Martial God Asura

Chapter 7 Spiritual Medicine Hunt

MGA: Chapter 7 – Spiritual Medicine Hunt

It turned out that this Ouyang elder was the elder that registered for Chu Feng.

However, he also had another identity. The director of the Martial Skill Building.

He felt that the one who damaged the mechanism pillar like this could have been Chu Feng, but then after some careful thinking he felt that it wasn’t right.

After all, Chu Feng had only trained the Illusionary Palm for ten days. After only ten days, it was impossible to be able to use it to such degree.

“Elder Ouyang, look at this.” Just as he was thinking hard and unable to understand, a call came from the private room right next to his.

But the pillar just now wasn’t even the important part. Ouyang was astonished once again, because the mechanism pillar in the adjacent private room was completely destroyed.

“Three Thunder Styles, the 2nd style.”

“No one from the outer court can train in this skill.” This time, Ouyang’s face became serious.

Three Thunder Styles. It was a skill that only the core disciples could train in. Now it appeared in the outer court, which more or less meant that there were core disciples that leaked this skill to the outer court.

But after some more precise thinking, he felt that it was impossible. The rules of the Azure Dragon School were very strict. If someone privately leaked the skill book out, it could be found out very easily. The core disciples wouldn’t be so foolish to do those kinds of things.

“It is possible that...” Finally, Ouyang found a trace of possibility. He said to the elder behind him, “Request for Elder Su Rou.”

At the same time, Chu Feng was cultivating in his own room.

After two hours of refining, he continuously refined three Saint Spirit Grasses. If someone saw that scene, they would certainly be speechless.

Even for masters, to refine one Saint Spirit Grass required at least one day, but Chu Feng didn’t even need one hour.

Also, the Saint Spirit Grass the Chu Feng refined would all be absorbed by the dantian and nothing would be wasted.

Even martial cultivating masters couldn’t do that. It was said that if a normal person refined a Saint Spirit Grass, it was already very good if they could absorb 50% of the spiritual energy.

“It seems like the price for getting your power is extremely huge.” But even so, Chu Feng was a bit helpless.

It was because after refining the three Saint Spirit Grasses, he didn’t even feel a single trace of having a breakthrough. He even felt that his dantian was empty!

If he was a normal person, and he if completely absorbed the spiritual energy from the three Saint Spirit Grasses, he would have pretty much went from the 4th level of the Spirit realm to the 5th level of the Spirit realm.

That indicated a problem. Although the Divine Lightning gave Chu Feng strength that exceeded normal people, to rise in cultivation levels, Chu Feng also needed to pay the cost that exceeded normal people.

Spiritual energy. Although Chu Feng could condense it, but even with months of non-stop cultivation would not be as good as a the spiritual energy contained in a single Saint Spirit Grass.

This showed the price that Chu Feng had to pay if he wanted to raise his cultivation level. It would also be a huge problem in his future.

“Ahh, is this the so-called ‘There are detriments to all advantages’?”

Chu Feng really wanted to refine the two Saint Spirit Grass as he looked at them on the head of his bed. But, he didn’t do that because he prepared to give them to Chu Yue.

“Chu Yue should be stepping into the 5th level of the Spirit realm soon. These two Saint Spirit Grasses should give her a hand.” After some hesitation, Chu Feng put away the Saint Spirit Grasses, blew the candle and slept.

The morning on the next day. Chu Feng already woke up early, so he pocketed the Saint Spirit Grasses and wanted to find Chu Yue.

But sadly, the inner court was really too big and the amount of inner court disciples was rumoured to be even more than the amount of outer court disciples. There was at least a hundred thousand inner court disciples.

Within the vast group of palaces that filled the eye as far as it could see, to try to find a person here was like fishing a needle from an ocean.

“Brother. Say...Do we join an alliance or not? This is the Spiritual Medicine Hunt, and more power comes from more people.”

“Once you enter an alliance, it’s really hard to get away from it. In the future, if the alliance has troubles, we would get dragged into together.”

