Martial God Asura

Chapter 31 Uninvited Guests

MGA: Chapter 31 – Uninvited Guests

“This place is quite lively.”

But just as the Chu family members entered the martial arts training ground, another group of people walked in majestically.

“It’s the Xu family from the Pear Tree Town.”

“Aren’t the Xu family and the Chu family on bad terms? How do they still dare to come here at this time?”

Many people knew where the group of people came from. It was the biggest hostile fraction of the Chu family, the Xu family.

The Xu family was the overlord of the nearby town, and because of the fighting over natural resources, there were no small amounts of conflicts between them and the Chu family. A lot of people felt that sooner or later, there was going to be a big battle between the Chu family and the Xu family.

Just at this time, the Xu family brought so many people and appeared, so the first thought of countless people was that the Xu family arrived to look for trouble.

“Xu Qiang, today is my Chu family’s gathering. What are you here for.” Seeing that, the eldest of the 6 Chu family sons, Chu Wei’s father, “Chu Renyi” brought a group of people and faced them.

“Chu Renyi, why are you so tense? We’re just here to make things more lively.” The male called Xu Qiang looked at Chu Renyi with disdain, and in that gaze, it didn’t even put Chu Renyi in his eyes.

Xu Qiang was also the eldest out of the Xu family sons, but he was different from Chu Renyi. He was already set to be the future master of the Xu family and he was even an expert of the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

So, in his eyes, Chu Renyi was not even equal to him. The only person who was suited to talk to him was the current master, Chu Yuanba.

“Xu Qiang, our Chu family gathering does not welcome the Xu family.” Just at that time, Chu Yuan also walked over.

“What, there’s no one left in the Chu family? You think it’s your turn to talk to me?” Xu Qiang’s face changed, and the pressure of the 9th level of the Spirit realm engulfed without restraint towards Chu Renyi and the others.

Chu Renyi frowned at that instant. The him that was only at the 8th level was not able to withstand that pressure. But, during that hard time, Chu Yuan stepped forward and coldly said, “I, Chu Yuan, am enough against people like you.”

At the same time that his voice rang out, Chu Yuan’s strong pressure shot out from his body. That pressure not only canceled Xu Qiang’s pressure, it even forced its way into the Xu family.

That change happened too fast and Xu Qiang didn’t even have time to react. The crowd behind him were pushed back by Chu Yuan’s pressure and only Xu Qiang was able to resist.

“9th level of the Spirit realm?” Xu Qiang had a face of shock. No matter what, he never would have thought that Chu Yuan also reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm, and that pressure was only stronger than his, not weaker.

“9th level of the Spirit realm. The 5th of the Chu family, Chu Yuan, is at the 9th level of the Spirit realm!”

“Impressive. At that age he already reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm. It seems that the position of the master of the family will belong to none other than him.” Feeling Chu Yuan’s pressure, cries of surprise sounded outside of the martial arts training ground.

Even the face of Chu Yuanba who was sitting changed slightly and surprised happiness surged into this eyes.

“5th bro, when did you breakthrough?” Chu Renyi asked emotionally.

“Big bro, I only broke through a few days ago.” Chu Yuan lightly smiled and replied. Chu Yuan was always respectful towards this elder brother.

“That’s good that’s good, breaking through is good. It seems the spot of the master will truly belong to none other than you.” Chu Renyi smiled and patted Chu Yuan’s shoulders as he was truly happy for Chu Yuan.

Normally, the eldest would be the person to sit in the position of the master of the family but he didn’t care about that. He only cared about the strength of the Chu family.

“Big bro, it seems that those words are said a bit too early.” Suddenly, another level 9 Spirit realm pressure came from Chu Renyi’s back.

Turning their heads and looking, Chu Renyi and Chu Yuan’s face couldn’t help but change.

Behind them, a white-faced middle-aged male was slowly walking over. That person was the 6th son of the Chu family, and also Chu Honfei’s father, Chu Nanshan.

“6th bro, you’ve also stepped into the 9th level?” Chu Renyi’s already happy face got even more happier.

“Big bro, it’s just the 9th level of the Spirit realm so no need to get too emotional. My goal is the Origin realm.” Chu Nanshan calmly smiled and proudness was emitted from his entire body.

“So the 6th son of the Chu family is also in the 9th level. It seems that the position of the master is undecided.”

“Hehe, it seems that today we’ll get to see some good shows.”

The ones that were there for the liveliness yelled, but the faces of the nearby powers were very ugly. They were extremely clear what it meant with the sudden appearance of two experts in the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

Even that arrogant and rude Xu Qiang was also frowning and the corner of his mouth twitched. It was not a good thing for his Xu family.

“The ones that arrive are guests. Renyi, let the Xu family here and sit.” Just at that time, a sound that was clear as thunder rang and it was Chu Yuanba who spoke.

At that moment, Chu Yuanba was full of smiles. Chu Yuan and Chu Nanshan were his two youngest sons, and if they entered the 9th level of the Spirit realm at that age, then entering the Origin realm was only a matter of time.

Which also meant that his Chu family had qualified successors, so how could he not be happy? Because he was that happy, he didn’t care what Xu Qiang and the others came here for and even invited them to sit.

“Everyone from the Xu family, this way.” Hearing his father’s words, Chu Renyi didn’t say anymore and brought the Xu family crowd towards the seats.

Chu Yuan wanted to follow up, but just at that time, Chu Nanshan went over to him and asked in a low voice, “5th bro, who do you think father will choose? You or me?”

“Go ask him yourself.” Chu Yuan shot him a glance and quickly walked over.

Although they were brothers, Chu Yuan always disliked Chu Nanshan’s methods of handling things. If Chu Yuan was asked who he didn’t want the master to be the most, then without a doubt he would say Chu Nanshan.

“Hmph.” Just after Chu Yuan turned around, Chu Nanshan’s smile on his face instantly retracted and a cold gaze shot from his eyes.

But compared to them, the three other Chu family candidates had frowning and worried faces. Their opportunity for the master of the family was lost already and it really made them feel bitter. But the most depressed one was still the 4th son of the Chu family.

The 4th son of the Chu family had the cultivation of the 8th level in the Spirit realm. If it wasn’t for his son “Chu Xun” who lost the Spiritual Bead in which he spent a sky-high price to buy, at the current instant, he may have been at the 9th level of the Spirit realm as well. Perhaps he could have been like Chu Yuan and Chu Nanshan and showed himself in front of all the guests.

The more he thought the more angry he got, and he was so angry that he was grinding his teeth, cutting his lips, and smoke was coming out of his 7 facial orifices. He hiddenly decided after the gathering, he would whip his son Chu Xun a few more times or else he would never get rid of the hatred in his heart.

“It’s over. Father’s gaze can already kill. After the gathering I need to quickly return to the Thousand Wind School and I cannot let father catch even my shadow.”

In a certain corner outside of the martial arts training ground. Chu Xun was secretly observing the expression of his father. He thought about the punishment that day and he couldn’t help but touch his eyes which were sticking out. Instantly, a fiery-hot sharp pain came and he said while grinding his teeth, “Chu Feng, I will return this debt back to you.”

“Sigh, isn’t it Chu Xun? What happened to your face? Who turned you into a bird?” But just at that time, he heard a familiar sound.

As he raised his head and looked, Chu Xun’s face greatly changed. From nearby, the culprit that made his father beat him up was looking at him and on his face, there was even a smile that took joy in his misfortune.

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