Martial God Asura

Chapter 9 I Testify for Him

MGA: Chapter 9 – I Testify for Him

“Chu Yue, this...” Chu Feng was speechless.

“Yes, this. This is for you from me, and it’s my supplement for this year.” As Chu Yue spoke, she forced the Saint Spirit Grass into Chu Feng’s hands.

“If it’s like that, I can’t have it. Did you forget that I still owe you two Saint Spirit Grasses?” Chu Feng pushed the Saint Spirit Grass back, and as he said that, he pulled one out from his pocket.

“Chu Feng, you didn’t refine the Saint Spirit Grass?” Looking at the intact Saint Spirit Grass, Chu Yue thought that it was the one that she gave Chu Feng.

“Mm, I’ve already broke through so I don’t need it for now. I might as well return it back to you.”

“How can I take your Saint Spirit Grass? These are yours, so hurry up and take it.”

“Chu Yue, I said that I would return two, so I will return two. Didn’t you promise as well? You’re making things very hard for me when you’re like this.”

“But you didn’t even use the Saint Spirit Grass that you gave me, and instead, you give me yours. Isn’t that just me taking advantage of you?”

“Chu Yue, I understand your kind meanings. In the entire Chu family, besides my elder brother and my father, you treat me the best. Just view this as a younger brother showing you respect.”

That was said from the bottom of Chu Feng’s heart. Everyone in the Chu family pushed him aside, so it really moved him when Chu Yue could treat him with kindness.

Seeing that Chu Feng was so determined, on Chu Yue’s face, colours of shame emerged on her face as she said quietly,

“Chu Feng, you doing this really makes me feel very ashamed. Actually...This Saint Spirit Grass isn’t from me. Chu Guyu asked me to represent him to give it to you.”

“My brother?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but look blankly for a moment.

Chu Guyu was Chu Yuan’s blood-related child and he was Chu Feng’s elder brother.

He was training in the “Lingyun School”, the #1 school in the Azure Province. He was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of seventeen and he was the strongest person in the Chu family’s young generation.

Although Chu Feng wasn’t Chu Yuan’s blood-related child, Chu Guyu still treated him as his own younger brother, and he was one of the most respected and loved people by Chu Feng.

“He was afraid that you would be burdened, so he instructed me to not say that it was from him. But now, I have to say the truth.” Chu Yue’s face was red, and it could be seen that she was really ashamed.

“Chu Yue, even so, I still have to thank you. Although this Saint Spirit Grass may not be from you, your feelings from all these years towards me are. Like I said, just take it as your younger brother giving respect to you by giving these two Saint Spirit Grasses to you.”

“Besides, you’re going to enter the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon so this Saint Spirit Grass is more important to you. Because of that, don’t refuse this Saint Spirit Grass.” Chu Feng still firmly continued to put the Saint Spirit Grass in Chu Yue’s hands.

“In that case, I’ll only look at this as me borrowing a Saint Spirit Grass, but I can only borrow one because I can only afford to give one back.” Seeing Chu Feng so insisted, Chu Yue gnashed her teeth and she could only take one of the Saint Spirit Grass.

In reality, what Chu Feng said was correct. Chu Yue was going to enter the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon and at that moment, it was a crucial stage. This Saint Spirit Grass was indeed very important to her.

“Done.” Chu Feng smiled.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, Chu Guyu had a letter that he wanted me to give to you.” Chu Yue took a letter out from her waist.

As he accepted the letter, Chu Feng felt a burst of emotions. He hadn’t returned to the Chu family in five years, which meant that he hadn’t seen his father and his elder brother in five years. He did not return because he felt that he was too shameful to see them.

But in the five years, his brother and his father would write him a letter almost every single month. It showed how those two thought of Chu Feng.

“Okay, read the letter when you get back. Hurry up and follow me because today is a good day!” Chu Yue grabbed Chu Feng’s arms and pulled him towards the residence.

But before even getting close, Chu Feng started frowning. He heard lots of familiar sounds in the residence and those were all people that he did not like.

Indeed, in the instant that the door to the residence opened, there were thirty-two faces there. A large portion of them were familiar faces, and almost all the members of the Chu family who were disciples of the Azure Dragon School were here.

As for the few strangers, Chu Feng could guess where they came from. They must be the new members of the Chu Alliance.

“Everyone! See who’s here!” Chu Yue yelled happily.

When the gazes of the crowd were cast over to that direction, Chu Feng could feel that they was filled with disdain and hate.

“Oh, I wondered who it was. Isn’t it the person who performed outstanding deeds to our Chu family?” One youth walked over to Chu Feng.

It was Chu Cheng, and he was Chu Zhen’s elder brother. He entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as Chu Yue, and he was also in the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

“Chu Feng, you’ve done the deeds. You know that?” Chu Cheng pointed at Chu Feng and his gaze was not kind.

“Chu Cheng, what are you talking about? Today is a rejoiceful day so don’t speak nonsense.” Chu Yue quickly spoke.

“What’s wrong Chu Yue? You’re not letting me talk about all his deeds?” Chu Cheng shot Chu Yue a glance, then looked at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, did you know that you’ve done the deeds? Damn. You’ve done great deeds.”

“You’ve stayed as an outer court disciple for five years in the Azure Dragon School and you have disgraced the Chu family. But even so, you still have face to join in this Chu Alliance gathering. How thick is the skin of your face?”

“Chu Cheng, shut up.” Chu Yue was a bit angry, but before letting her say anymore, Chu Feng pulled her.

Chu Feng’s face did not change, but at the end he lightly smiled and said, “You’re thinking too much. I have no interest in your gathering. I am demanding a payment here today.”

“Payment? What payment?” After hearing those words, Chu Cheng’s face instantly changed.

“That’s quite funny. A person taken in my Chu family is actually demanding a payment from the Chu family. Do you not know who gave you what you have right now?”

“That’s right, too shameless.” At the same time, the people from the Chu family started criticizing Chu Feng.

Chu Feng ignored the words of the crowd, and as he walked into the residence, he said,

“A few days ago, a certain person made a bet with me, and bet that I wouldn’t pass the inner court disciple exam. He even said if he lost, he would give the yearly supplemented Saint Spirit Grass to me.”

“Chu Zhen, you didn’t forget about that right?” Chu Feng stopped in front of Chu Zhen.

Chu Zhen was sitting on a chair while chewing on some fruits in his mouth. However, the corner of his mouth twitched and his face was extremely ugly.

Of course, Chu Zhen did not forget the things that he said that day. Since he was afraid that Chu Feng would mention that matter, he honestly stayed here. Or else, with his temper, he would have searched Chu Feng out for trouble already.

“Chu Feng, you need evidence for your words.” Just at that time, a young man next to Chu Zhen opened his mouth.

In the residence, most of the males and females were as old as Chu Feng, but this young man was not. Indeed, he was Chu Wei.

“Chu Wei is correct. If you made a bet with Chu Zhen, you need to pull out the evidence or else you are only spitting out false accusations.” Chu Cheng yelled out first because he was Chu Zhen’s elder brother.

“That’s right, take out the evidence, or else don’t think of walking out here today.” After Chu Cheng, pretty much everyone from the Chu family in the hall started yelling.

Even the non-Chu family members also joined in. Although they were not be part of the Chu family, they could tell that Chu Feng’s position in the Chu family was very low. If his own family was looking down on him, then naturally, they would as well.

“I testify for Chu Feng.” But just at that time, Chu Yue who did not speak for a long time suddenly spoke.

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