Martial God Asura

Chapter 5800: Strongest Mansion Master?

Chapter 5800: Strongest Mansion Master?

The light intensified, as it further expanded to envelop all of the Huangfu Heavenly Clansmen. However, the light didn’t last for too long before dissipating.

Jie Tianran stood alone in the sky, with all of the Huangfu Heavenly Clansmen floating lifelessly around him, including the Heavenly God level Huangfu Bufan.

“So fast?”

While the crowd did think that Jie Tianran might be strong enough to subdue Huangfu Bufan, they didn’t think that he would win so easily. After all, his enemy was a legendary Heavenly God level cultivator!

“That old thing dares to kill our Huangfu Heavenly Clansmen?” Huangfu Zhantian’s eyes blazed with murderous intent, but he quickly turned to Song Changsheng with a fearful look.

He didn’t know what kind of ties Song Changshen had with the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

Song Changsheng hesitated. He didn’t want to be a busybody, but he knew that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master was an obstacle in Chu Feng’s way. Thus, he said, “I’m not close with him.”

Huangfu Zhantian immediately caught Song Changsheng’s drift. He brandished his spear, ready to charge into the Pulse Ignition Realm.


Just then, a pillar of light gushed into the sky, shattering all of the lightning chains in its path. That was a formation Jie Tianran had released from his body.

“That old thing!” Huangfu Zhantian stopped in his tracks.

Even Song Changsheng frowned as well. This was a situation he hadn’t expected.

Jie Tianran was stronger than he had expected.

Jie Tianran looked even more incredible when viewing his prowess from within the Pulse Ignition Realm. The lightning chains in the sky shattered, but they didn’t fall to the ground. Instead, they were being held up by formidable spirit power.

This spirit power could easily obliterate not just True Gods but even realms.

If pinnacle True God level cultivators had to exert their full strength to destroy realms, Jie Tianran needed no more than a mere thought to pull it off. Harnessed inside his small and insignificant physique was a devastating power capable of obliterating everything.

The breathing of the powerhouses present hastened. Their eyes were filled with not just deference but terror.

Jie Tianran raised his head and looked at the sky. His eyes peered through the realm’s atmosphere and reached Huangfu Zhantian.

“Hear me, Huangfu Heavenly Clansman. It’s the Huangfu Heavenly Clan who have crossed us, present-day cultivators, for no good reason today, and those who participated deserve death. You may come after our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion if you seek vengeance, but you’ll have to bear the consequences,” Jie Tianran said.

He opened his palm, and a bundle of spirit power rose.

The thousands of Huangfu Heavenly Clansmen’s corpses and the shattered lightning chains were swiftly sucked into the formation.

“He… sees me?” Huangfu Zhantian was appalled. He turned to Song Changsheng and asked, “Did he witness my defeat to you too?”

He seemed more concerned by his defeat than Jie Tianran’s threat.

“He can’t see me,” Song Changsheng replied.

“That’s good,” Huangfu Zhantian replied with a relieved sigh.

He took out an item reminiscent of a mirror and formed a series of peculiar hand seals. Soon, the mirror morphed into a spirit formation gate, and a person stepped out from within.

It was Huangfu Shangwu.

“Paying respects to Lord Zhantian!” Huangfu Shangwu hurriedly bowed to Huangfu Zhantian. His body was shaking so much as if he just had the scare of his life, though he visibly calmed down a little upon seeing Huangfu Zhantian.

This showed that his fear didn’t originate from Huangfu Zhantian.

“You can’t see him?” Huangfu Zhantian asked as he gestured toward Song Changsheng, who stood right next to him.

“Who?” Huangfu Shangwu was confused.

Huangfu Zhantian immediately understood that Song Changsheng had used some kind of discreet means to conceal his presence. In fact, the reason he could see Song Changsheng at all was because the latter allowed him to do so.

In other words, Song Changsheng was probably not lying when he said that Jie Tianran was unable to see him.

“Brother, will you stop me if I leave?” Huangfu Zhantian asked.

“Feel free,” Song Changsheng replied.

“Farewell, brother.” Huangfu Zhantian bowed to Song Changsheng before leaving with Huangfu Shangwu.

Meanwhile, in the Nine Heavens’ Zenith, Chu Feng couldn’t see the interactions between Huangfu Zhantian and Song Changsheng, but he did witness Jie Tianran’s incredible feat.

“He has already made a breakthrough to Heavenly Dragon World Spiritist.”

If Jie Tianran was able to easily obliterate even the Heavenly God level Huangfu Bufan, it was unlikely that Chu Feng and his berserk bloodline would stand much of a chance against him. Thus, he turned to Master Nine Zenith and said, “You have my deepest gratitude.”

