I’m A Wasteland Giant

Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Chapter 199: The Ominous Thing in the Source Stone!

Chapter 200: Chapter 199: The Ominous Thing in the Source Stone!

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The Open Source Convention began anew. However, this time, those whom Du Gang found annoying were no longer present.

Or to put it another way, there were still annoying people around, but those who were left did not dare to cause trouble again.

“Source Stones are incredibly rare treasures in the Primordial Continent. Each unopened Source Stone is worth at least a hundred Divine Crystals…”

“Even, some large Source Stones have been speculated to worth tens of thousands of Divine Crystals…”

“Of course, such Source Stones are also considered incredibly precious in the eyes of the locals…”

“The Source Stones used for our Open Source Convention today are the most common type found in the Primordial Continent…”

“However, even the most common Source Stones, if they are the size of a fist, are worth more than a hundred Divine Crystals!”

In order to liven up the atmosphere, Yu Shuiyao explained the value of Source Stones to everyone.

And to say the least, many people heard these secrets for the first time. After all, even in the Primordial Continent, Source Stones are considered extremely valuable.

“However, not all Source Stones contain something…”

“Many Source Stones are actually hollow inside, with only a small fraction harbouring something within. But without exception, everything found within is incredibly rare…”

“Even if the plainest source is revealed, its value surpasses ten thousand Divine Crystals…”

Yu Shuiyao laughed: “Just opening source stones is too boring, why don’t we all play a game instead…”

“A game?”

Everyone felt bored, and at these words, their enthusiasm was rekindled.

“What kind of game?”

Yu Shuiyao smiled and said: “Guess what’s inside this Source Stone!”


At this time, two middle-aged men stood up and laughed: “Although we are of average strength, we have been fortunate to witness many Source Stones being sliced open in the Primordial Continent. We understand a lot about Source Stones, so we’ll not participate in this game…”

As soon as they finished speaking, Yu Shuiyao shook her head and chuckled: “The two predecessors are joking. Games are for entertainment. Why not participate for such a reason…”

The two men initially wanted to attract attention by their refusal. Hearing her words, they agreed readily.

Even though it was a common tactic, the crowd’s view of the two changed completely.

At this moment, Du Gang curiously looked at Kong Luo and asked: “Uncle, have you ever played with Source Stones on the Primordial Continent before?

“Cough, cough!”

Kong Luo coughed once, and then lightly said, “I spend all my time cultivating, so where would I find the time to play with these? Unlike those two guys who have lived for hundreds of millions of years…”

Referring to the two men, they indeed lived long. It was an understatement to say they’ve lived hundreds of millions of years. As people who had reached the Eternal Level, they must have aged significantly during their time as Sector Lords.

As a normal Sector Lord, you would definitely not grow old before you hit one hundred million years, but these two had become middle-aged before reaching the Eternal Level, indicating they were at least a hundred million years old at that time.

The barrier for younger generations like Kong Luo wanting to play with Source Stones wasn’t anything other than money.

The Divine Crystals that someone like Kong Luo would earn wouldn’t even be enough for his cultivation, so how could they afford to buy Source Stones?

Although he said this, when the two men began to speak, he lent an ear to their conversation eagerly.

“Although there’s no way to see what’s inside a Source Stone before it’s opened, it’s possible to make some guesses based on its color…”

“It is said that in the Primordial Continent, opening Source Stones is considered an art, and there are professionals who learn it…”

“Although I have never studied the art of opening Source Stones or the skill of

Seeing-Through, I’ve got a fair grasp of the common Source Stones…”

As soon as one finished speaking, the other man laughed: “Old Li, you’re too modest. Who in Rock Square doesn’t know about you, Ghost-Hand Old Li?”

“Rock Square? Ghost-Hand Old Li?!”

The crowd was shocked.

Seeing that the crowd didn’t understand, the other man explained: “Rock Square is a betting square on the Primordial Continent. There are at least hundreds, sometimes thousands of Source Stones there. It’s a fairly large betting square…”

As soon as he said this, the crowd’s view of the two men changed rapidly. “If he’s Ghost-Hand Old Li, then who are you?”

The middle-aged man waved his hand and laughed: “I’m just nobody…”

At this point, Ghost-Hand Old Li chuckled: “Old Zhang, you say I’m too humble, but aren’t you doing the same? Who doesn’t know about Fire-Eye Old Zhang in Rock Square?”

Listening to the two men praising each other, the crowd wasn’t sure if it was true or false, but they kept gasping in astonishment.

“Who cares about Ghost-Hand Old Li and Fire-Eye Old Zhang, they’re just two carvers!”

