Martial God Asura

Chapter 15 Dragon and Tiger Brother

MGA: Chapter 15 – Dragon and Tiger Brother

“I, Chu Feng, am present as the last member here.”

“Everyone welcome Chu Feng. Clap.”


After Chu Yue brought Chu Feng there, she cheered and clapped.

Seeing that, the several Chu Alliance members who were not part of the Chu family also clapped to welcome him and nodded at Chu Feng.

They had seen Chu Feng’s strength yesterday, and no matter how the Chu family saw Chu Feng as, at least they approved of Chu Feng in their hearts.

But, other than Chu Yue and the others, the Chu family disciples did not do anything and their gazes towards Chu Feng were extremely ill.

“Chu Yue, what are you doing? You brought an outsider like him to our Chu Alliance? Hurry up and get him lost!” Chu Wei suddenly angrily yelled.

“That’s right, the Chu Alliance does not welcome him. Get him lost!” At the same time, the other people also started yelling.

Their voices were very loud, as if they were intentionally doing that to let everyone around them hear it. Indeed, they really did attract the attention of the people around them.

At that instant, Chu Feng frowned. He never would have thought that Chu Wei would ‘welcome’ him like that.

How was that even welcoming? It was obvious to humiliate him, especially in front of all the disciples around him.

“Chu Wei, what are you doing? Didn’t you say yesterday...” At that instant, Chu Yue panicked, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Chu Yue, shut up. What I say in this Chu Alliance goes. I can accept anyone, but absolutely not Chu Feng.” Chu Wei didn’t even give Chu Yue the chance to finish talking.

“Chu Wei, I never would have thought you...”

“Fine, since you don’t accept me, I will back out.”

Chu Yue finally got herself together. She knew that she was used by Chu Wei to cause Chu Feng to be in such a difficult situation.

“Chu Yue, I’m afraid that you have no say in this. Unless you want to leave the Chu family, you cannot leave the Chu Alliance.” Chu Wei coldly smiled, as if he already guessed that Chu Yue would have this reaction.

“You...You are simply...” Chu Yue was grinding her teeth in anger, yet she didn’t know what to do. She could only helplessly cast her gaze at Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I...”

“Chu Yue, no need to explain. I know that this can’t be blamed on you.” Chu Feng’s face was very calm, and as he scanned over Chu Wei and the others, he said,

“Your Chu Alliance isn’t accepting me right? Fine. That’s fine. Remember what you said today. I guarantee that one day, I will make you regret everything that you’ve done today.”

“Hahaha, what a joke. You think you’re some big shot? We will regret? You think you’re worth something for us to regret over?”

“That’s right, who do you think you are? Shameless.”

They didn’t even put Chu Feng’s words into their hearts. In their eyes, Chu Feng was only a useless person, because from when he was little, they already imprinted a mark like that on Chu Feng.

“This place is quite lively.” But just at that time, a clear voice suddenly resounded.

Everyone looked over, and they only saw two young men slowly walking over.

They were a pair of twin brothers. Their purple long sleeved clothing were very dirty, and it was so dirty that you could even see the oily shine.

The two of them were holding sugar canes, and while chewing, they continuously made ear-piercing noises and it was really annoying.

However, when everyone saw the badges on their chest, not one of them was not surprised.

On the badge, there was a pair of wings. It was the symbol of the strongest alliance in the inner court, the Wings Alliance.

“It’s the Dragon and Tiger brothers of the Wings Alliance.” At that moment, many people recognized those people, and all sorts of cries endlessly rang out.

The male disciples revealed a respectful expression, while the female disciples were screaming like they loved those two people. Even Chu Yue’s face became heavier.

“Chu Yue, you recognize them?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Mm, their names are Bai Long and Bai Hu. They are the same age as me, sixteen years old.”

[TN: “Bai” is white, “Long” is dragon, “Hu” is tiger.]

“They entered the Azure Dragon School at the same time as me, but they passed the inner court disciple exam at the age of twelve and they even placed first at that exam.”

“According to rumours, they’ve already entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm one year ago. They are real genius disciples.”

Chu Yue had a solemn expression while talking about those two and it showed that those two were very important in Chu Yue’s heart.

“6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of sixteen!”

After hearing Chu Yue’s words, Chu Feng also reevaluated the Dragon and Tiger brothers because he knew that his elder brother Chu Guyu entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of seventeen and was considered to be a genius.

Those two were a whole year younger than Chu Guyu and it really showed that the members of the Wings Alliance were not ordinary people. No wonder they were viewed as the alliance of legends.

“They...They seem to be walking towards us. We...We...didn’t offend them did we?”

As they saw that their target was them, everyone in the Chu Alliance started getting nervous and Chu Wei was no exception.

After all, the names of the brothers were too well-known. Even without their status of being in the Wings Alliance, their shine could not be covered.

They did not dare to offend those kinds of people, because if they did, it meant that they were sentenced to death in the inner court.

But as they got closer, the crowd finally breathed a sigh of relief because they found out that their target was Chu Feng.

“You are Chu Feng?” Bai Long looked up and down at Chu Feng.

“Problem?” Chu Feng calmly replied.

“Oh?” Hearing Chu Feng’s response, Bai Hu couldn’t help but frown and also started to judge Chu Feng.

“This is great. The Dragon and Tiger brothers were looking for Chu Feng.”

“Hmph, he just entered the inner court and he offended the brothers. Well deserved.”

“Let’s see how he’s going to die this time.”

At that instant, the members of the Chu family were all happy. They all wanted Chu Feng to offend some big shot and then get killed by them.

Who would have thought that Chu Feng actually did offend the Dragon and Tiger brothers? It really made them quite joyful.

However, the next words that the brothers said instantly astounded them.

“Chu Feng. Interested in joining the Wings Alliance?”

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