It was starting to sink in just how dangerous of a position he had been in earlier when his bloodline went berserk.

“I cherish talent. I wouldn’t wish for your death even if I wasn’t acquainted with your mother. Benefactor Chu Feng, please allow me to offer you some words of advice. I know that you’re a remarkable prodigy, but you mustn’t underestimate Jie Tianran.

“Those in the present era know that your mother, Jie Ranqing, has dominated her era, but they are oblivious to the fact that Jie Tianran has done the same back in his era as well. He was an astounding prodigy who reached pinnacle True Dragon and took over the position of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master thirty thousand years ago. He was honored as the strongest ever Mansion Master of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion before your mother came around.”

Master Nine Zenith spoke those words with a grim expression that left no doubt that he feared Jie Tianran.

“Thank you for your advice. I’ll take care,” Chu Feng replied.

He wouldn’t make light of Jie Tianran, though he wouldn’t fear the latter either. His stance remained the same. If his mother was truly safe, he could let go of some old grudges out of consideration of his mother’s stance.

But if something happened to his mother, he would bury the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

“Elder, may I meet Wang Qiang first?” Chu Feng asked Master Nine Zenith.

“Of course,” Master Nine Zenith replied. He quickly summoned a surge of teleportation energy that transported Chu Feng to Wang Qiang’s residence.

Meanwhile, Huangfu Zhantian was galloping across space on a black-colored war steed enveloped in lightning.

This war steed was two times larger than ordinary horses, and it functioned in a way that resembled war chariots and warships despite being alive. It could raise its speed according to the rider’s cultivation level.

Even though Huangfu Zhantian was still in the Bloodline Galaxy, he was already a far distance away from the Pulse Ignition Ordinary Realm.

“Milord, who were you talking to earlier?” Huangfu Shangwu, who sat behind Huangfu Zhantian, asked.

“Don’t stick your head into things that are none of your business.” Huangfu Zhantian cut him off.

“My apologies,” Huangfu Shangwu said.

“Were you the only one who returned alive?” Huangfu Zhantian asked.

“I’m not sure. We were separated in the Nine Heavens’ Zenith’s trial. I was unable to reach the deepest area in the trial, so I’m not sure what transpired there. However, I didn’t see our young master and the others when I came out,” Huangfu Shangwu replied.

“Is Huangfu Shengyu dead too?” Huangfu Zhantian asked.

“Dead? Is our young master dead?!”

Huangfu Shangwu was horrified, knowing that Huangfu Shengyu’s death was a huge matter. Huangfu Shengyu was not just the son of the Huangfu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, but he was the clan’s hope too.

“Huangfu Bufan has your life tokens. He claimed that something happened to you, which was why he sealed off the Pulse Ignition Ordinary Realm. If you were the only one who came out, it should be safe to assume that the others are dead,” Huangfu Zhantian said.

“Chu Feng! It must be Chu Feng’s doing!” Huangfu Shangwu exclaimed.

“Chu Feng? Is it that brat who conquered the Genesis Bloodline?” Huangfu Zhantian asked.

“Genesis Bloodline?” Huangfu Shangwu was confused, as he hadn’t witnessed the scene of Chu Feng taming the Genesis Bloodline. Naturally, he didn’t know what happened either.

“Why don’t you know anything at all?” Huangfu Zhantian lost his patience.

“I…” Huangfu Shangwu’s face turned pale. He hadn’t heard of the Genesis Bloodline, so he didn’t know how to answer that question. It was evident he feared Huangfu Zhantian.

“What makes you say Chu Feng is the culprit behind Huangfu Shengyu’s death?” Huangfu Zhantian asked.

“That Chu Feng made things difficult for our young master at every turn.”

Huangfu Shangwu proceeded to share how Chu Feng had defeated Huangfu Shengyu twice, once with his world spirit and the other with his bloodline.

“Chu Feng’s bloodline is even stronger than Huangfu Shengyu’s? It’s no wonder his berserk bloodline was terrifying. Could he be at Ordinary Saint-tier?” Huangfu Zhantian wondered.

“Ordinary Saint-tier? Milord, does that mean that Chu Feng’s bloodline is even stronger than our young master’s?” Huangfu Shangwu hurriedly asked.

He had been brought up to think that Huangfu Shengyu’s bloodline was invincible. Even when Chu Feng utterly crushed Huangfu Shengyu on the bloodline dueling ring, there was still a part of him that refused to believe Chu Feng’s bloodline was stronger than Huangfu Shengyu’s.

“There’s always a taller mountain out there—those words never go out of style. Huangfu Shengyu is formidable, but he isn’t invincible. You should know that the strongest Heavenly Lightning Bloodline in the Ancient Era even reached Saint King-tier,” Huangfu Zhantian said.

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