At that moment, a discordant voice rang out.


The two men looked disgruntled as they turned to look at the person who had spoken.

Suddenly, a crack in space appeared in mid-air, and two men walked out from within, both with a pair of wings on their back.

“Little Hawk King!”

“Blue Robed Eagle King!”

Du Gang had heard of the Little Hawk King before and had met him. He was a very arrogant guy. As for the Blue Robed Eagle King, this was the first time he saw him. He began to carefully observe him.

Upon close observation, the Blue Robed Eagle King seemed to resemble the Little Hawk King – both had hooked noses. The only difference was the distinctive blue robes the former was dressed in.

Clearly, the Blue-Robed Eagle King, being a senior of the Little Hawk King, has brought him to the meeting.

Ghost-Hand Old Zhang and Fire-Eye Old Li frowned momentarily when they saw the Blue -Robed Eagle King arrive, but they did not voice any objections.

At that moment, Kong Luo, who is not afraid to stir the pot, asked, ‘What is a

‘stone cutter’?”

The Blue-Robed Eagle King initially did not wish to answer, but upon realizing that the question was from Kong Luo, he wore a slightly solemn expression and explained, “Stone cutters as they are called, are simply those who cut the Source Stones purchased by others…”

“It is well known that within a Source Stone there are not only treasures, but potentially some ominous objects too. If they are encountered, the stone cutter will be the first one to bear the brunt…”

“So, the typical stone cutter would take one percent of the value of the contents of the Source Stone as their pay. Even though most of the time they are empty, if they do strike a Source Stone, that can be quite a significant expense. The only downside is that if any omen is carved out, it could be life-threatening…”


Everyone present was puzzled. After all, both Ghost-Hand Old Li and Fire-Eye Old Zhang were Eternal Level beings.


The Blue-Robed Eagle King nodded and said, “Nobody knows what exactly is inside a Source Stone; if something terrifying is inside, even True God Level beings might not be able to defend against it…”


The crowd was shocked and instinctively took several steps away from Yu snmyao.

At this moment, Yu Miaoling explained, “Under normal circumstances, a fist-sized Source Stone like this rarely contains anything horrific…”

“Of course, if a fist-sized Source Stone does contain something, the highest probability is that it would be a Source!”

She laughed and continued, “I have opened quite a few Sources too, and I have never seen anything other than Sources inside. Everyone, please be reassured…”

Upon hearing this, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

However, Ghost-Hand Old Li and Fire-Eye Old Zhang seemed slightly uncomfortable.

They had just managed to settle things and were exposed by the Blue-Robed Eagle King.

As for his intentions, they did not overthink it. The Blue-Robed Eagle King’s clan has always been this way – seemingly sarcastic and harsh, but not deliberately targeting anyone.

At that moment, Yu Shuiyao softly laughed and suggested, “Since the esteemed

Blue-Robed Eagle King has also arrived, why don’t we guess what’s inside this

Source Stone…”

As she said this, she took out a fist-sized, greyish stone from her body’s internal world.

Everyone’s eyes immediately honed in on it.

“So this is a Source Stone…”

“It doesn’t look much different from an ordinary stone…”

“But it seems Mental Power can’t penetrate it…”

“Hehe, if it could be penetrated, there would be no stone gambling parlors on the Primordial Continent!”

The Blue-Robed Eagle King took the Source Stone, weighed it in his hand, and slightly furrowed his brows.

“According to its weight, this Source Stone seems to be empty…”


Everyone looked shocked and turned their attention to him, waiting for his explanation.

However, the Blue-Robed Eagle King just shook his head and said, “I don’t know anything about Source Techniques, I’ve just played with quite a few Source Stones…”

Upon hearing this, Kong Luo became depressed. It was clear, among those of Eternal Level who had status here, he was the only one who had not played with many Source Stones…

At this moment, Du Gang stared at the Source Stone; his hair stood on end and he felt goosebumps all over his skin.

What was going on?

He looked at the Source Stone in shock. He felt some sort of resonance with this Source Stone.

In fact, at that moment, he sensed that there was something inside the Source Stone looking at him.

How was this possible?

At this time, Yu Shuiyao, who had been paying attention to Du Gang, noticed this and asked with narrowed eyes, “Du Gang, do you have a different perspective, by any chance?”

Upon hearing her, everyone’s gaze moved to Du Gang. Seeing his pale face dripping with cold sweat, they were all a bit confused.

“Is the Ancient God still trembling about the assassination attempt just now?”

Everyone assumed his fears were due to the recent attempted assassination, and he was still in shock from the event.

Uncharacteristically, Du Gang responded.

