewis. "Lewis, don't push it too far! Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you are in Oceanion? Your bodyguards may be tough for ordinary people to handle, but do you believe I can't hold my own?"

Being the next family head of the Olsen family, Ellis assuredly had protection when he came to Oceanion.

The bodyguards of the Olsen family wouldn't be too weak.

Lewis narrowed his eyes. "Are you trying to pick a fight with me right here? Are you not afraid that Mrs. Olsen, who just woke up, will be scared again?"

He saw right through what Ellis cared about in an instant.

Ellis was speechless.

He frowned. "Lewis, how have you become so shameless? To even use Mrs. Olsen to threaten me? She is but a defenseless woman, if you have the guts, come and fight me one-on-one!"

Lewis responded indifferently, "Didn't we just have a one-on-one six months ago? Are you sure you want to embarrass yourself here?"

Ellis was shocked.

He had never considered that Lewis, always the gentleman, could have such a shameless moment!

He looked angrily at Isla, then scoffed. "Fine, I can't beat you, but I have other means. Miss Isla, your parents have been imprisoned and their personal freedom restricted for no reason. You have the right to call the police!"

Upon hearing this, Isla's eyes lit up, and she immediately grabbed her phone.

The next moment, her wrist was violently yanked, and the phone was snatched away by a black-clothed bodyguard. "Miss Olsen, I'll hold onto your phone for a while."

Isla's pupils shrank, and at that moment she suddenly realized that none of her methods were of any use in front of absolute power!

She bit her lip and looked at Ellis. "Mr. Olsen, please save us! Otherwise, when my mother wakes up, if the first thing she sees is Keira, even if she's not scared to death, she'd probably die of anger..."

Ellis frowned slightly with hesitation.

If he really called his men over and started a big fight here, it might disturb or even frighten Mrs. Olsen...

But if he didn't, it would indeed be too frustrating.

His uncle had asked him to take good care of Mrs. Olsen, and he couldn't allow her to be wronged!

Thinking about this, Ellis was about to call for help when Lewis said, "Ellis, how come you are still as foolish here as you were abroad?"

Ellis immediately became indignant. "Either take action or speak politely, but how can you insult me?"

Lewis looked directly at him. "Let me ask you, were you present when Mrs. Olsen saw Keira?"

Ellis paused. "I was."

"At that time, did Mrs. Olsen ever say she wanted Keira to leave? Although I have had little contact with Mrs. Olsen, I also know that she has always had a good relationship with Keira."

Lewis stared at him intently. "Don't just listen to rumors; seeing is believing!"

Ellis was stunned.

He slowly frowned, remembering that earlier at the Olsen residence, Mrs. Olsen seemed quite warm toward Keira, and he suddenly felt confused. "Mrs. Olsen doesn't despise the illegitimate daughter?"

Lewis said, "As far as I know, they're quite affectionate to each other."

"How is that possible?" Ellis found it incredible.

A lady should despise her husband's illegitimate daughter, shouldn't she? How could they have a good relationship?

He felt as if he was hearing a joke.

Mrs. Olsen wasn't a saint. According to his uncle, she was quite decisive in her youth. How could this be possible? It completely defied common sense!

Seeing that he had fallen silent, Lewis pointed to the hospital room and said, "No matter how strong Keira is, she never let bodyguards through that door... Don't you understand yet?"

Ellis was dumbfounded.

The arguments outside could actually be heard very clearly in the room.

The soundproofing in the hospital wasn't very good.

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