“That is true. Whatever, let’s register at the plaza first.” Two young males that seemed to be brothers passed Chu Feng, but their conversation made Chu Feng very happy.

“Seniors, you just said that the Spiritual Medicine Hunt’s registration is starting?” Chu Feng went up and asked.

“That’s right. Every year, the time of the hunt is always different so this year’s was earlier than last year’s.”

“You seem to be a new disciple this year? If you want to register, come with us.” That senior was fairly friendly.

“Sorry to trouble you two.” Chu Feng politely smiled and he was quite joyful.

The so-called Spiritual medicine was medicine that contained spiritual energy. There were different types, and spiritual medicine was divided into low quality, medium quality, high quality, and top quality. The Saint Spirit Grass that Chu Feng had was a high quality spiritual medicine.

The Spiritual Medicine Hunt was a welfare for the inner court disciples by the Azure Dragon School.

In a certain area on the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, there were large amounts of spiritual medicine, and that area was called the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

Spiritual Medicine Mountain. It was originally the forbidden lands of the Azure Dragon School, but every year, they would open it up and all inner court disciples could register and join.

It was called the Spiritual Medicine Hunt because the Spiritual medicine had spiritual natures. They could hide in the ground, run away with extreme speed, and they even had strong attacks so it was quite difficult to pick them.

The current Chu Feng needed spiritual medicines the most, and the more the merrier. Conveniently, the Spiritual Medicine Hunt started, and it could be said to be an enormous good news.

“Junior, it seems that you haven’t joined in an alliance yet. Are you preparing to hunt by yourself?” One of the brother was looking up and down at Chu Feng.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” Chu Feng didn’t understand.

“I’ll be honest. This hunt is not something that can be done by one person, so I suggest that you join in an alliance.” The two brothers kindly gave him advice.

The so-called alliance was an organization created by the inner court disciples. Because these organizations could pull the relationships closer between disciples, the Azure Dragon School did not oppose it, and instead, they encouraged it.

“I’ve just joined in the inner court, so I don’t understand the things about alliances too well. I wonder which alliance in the inner court are strong?” Chu Feng asked with curiosity.

“Haha, you’ve asked the right person. Us two have done a lot of investigation on many of the inner court alliances.”

“According to our investigation, there are around a thousand or so alliances and the title of the strongest belongs to the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.”

“The World Alliance has the most amount of members, reaching at least five thousand people. Over there, there are a few people that have ‘World’ behind their back and they are members of the World Alliance.”

“There are less members in the Sword Alliance, but there are still at least a thousand people. The sword alliance is a bit special. If you want to join them, you must have trained in the martial skills that use the sword as power. The people over there who have a black iron sword behind their back are members of the Sword Alliance.”

“They are called the strongest not only because they have a lot of people. The important part is that the founders of the two alliances are well-known in our Azure Dragon School.”

“Those two people became core disciples ten years ago. The core disciples these days are very well-known people, and with them as support, very little people dare to act against the people from the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.”

“Brother, you’re a bit wrong. Although the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance have strong power, I think that the strongest is the Wings Alliance.” Just as the elder brother was describing vividly and colourfully, the younger brother had an opinion and interrupted.

“Although the Wings Alliance are strong, they have too little people. ‘Two fists cannot fight four hands’, and if there really was a conflict, they could not be the opponent of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.” The elder brother shook his head.

“That may not be so. Although the Wings Alliance have little people, they are like dragons within men and they have the ability to attack a hundred with one. I feel that even if the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance joined hands, they might not be able to defeat the Wings Alliance.” The younger brother retorted.

“What is this Wings Alliance?” Seeing as the two of them did not rest in their debates, Chu Feng got more and more curious as he listened.

“Junior, listen to me. The Wings Alliance are the legends in our inner court.” Seeing that, the younger brother held onto Chu Feng and started to narrate as his saliva splattered everywhere.

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