“I feel as though there’s something inside this Source Stone watching all of us… ”


As soon as he said this, everyone present gasped and instinctively stepped back three steps.

Even Kong Luo and Kong Xu who stood nearby were startled.

“Du Gang, don’t make irresponsible remarks…”

“Exactly, scaring people can scare them to death. You should retract your words!”

Ignoring everyone, Du Gang gravely said, “I genuinely feel that there is something inside watching us. I advise against opening it up. There might be some omen inside!”

Upon hearing this, Yu Shuiyao and the others all frowned.

Looking at Du Gang’s expression and demeanor, it didn’t seem like he was joking, but none of them sensed anything at all.

“An unlucky entity? Are we really that fortunate?”

“Isn’t it said that the likelihood of an unlucky entity residing within a source stone the size of a fist is extremely low?”

At this moment, Yu Shuiyao cast her gaze towards Yu Miaoling and said, “Aunt, could you please look at this source stone…”

Yu Miaoling picked up the source stone, casually tossed it a couple of times, and shook her head, “I may not have as much experience with source stones as the Blue Robed Eagle King. However, I feel like it might be empty inside…” Upon hearing her words, everyone sighed in relief.

After she finished speaking, she handed the source stone to the two middle-aged men, “Since you two work at Rock Square, why don’t you take a look and determine what’s inside this source stone…”

Ghost-Hand Old Li nodded, took the source stone, weighed it in his hands, and after what seemed like a long time, he finally spoke, “This source stone is empty. According to my experience, there’s an eighty to ninety percent chance that it’s empty…”

Hearing this, everyone’s tense nerves relaxed a bit more.

Just then, Fire-Eye Old Zhang also took the source stone. Unlike the others, he did not weigh it in his hands. Instead, he pulled out a magnifying glass with multiple lens layers.

He began studying the source stone carefully.

“Wasn’t it said that no method can penetrate the internals of a source stone?

Hearing the crowd’s questioning voices, Ghost-Hand Old Li explained on Fire-Eye Old Zhang’s behalf with a smile.

“That thing he’s using isn’t for seeing through the internal structure of the source stone. Instead, it’s for observing the exterior traits to deduce what may be inside the source stone…”

At this point, Fire-Eye Old Zhang slowly began to speak, “The outer layer of the source stone dates back about twenty billion years. This source stone is a product of the Mythical Era…”

Once this statement was made, everyone was so astonished that they looked at them in shock.

Even the Blue Robed Eagle King was somewhat surprised. He didn’t expect these two to possess such skills.

After all, these two are the stone-cutters at Rock Square. Without some skill, they wouldn’t have been hired to cut the stones.

Or one could say, if they didn’t have some capability, they wouldn’t dare to become stone-cutters. After all, this was a profession that could potentially result in their deaths.

“Twenty billion years ago, during the end of the Mythical Era, many things happened during this dark and bloody period. So if someone says that there might be an unlucky entity, it is indeed possible…”

Fire-Eye Old Zhang did not deny the presence of something in the source stone. In fact, his deduction moved closer to Du Gang’s speculation.

Soon after, he put down his unique equipment, saying, “That’s all I got. I can’t figure Oilt anvthing more!”

After waiting for a few seconds with no response, she began to show some hesitation.

“Everyone, there are currently three seniors who believe that this source stone is empty. However, Du Gang and Fire-Eye Old Zhang believe that there is something inside, possibly even an unlucky entity…”

“Should we still break open this source stone?”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at each other in bewilderment. As for those at the level of Sector Lord, they naturally hoped it would be opened to see the excitement.

But for those at the Eternal Level, they had some worries. After all, this source stone was one that even many divine clans on the Primordial Continent dared not treat lightly. If there really was an unlucky entity inside, they might get buried together with it…

“Open it!”

At this moment, the Blue Robed Eagle King was the first to speak, “What’s there to be afraid of? Even if there is an unlucky entity, we can just destroy it, right?”

“I refuse to believe that this gathering of so many Eternal Level powerhouses would not be able to resist one unlucky entity?”

Fire-Eye Old Zhang opened his mouth, stating, “If there is indeed an unlucky entity, we might not be able to resist it…”

The Blue Robed Eagle King was displeased and retorted, “Have you ever seen an unlucky entity with your own eyes?”

“No!” Fire-Eye Old Zhang shook his head, “Just hearing about it is already very terrifying. If I had seen it, I might be dead already…”

“Heh heh!”

Blue Robed Eagle King laughed lightly, “As cultivators, if we dare not cut open source stones simply out of fear of an unlucky entity that we have only heard of, what’s the point of being a cultivator? Might as well go home and farm instead…”

“Besides, who knows exactly what’s inside this source stone?”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Du Gang, asking, “I’m asking you, do you have any method of Seeing-Through a source stone?”

