Martial God Asura

Chapter 5987: Palace Owner?

Chapter 5987: Palace Owner?

Chapter 5987: Palace Owner?

There were obstacles after the spirit formation gate too, but with Chu Feng supplying the blueprints through his Initiate Tome and Huahua constructing the formation, they managed to clear those with ease.

“I envy your formation.”

Huahua knew that such a formation was more useful to a world spiritist than any treasure, worthy of being deemed an unparalleled weapon.

After complimenting Chu Feng, she began constructing a formation.

Chu Feng sensed the change in her spirit power, so he asked, “Elder, your spirit power...”

“You noticed it? You have sharp senses. I just awakened my bloodline power and gained a heaven-defying battle power of one cultivation rank inside the spirit formation gate. It would have been a formidable feat back in our generation, but it doesn’t seem like anything much by the standards of the current generation.

“I heard that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Ling Xiao and Jie Tian possess heaven-defying battle power too. It... should be the same for you too, right?”

Despite saying it was nothing much, Huahua could hardly conceal her glee.

“I do possess heaven-defying battle power,” Chu Feng replied.

Huahua chuckled, unsurprised by the revelation. She might not have met Ling Xiao and Jie Tian before, but she firmly believed that Chu Feng was superior to them. There was only one person she could think of who could have been superior to him, but that person was not a junior.

And that person was Chu Feng’s mother, Jie Ranqing.

Thanks to their cooperation, it didn’t take them long to arrive at the challenge formation. By this point, the area before them had widened to the scale of an entire realm, but there was a humongous item blocking their path forward.

This item emitted a brilliant light reminiscent of the moon. It resembled a huge city, but it comprised countless layers interweaved in an intricate yet tidy manner. Its entrance was an imposing gate that looked like a warning that this place was not to be intruded on.

Chu Feng had determined that this formation had to be individually deciphered; he couldn’t work on it together with Huahua. As soon as a person stepped through the gate, the formation would whir into action.

“Elder, I wasn’t lying to you, right? This formation is dangerous,” Chu Feng asked.

Any world spiritist could easily tell that it was unwise to enter this formation.

Huahua nodded, but she turned to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, I’d like to give the formation a try.”

Chu Feng was shocked to hear that. “Elder, the formation is really dangerous.”

“I know. I can also tell that the deciphering method can only be obtained after entering the gate, so I can’t rely on you providing me with the formation blueprint either,” Huahua said.

“Indeed. You’ll have to decipher this formation by yourself. I suspect that this formation consists of many trials, and I’m not confident that I’ll be able to clear it either,” Chu Feng said.

He had always believed in diving into danger in search of opportunities, but he was fairly confident that someone had already claimed this remnant's treasure, so there was no reason for him to take this risk.

“Chu Feng, you have never been through that era, so you don’t know how much all the powerhouses wanted to enter the Mobile Palace. This place has a special significance to me. Since I was lucky enough to encounter a weakened version of it, I want to try to get to the end. Otherwise, I might regret it for life,” Huahua’s eyes remained focused on the formation as she spoke.

Chu Feng could see how much she looked forward to clearing this remnant.

“Elder, you should take this.” Chu Feng passed Huahua a teleportation talisman paper.

The Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild’s leader had given him this teleportation talisman paper to escape when he was in a precarious position.

Huahua was surprised to see Chu Feng casually passing her such a valuable treasure. He was being far too generous. She thought that only people on close terms would be this generous to each other.

It hadn’t been long since she was acquainted with Chu Feng, and her attitude toward him hadn’t been the best either. Thinking back on it made her feel a little ashamed of herself.

A moment later, she revealed a warm smile. “It’s a good treasure. No wonder the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was unable to lay their hands on you.”

Huahua pushed the teleportation talisman paper back to him.

“I have similar treasures too, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

With that, Huahua walked up to the formation’s entrance.

“Hold it right there,” a voice suddenly boomed from the formation.

It was a very ambiguous voice that made it difficult to discern the speaker’s age, but it sounded masculine.

“Paying respect to elder. We didn’t know you were here. Please pardon us for the disturbance,” Huahua quickly said with a bow.

Chu Feng bowed as well.

Both of them thought that the voice was more likely to be from a real person than a formation. Even if this person wasn’t the true owner of the remnant, he likely controlled the formation here.

“This is not a formation you can challenge. Leave if you want to leave,” the voice said.

“Elder, is there a reward if I clear the formation?” Huahua asked.

Her question only evoked a sneer from the voice, “Hah... If you like to ask so many questions, why don’t you ask heaven when you’ll die?”

Huahua frowned.

She was someone with a temper, and the other party’s barbed words irritated her.

“Elder, what if I insist on challenging the formation?” Huahua replied with a less respectful tone.

“You’ll live if you leave right now, but if you insist on challenging the formation, your life will be tied to your capability. None of the present-era world spiritists is capable of deciphering this formation,” the voice said.

Without any hesitation, Huahua stepped into the formation.

The formation swiftly whirred into action.

Chu Feng watched the sight with a hint of nervousness in his eyes. He had already previously deduced that the formation was going to be dangerous, and his conjecture was further verified by an ancient being living here. That further stoked his worry.

He couldn’t help but worry about Huahua.

“There’s no need to watch. She won’t be coming out alive,” the voice said.

This time, the voice didn’t come from the formation but from beside Chu Feng.

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