Martial God Asura

Chapter 26 Chu Feng is a Fierce Person

MGA: Chapter 26 – Chu Feng is a Fierce Person

“Damn! What happened?”

The two slaps from Su Mei were extremely clear. Not only did it completely confuse the Dragon and Tiger brothers, she even stunned the observing crowd.

Wasn’t Su Mei trying to catch that Chu Feng? Weren’t the brothers trying to help Su Mei? What is this situation, and why did Su Mei hit the brothers? She even looked like she cared about Chu Feng and it completely scrambled everyone’s minds.

“What are you looking at? What’s there to look? If you keep on looking I’ll scoop your eyes out.”

Just at that time, Su Mei suddenly turned around. The cuteness from her beautiful face was no longer there and her pair of eyes shot two cold rays out, completely scaring the crowd back.

“Oi, are you fine?” After terrifying the crowd, Su Mei walked towards Chu Feng.

“I’m fine, this is nothing.” Chu Feng stood up and used his fingers to wipe away the blood on his lips. A small bite wound also appeared.

“You...You bastard.” At that instant, Su Mei suddenly understood. He wasn’t spitting blood from the attacks, it was just him acting for his own entertainment. And that acting was so real that it even tricked her.

At that time, at that instant, Su Mei really wanted to jump over and scratch Chu Feng’s face until it was full of flowers, but she still wanted to rope him in so she endured. She turned around, looked at the brothers then said, “Follow me.” After that, she quickly walked out of the surrounding crowd.


That moment, the Dragon and Tiger brothers were full of anger. However you say it, they were still famous people in the inner court, and after Su Mei’s slap in front of the crowd, their faces were non-existent.

But because of Su Mei’s status, they didn’t dare to do anything to Su Mei. Their strength was far from her as well. So, at the end, they could only coldly snort and obediently follow.

After arriving at an empty place where there were no people, Su Mei sighed and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry for just now, it’s just that Chu Feng has his special areas. I also just found out about it so we can’t offend him.”

Su Mei wanted to tell the brothers that Chu Feng had the Spirit Power and he very likely had cultivated in the Mysterious Techniques, but after considering that those were Chu Feng’s secrets, she did not say the completely truth.

Hearing Su Mei’s words, the brothers deeply thought at the same time. Where did that Chu Feng excel to gain Su Mei’s good impression?

And after Su Mei and the two brothers left, Chu Feng was very bored. So, he tidied up his clothes and left the crowd. He did not want to attract any unneeded troubles.

“Chu Wei, that was...”

Just at that time, 10 people walked out from the crowd. It was Chu Wei, Chu Zhen and the others. Two of their bags were full and it could be said that they had a great harvest, but those were only low quality spiritual medicine.

They also saw the scene that just happened, and at that moment they were very astonished.

It seemed that Chu Feng being invited by the Wings Alliance was not only a coincidence, and there was indeed an unexplainable relationship.

“You’ve also heard that in this year’s inner court disciple exam, there was a fierce person that killed 40 Fierce Beasts by themself right?” After some thought, Chu Wei opened his mouth.

“Of course we’ve heard of it. That guy was really strong, and he’s a character that is heatedly discussed in the inner court. But he hid himself too well so no one knows who he is.” There were no ends of praise as everyone mentioned that person.

“Then if the Wings Alliance was choosing a new member within the new disciples, who do you think would become their target of invitation?” Chu Wei asked.

“Of course it would be that fierce person.” The crowd had the same thoughts.

“Chu Wei, do you mean?” Suddenly, a person reacted to it. After all, until today, the only new disciple that the Wings Alliance invited was Chu Feng.

But to connect the Chu Feng in their impressions to that idol-like fierce person was almost impossible to them.

So, that was why there was a person that rejected that, “Impossible. How could Chu Feng be that fierce person?”

“Do you truly understand Chu Feng? Ever since entering the Azure Dragon School, you’ve only teased Chu Feng because he couldn’t enter the inner court. Who would know his true strength?”


With Chu Wei words, everyone was mute and could not say anything because his words were the truth. Ever since when they were small, they looked down on Chu Feng and felt that he was not part of the Chu family. Yet, he hung the title of being part of the Chu family and they saw him as shameless.

Other than humiliating Chu Feng and degrading him, no one truly knew him.

“I agree with Chu Wei’s words.” Just at that time, the silent Chu Zhen finally spoke, “We all underestimated Chu Feng and because of that, my brother Chu Cheng paid the price. I hope that you guys don’t offend Chu Feng anymore or else you will certainly regret it.”

After saying that, Chu Zhen left first. Chu Wei and the others also sank into deep thought because they also knew the reason why Chu Cheng did not participate in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt.

After some hurrying on the road, Chu Feng finally walked out of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and arrived at the plaza at the entrance. At that moment, there were already large amounts of inner court disciples gathered there.

A lot of people’s harvest were not bad, and the plaza was very lively as people talked about the interesting things that happened in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

“Chu Feng.” A familiar voice came, and Chu Yue’s ground was looking at him from nearby.

Chu Yue’s group had 11 people, and other than Chu Yue and two other Chu family members, the rest were the people that joined into the Chu Alliance at a later time.

Those people were very polite to Chu Feng, so Chu Feng’s impression on them were not bad. Since he saw them, naturally, he would go over and greet them.

“Oh? Chu Feng’s harvest is not bad, you actually got two full bags.”

“Yeah, it’s quite impressive that one person got more than all of us. We didn’t know which ones were spiritual medicines, so for face we have some weeds here.. Haha...”

But just as Chu Feng got closer, the two other Chu family members were speaking sarcastically at Chu Feng’s bag. They did not believe that Chu Feng was able to gather more than the 11 of them by himself.

Seeing that, Chu Yue wanted to scold, but not even letting her speak, Chu Feng said first, “Chu Yue, you will almost break through to the 5th level of the Spirit realm right? Take these as a younger brother’s respect.”

As Chu Feng said that, he put his hand into his bag, and when his hand came out, a bunch of spiritual medicine came out as well and he stuffed all of them onto Chu Yue’s arms.

“Chu Yue, I have things to do so I’ll leave first.”

Chu Yue was stunned by Chu Feng’s sudden movements. When she came back to her senses, Chu Feng already walked far. She could only see that the people around her were surprisingly staring at her arms and their eyes were filled with admiration.

She looked down, and instantly, Chu Yue was stupefied. Within her arms, there were 13 red spiritual medicines. Those were not the low quality Ground Spirit Grass. They were the medium quality Sky Spirit Grasses.

No one could stay calm as they thought about Chu Feng’s bags that were possibly full of these Sky Spirit Grasses.

Of course, if they knew that in Chu Feng’s other bag was full of Saint Spirit Grasses, many people would even have thoughts of dying.

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