Du Gang shook his head, “No!”

“Heh heh!”

Blue Robed Eagle King laughed again, “That settles it then. Stop being so superstitious and scared. There’s nothing to fear!”

“Open it!”

Following the Blue Robed Eagle King’s words, perhaps the others also felt they were being too paranoid. As cultivators, being too indecisive is bad!

“Let’s open it then!”

“Miss Yu, please open the source stone!”

As the voices of the crowd rang out, the cold sweat on Du Gang’s forehead became even more pronounced.

He felt as if he could hear the terrifying existence inside the source stone screaming.

“Du Gang, are you ok?”

Kong Xu expressed his concern, “You look a lot like the symptoms of kidney deficiency… ”

As he spoke, he took out a fiery red fruit from within his internal world, laughingly saying, “This is called Goji Fire Fruit. It’s a highly nourishing food, and it will certainly help you regain your masculine confidence…”

Du Gang gave him a disdainful glance, but still unceremoniously took the fruit.

Although he doesn’t need it now, what about in the future? Thinking about this, he subconsciously glanced at Yu Shuiyao.

At this moment, Yu Shuiyao, who heard their conversation, saw Du Gang’s gaze, and her face immediately turned cold, staring at him with malice.

“Ahem ahem!”

Feeling the killing intent, Du Gang laughed sheepishly and reluctantly withdrew his gaze.

At this time, Yu Miaoling spoke up: “Since we are going to start mining, who wants to be the knife holder for today?”

With that, she turned her gaze to Fire-Eye Old Zhang standing aside.

Feeling her gaze, he quickly waved his hands, “No, as I said, there might be something ominous within this source stone. I refuse…”

Yu Miaoling promptly switched her gaze to Ghost-Hand Old Li.

Ghost-Hand Old Li hesitated a bit at this moment. Even though he had weighed his options and felt that this source stone was fine, Fire-Eye Old Zhang had judged it to potentially be problematic.

To cut it open or not?

He thought for a while and finally decided to trust Old Zhang. After all, if they, as knife holders, were not cautious enough, they’d have long been dead.

“I trust Old Zhang’s judgement…”

Since he was also refusing to open it, Yu Miaoling frowned a bit and her gaze swept over the crowd.

At this moment, seeing both professionals refusing to cut in, nobody in the crowd dared risk it, all of them avoiding her gaze as if they didn’t notice.

While everyone dared not meet Yu Miaoling’s eyes, the Blue Robed Eagle King laughed disdainfully.

“Isn’t it just a source stone? I’ll do it!”

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief and praised him, “Blue Robed Eagle King truly shows courage!”

Hearing these praises, the Blue Robed Eagle King smiled slightly.

Being noble in front of ordinary people didn’t mean much. However, at this moment, there were quite a few eternal-level people present, all being his peers.

Being able to receive praise from his equally-ranked strong peers was a rare moment for the Blue Robed Eagle King, and he enjoyed it.

As for Yu Shuiyao, she handed the source stone she was holding to the Blue Robed Eagle King.

The people present immediately grew anxious. Although they were not needed to wield the knife, this task carried a certain risk.

Blue Robed Eagle King spoke lightly, but he did not let his guard down. Rather, he projected his Divine Kingdom onto the real world. Simultaneously, a divine being flew out from his body and suppressed everything from above.

Seeing the divine being above him, all the Sector Lords present showed enviable expressions.

The Sector Lords present who could be invited by Yu Shuiyao were mostly ninth rank Sector Lords, except for Du Gang.

These people have all had their Laws cultivation perfected long ago, they were only short of an opportunity to break through to the eternal level.

At the same time, these people glanced at the divine being and then at Du Gang. Nonetheless, this glance left them stunned.

They saw that Du Gang, together with Kong Luo and Kong Xu, had retreated a full hundred meters away.

“Isn’t that too much…”

The people present felt both amused and exasperated.

Despite being an Ancient God, he was such a coward!

Were the many eternal-level powerhouses present not enough to protect him?

Moreover, even if something were to happen, wouldn’t the eternal-level powerhouses bear the brunt? Was it his turn to worry?

At this moment, everyone felt that Du Gang was too cowardly and hence looked down on him a bit.

At the moment, when Kong Luo saw everyone’s gaze, his face turned red. He said to Du Gang through a message, “Young man, I hope your intuition is right. Otherwise, you would have tarnished my face…”

However, Du Gang paid him no attention and continued to stare at the source stone with an imposing expression.

Being a mere second-rank Sector Lord, he was considered insignificant here. No one would be willing to listen if he suggested them not to open the source stone. Therefore, what he could do was to keep as far away as possible to avoid getting hurt if something were to happen.

In the center, after Blue Robed Eagle King had made a series of safety preparations, he materialized a small sharp knife.

The knife was small but just right for cutting the source stone.

At this time, Fire-Eye Old Zhang said, “Blue Robed Eagle King, use the onion peeling method!”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, not understanding what he meant.

At this time, Yu Miaoling explained, “It means to peel off the source stone layer by layer like an onion. This way, if there’s anything off, we can react to it ahead of time…”

Blue Robed Eagle King didn’t underestiamte the task nor did he refute. Nodding his head, he slowly cut into the stone with the small knife in his hand with a serious expression.


With a soft sound, a small opening was instantly made in the fist-sized source stone.

Everyone immediately widened their eyes to look, only to be dissappointed by the exposure of a small gray section.

“Grey with a hint of white, it may be empty…”

At this point, Ghost-Hand Old Li began to explain.

Upon seeing the result of the first cut, Blue Robed Eagle King relaxed, turning his head to glance at Kong Luo a hundred meters away with a mocking smile.

Seeing this, Kong Luo was furious but couldn’t say anything. After all, in the current situation, the facts were that he had moved a hundred meters away with Du Gang and Kong Xu. If Kong Luo were to say anything, it would be self-mocking.

Moreover, according to Ghost-Hand Old Li, this source stone might well be empty.

Upon hearing this, Yu Shuiyao sighed in relief.

Her goal this time was merely to increase her bond with Du Gang, to have more interaction. This would increase chances of breaking through to the Eternal Level in the future.

So, rather than encountering something ominous, she would prefer that the Source Stone was empty. At least there would be no trouble.

The Blue Robed Eagle King withdrew his gaze and quickly made the second cut.

This time, he changed the position of the cut.

“Snap ! ”

This time, it was still a small cut, and it was the same gray color as before.

In the eyes of the crowd, they didn’t notice any white color in the stone, thinking that only professionals could see such subtle differences. So, they once again looked to Ghost-Hand Old Li, hoping he would say something.

However, Fire-Eye Old Zhang shook his head and laughed,” It seems I was mistaken this time…”

When the crowd looked at him, he continued slowly, “The cut is still gray with a hint of white. There’s a high possibility that this Source Stone is empty…”

Ghost-Hand Old Li laughed and said, “Exactly, if the Eagle King cuts all around the Source Stone and it remains gray with a hint of green, then it’s clear, the Source Stone is empty!”

The Blue Robed Eagle King also understood these basic principles and continued to cut carefully without relaxation.

One cut, two cuts, three cuts.

Soon, the Source Stone was peeled off like an onion.

By this time, the crowd finally understood what they meant by ‘gray with a hint of white’.

After losing a layer of skin, the color of the Source Stone had changed. It was brighter, far from the previous dull gray.

The Blue Robed Eagle King held the Source Stone and turned it around for a few times. Once he confirmed that all parts were ‘gray with a hint of white’, he cheerfully said:”lt seems this Source Stone is empty!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd immediately burst into laughter and turned their teasing eyes towards Du Gang and his people.

At this moment, Du Gang’s heartbeat was racing, and his eyelids were twitching.

Even Kong Luo, sensed something was off at this moment.

“Uncle, retreat!”

This time, Kong Luo didn’t hesitate. He quickly pulled Du Gang and Young Lord Kong Xu away. In the blink of an eye, they had retreated a distance of a thousand meters, standing in the distance observing carefully.

“Hahaha! ”

“Kong Luo, did you take them out for some fresh air because it was too hot inside the crowd?”

The crowd was laughing and taunting them.

Kong Luo, on the other hand, frowned. He didn’t bother with the crowd and instead observed Du Gang who was reacting abnormally without any provocation.

“Thomp, thomp, thomp!”

Listened to his own heartbeat, Du Gang felt a moment of panic, as if something terrifying was about to emerge from the Source Stone.

In the center, the Blue Robed Eagle King took another jab at Kong Luo before he started the second round of cutting.

“Snap ! ”

This time, he made the opening a bit wider.

“Gray with a hint of white, mixed with red spots. No problem, this Source Stone is definitely empty!”

At this moment, Ghost-Hand Old Li confidently declared his conclusion.

The crowd turned hastily to Fire-Eye Old Zhang, only to see him relaxing as well, showing a smile. He nodded and said, “Old Li is right. The Source Stone is indeed empty!”

“Hahaha! ”

The Blue Robed Eagle King laughed again, obviously, he had also made his final judgment. This time, he no longer peeled the Source Stone like an onion but directly cut into it, attempting to break it open!


At this moment, Du Gang shouted, turning his head towards the distance, and dashed away without turning back.

The crowd was unfazed by his shout, but Kong Luo and Young Lord Kong Xu were startled.

“What the hell?!”

Kong Luo and Young Lord Kong Xu hesitated for a second. But in the end, they decided to follow Du Gang’s lead.



The two of them turned into long rainbows and flew straight towards Du Gang.

It didn’t matter if Du Gang was wrong. Anyway, they couldn’t stay there anymore. It would be better to just leave…


Kong Luo quickly caught up with the sprinting Du Gang and patted his shoulder laughing, ‘Where are you going? Let’s go home! ”

After saying that, he tore open a gap in the space, leading the other two quickly into it.

When they appeared again, they had already returned to the virtual company’s headquarters.

“Du Gang, I was really screwed by you this time…”

On the other side, just as Du Gang and the others were leaving, the initially unremarkable Source Stone, suddenly unleashed a terrifying might.



“Thud ! ”

This might had just appeared, all the people on the scene, all spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

‘What is this!”

The Blue Robed Eagle King was the closest and the first to react. It unleashed an endless pressure toward the Source Stone in an instant.


Who knew, an even more monstrous might surges out from the Source Stone, which directly rebounded back.

“Thud Thud

At this moment, blood was flowing out of the Blue Robed Eagle King as if it was free, crazily spewing out. Not only that, his Divine Power              was severely injured at this moment, it instantly went from shining gold to dim.

By this time, the rest of them finally reacted.

Before these Eternal Level Powerhouses could release their Divine Power, the object in the Source Stone jumped out all at once.

At this moment, everyone was horrified to find that what jumped out was an eerily red eyeball.

An eyeball that seemed like it walked out from Asura hell, was carrying an endless terror along with it. Just looking at it, everyone sunk into an illusion.

Simultaneously, everyone’s life vitality was also rapidly declining.


Underground of Pangu Continent, an old man as dry as a corpse suddenly opened his eyes, uttering a sound of surprise.

The next second, the old man instantly appeared at the incident site.

“It’s an ominous object!”

The old man exclaimed out loud, quickly reacting. He fired countless runes transformed from laws of magic toward the eyeball.

At this moment, the eyeball as if sensed that the old man was not simple and did not resist. It shimmered on the spot, the next second, it had already disappeared.

When it left, all on the scene spat out a mouthful of black blood, and they only then woke up.

They all suffered serious injuries without exception, especially the Blue Robed Eagle King, even his Divine Power was in a slump.

“You all have encountered misfortune. Stay here, I will go after it…”

After speaking, without waiting for people to understand, the old man immediately chased after it.

At this moment, everyone finally realized that Du Gang’s intuition was right, there really was an ominous object in this Source Stone.


The Blue Robed Eagle King tried to recover his body, yet a surge of enormous power injured him once again, forcing him to spit up blood.


“I’m done for, I’m going to be laughed at this time!”

Kong Luo looked depressed, wishing he could find a crack in the ground to hide.

Just at this moment, space cracked, and an eyeball drilled out of it.

“Fuck! ”

The instant this eyeball appeared, the three people were all deterred by this intense pressure.

Kong Luo was completely stupified at this moment, as if his thoughts had slowed down, even his Divine Power could not be released on time.

The Son of Kong Xu was even worse, his eyes showed a dazed color as he had momentarily lost consciousness.

But Du Gang seemed more clear-headed than the rest. The moment the eyeball appeared, he was desperately trying to escape.

But it was too late!

This eyeball defying the laws of speed appeared directly inside Du Gang’s eyes.

“Swoosh!” For an instant, one of Du Gang’s eyes exploded. It took the place of Du Gang’s exploded eyeball and burrowed in.

At this moment, Du Gang had no thoughts at all, only experiencing a severe ‘pain’.

He couldn’t bear it, screaming out in agony.

This pain seemed to directly act on his soul, causing his spirit to tear apart.

At this moment, his exploded eyeball, was not just a physical explosion, even the eyeball inside his soul also exploded along with it.

“Crack! ”

At this time, another space crack appeared, and a dried body old man appeared.

“I’m late!”

As the old man appeared, the eyeball attached to Du Gang’s eye suddenly let out a terrifying aura.

However, at this moment, it was as if it took root in Du Gang’s eye socket. It didn’t escape, but instead shot out a ray of light from his eye.


The old man uttered a word upon seeing this.

In an instant, the entire space froze, at that moment, it felt as if time had been frozen too.


Suddenly, a sound that seemed not of this world, the Sound of the Dao, emerged, suppressing the eyeball.


At this moment, the eyeball inside Du Gang’s eye socket was clearly not giving up, still struggling fiercely.


This time, the old man uttered another word of True Origin. Instantly, another Sound of the Dao emerged, rushing to suppress the eyeball.


This time, the eyeball couldn’t resist and was finally suppressed.

Simultaneously, the previous ‘seal’ word, followed by the later ‘suppress’ word, were almost simultaneously injected into the eyeball.


With an explosion, the originally red eyeball, started to lose its shine at this moment, transforming into a normal looking eyeball.


As the red eyeball was sealed, Du Ganz lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

The old man glanced at the fallen Du Gang, and then at Kong Luo and Kong Xu who had been dazed nearby. He spoke again: “Awaken-4”


Following his two light whispers, Kong Luo and Kong Xu woke up one after another.

Kong Luo, upon waking, remembered the previous encounter and blurted out: “God!”

The next second, the deity inside him emerged, seemingly ready to attack the old man in front of him.

The old man said calmly: “Calm down!”

At this moment, his words seemed to possess immense magic power. Although they were not as terrifying as the earlier single-word True Origin that invoked the Dao, they still calmed the two.

“True Origin, are you a True God Level powerhouse?!”

Kong Luo, who had clearly seen other True God Level powerhouses, recognized him and shouted in surprise.

Upon hearing this, the Prince Kong Xu also jumped in shock.

The old man waved his hand and said: “I am the True God stationed in Pangu

Continent by Penglai Island. Originally, I would only appear when Pangu Continent faces a life or death situation. I didn’t expect to be called out this time by an ill-omened thing from the era of mythology…”

Kong Luo exclaimed in shock: “So, Penglai Island has positioned a True God on

Pangu Continent?”

At the same time, he seemed to realize something, “Could it be that each of the ten thousand advanced cosmic nations all have such a powerful existence as yourself?”

He genuinely didn’t know. He thought that the highest combat power of Pangu Continent was at the Eternal Level. After all, True Gods are high above.

The old man didn’t answer his question but pointed at Du Gang on the ground, and asked with a frown: “Why did the Godlike Body appear on Pangu Continent?”

Seeing this, Kong Luo hurriedly explained everything about Du Gang’s identity, including their collaborative relationship with him, without omitting a single detail.

“So it’s an Ancient God!”

The old man apparently knew about the Ancient God. At this moment, the look in his eyes when he saw Du Gang was full of complexity. “I didn’t think, an Ancient God would be reduced to such a state…”

“Sigh! ”

The old man clearly knew more; he took a deep sigh at this moment.

“Wait here until there’s a group of people I need to deal with…”

After speaking, the old man immediately disappeared, and in the next instant, he appeared again at the Origin Conference site.

At this moment, everyone was standing silently, no one dared to leave. They all remembered the words of the old man who came earlier.


The instant the old man reappeared, everyone present stood up and respectfully called out.

Although everyone present had an esteemed status, it was meaningless in front of the True God Level powerhouse.

Even the rebellious Blue Robed Eagle King lowered his arrogant head, respectfully saying: “Thank you, senior, for saving our lives…”

From this, the status of a True God Level powerhouse, could almost ignore the so-called hierarchy of families.

The old man waved his hand and said: ‘You’ve been touched by… some ill-omened power. Let me remove it for you!”


This single word of True Origin, again invoked the power of the Dao.

Suddenly, a soft sound rang out, everyone felt so comfortable that they shivered. At the same time, strands of gas they couldn’t see started to gradually disperse into the void, slowly disappearing.

This time, the Sound of the Dao continued for a long as it would take to drink a cup of tea. Only when the invisible gas inside everyone’s body had completely disappeared did the sound gradually fade away.

Seeing that everyone had recovered, the old man lightly said, “Don’t spread what happened today…”

After saying this, he once again vanished, leaving everyone to sigh in awe.

“I didn’t expect to be able to experience a True God Level mighty person casting a spell at such a close distance!”

“There is a rumor that the signature ability of a True God Level mighty person is that every word they utter holds immense power and truth. Today we saw it and it is indeed so!”

“This time, a True God Level mighty person was actually disturbed…”

“Luckily, a True God Level mighty person arrived, otherwise, we all would’ve been doomed!”

At this moment, after experiencing the incident with the inauspicious eyeball, everyone felt as if they had narrowly escaped a disaster.

“If I had Imown earlier, I would have listened to Du Gang and not opened this Source Stone…”

“Yes, this time, the three of them left early and didn’t suffer hardship…”

They did not know that the eyeball not only followed Du Gang’s party, but had also burrowed into Du Gang’s eyes.

In their opinion, the ominous eyeball must have been taken by the True God Level mighty person.

Kong Luo had just checked on Du Gang and confirmed that he had merely fainted, which allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief.

Soon after, the old man emerged again. “Senior!”

Kong Luo quickly got up to welcome him.

The old man slightly nodded, but his eyes were fixed on Du Gang. He remained silent, as if deep in thought.

After a while, Kong Luo hesitated and asked, “Senior, is he alright?”

Even though he had been confused before, Kong Luo had witnessed the eyeball burrow into Du Gang’s eye socket, understandably causing his unease.

The old man shook his head. “This is an ominous object from the Mythological Era that has been sealed. Its power is but a fraction of what it was originally due to the passage of time, which is why I could seal it temporarily…” Kong Luo, shocked, asked: “Senior, do you mean the Source Stone…?”

The old man nodded, “Yes, Source Stones are primarily a method of sealing, used by the Great Power of the Mythological Era to seal ominous objects…” “But some Source Stones seem to contain treasures…”

The old man lightly said, “That’s normal. Just like you were contaminated by the ominous object just now, if it is not dealt with, it will turn into an ominous object. Source Stones also have the ability to deal with ominous objects. This causes some treasures that have been contaminated by the ominous to gradually regain their former brilliance over time, eventually being rediscovered by people…”

“What about the empty Source Stones…”

“Most of the objects sealed in empty Source Stones are not physical, and virtually all of them have dissipated over time. Otherwise, the Primordial Continent would not let Source Stones circulate freely…”

Some of them are purified by the power of time within the Source Stone and restored to their former glory, while others remain as ominous objects, such as the eyeball that penetrated Du Gang’s eye.

At this moment, Du Gang was completely unconscious, and his eyes were tightly closed. But on his right eyelid, there was a faint cloud pattern that appeared very mysterious.

Looking at the still unconscious Du Gang, thinking about how his eye had been replaced by the eyeball of somebody else, Kong Luo felt a shiver run down his spine.

He swallowed hard and asked, “Senior, what exactly is the ominous object?”

The old man shook his head and sighed, “In your eyes, I may already be very powerful. But really, compared to this mysterious world, my strength is insignificant…”

“I do not know what the ominous really is. It is possible that the patriarchs of each clan know something, but they probably don’t know much. If you really want to find someone who knows, the divine tribes of the Primordial Continent would definitely have someone who knows…”

Kong Luo hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can’t the eyeball in his body be removed?”

The old man shook his head, “It can’t be removed. It was able to be sealed because it had just appeared and all its powers weren’t recovered yet..

“Can’t it… be destroyed?”

Hearing this, the old man paused as if remembering something and a touch of sadness appeared in his eyes.

After a while, he shook his head and said, “Ominous objects cannot be destroyed. They can either be sealed with the Source or encapsulated within a host…’

“Sealing with the Source has conditions. In this era, it’s impossible to seal the ominous object, so the only choice is to encapsulate it within a host…”

His eyes fixed on Kong Luo, he said, “Even if the ominous object is removed from his body, a new living host would be needed to encapsulate it. Would you volunteer?”

Upon hearing this, Kong Luo was startled and quickly shook his head like a rattle drum.

The old man showed a faint smile and said, “I was just joking. Only a divine body can encapsulate the ominous object. The moment the eyeball appeared, it burrowed into his body. This was not because he is an Ancient God, but because he is a divine body…”

Kong Luo hurriedly asked again, “Senior, does the eyeball inside Du Gang’s body have any side effects? I mean, is there anything he needs to be careful of?”

He was worried that if there was anything that could provoke the release of the crimson eyeball, it would spell trouble.

“There’s nothing he should specifically avoid. The seal is not something you would be able to break…

The old man shook his head and said, “My words come with the law and can sustain for tens of thousands of years, but as the seal is applied to an ominous object, the potency is significantly reduced… Thus, for at least a hundred years, there should be no harm to his body. If there is any abnormality, you should report it to your clan’s elders, and they will have someone to seal it for him again…”

“A hundred years’ time…”

Upon hearing this, Kong Luo once again breathed a sigh of relief. If the seal could be broken at any time, protecting Du Gang would be too terrifying. If he were not careful, he might be dragged into the mess as well.

“All right, let this matter end here. Be cautious and keep it a secret. Don’t leak it out…”

After giving a couple more advices, the old man transformed into points of light and vanished..

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