I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples

Chapter 588 - Chapter 588: Holy Weapon, Heaven Suppressing Pagoda’

Chapter 588: Holy Weapon, Heaven Suppressing Pagoda’

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The Six Realms Tribulation.

Tens of millions of years ago, the Evil and Demon Realms had coincidentally obtained a Holy Weapon and suddenly launched an attack. They wanted to destroy the other four realms and expand their territory.

The Immortal Realm and the Divine Realm were the most suitable realms for cultivation after all.

After countless years of war, countless experts had sacrificed themselves to seal the Evil Realm and Demon Realm in a place without any spiritual qi. It was called the Nefarious Demon Region.

It was also because of this six world calamity that humanity lost several Human Ancestors.

As a result, the strength of the human world fell continuously.

As a result, the strength of the human world fell continuously.

The shadow next to Lu Changsheng continued, “At that time, the idea was to divide the human world because the human world had made too many contributions and suffered too many losses. It was also a form of protection.” “But now that you’ve opened the latitude barrier and arrived in the Immortal Realm, you’re dragging the human world into this calamity again.” Lu Changsheng: “…”

“It’s fine. I won’t talk to anyone about anything here after I leave. Just seal the passageway again.”

“If there’s really no other way, I’ll help you reinforce the seal!”

“I guarantee that no one from the human realm will be able to enter!”

The illusory man smiled helplessly and said, “This cause and effect has already been planted. It’s naturally impossible to avoid it. Moreover, you have passed the test of the Star Soul Essence. The fate of the six worlds is already tied to you.”

“You can’t dodge it even if I wanted to. Moreover, the moment the passageway was opened, a large amount of the Ancient Heaven Suppressing Pagoda’s power was lost. The seal in the Evil Demon Domain is already on the verge of collapse.”

The Heaven Suppressing Pagoda was originally a Quasi-Holy Weapon.

This consumed a large amount of resources in the four worlds, as well as the lives of countless refiners!

A Holy Weapon was formed after the soul power of the four Human Ancestors and the lives of the other utmost powerful beings were injected into it that had sealed the Nefarious Demon Region for tens of millions of years!

Lu Changsheng almost slapped himself in the face…

Wliy did he insist on finding this Star Soul Essence?

Couldn’t he have gone to the other places mentioned by the willow tree?

When he said it back then, it seemed to be the safest and would not involve too much karma.

But now, it seemed that this was the most f*cking dangerous place!

He even triggered the hidden script!

Lu Changsheng raised his head and sighed. “What a sin…”

At this moment, the illusory man’s body became more and more illusory. The man said, “My remnant soul is about to be exhausted. Fortunately, you came. Take the Star Soul Essence.”

Liu Ziru disappeared on the spot as soon as he finished speaking.

Everything below the head had completely disappeared.

“This Star Soul Essence is the key to opening the Heaven Suppressing Pagoda. After the seal is completely broken, take it away. It might be able to help you.” The man’s last words echoed in Lu Changsheng’s ears.

“I’ll leave the fate of the Four Realms, whether it would be destroyed or reborn to you.”

Lu Changsheng sighed. He had no choice but to accept it.

The karma was already in motion.

It was already impossible to dodge unless he dealt with the Nefarious Demon Region.

Otherwise, he would always be implicated.

He looked up at the starry sky.

A purple gemstone floated under the starry sky, absorbing the surrounding star power.

It was dazzling!

Lu Changsheng reached out his hand and pulled the Star Soul Essence into his Dantian. Then, he left.

Back in the main hall, everyone had already left the floating stairs, waiting for Lu Changsheng’s return.

Fen Yan immediately went forward and asked, “Senior, have you obtained that divine item?”

Lu Changsheng nodded.

Xian Lan also took the initiative to ask for the first time, “I wonder if senior can tell us what this divine item is? It will also resolve the knot in our hearts.”

Lu Changsheng looked at Xian Lan and said indifferently, “Since you don’t know, and the seniors in the sect didn’t tell you, it means that you ‘re not strong enough.”

“It’s not good for you to know too much if you’re not strong enough.”

Xian Lan was stunned. She nodded and didn’t say anything else.

As for Xian Huaxuan, if it was anyone else who spoke to Xian Lan like this, they would probably stand up for him.

However, still wanting to stand up for himself after seeing Lu Changsheng’s strength…

Wasn’t this courting death?

Moreover, the Immortal Palace had a rule.

The person with the divine item was an esteemed guest of the Immortal Palace. Xian Huaxuan stepped forward and cupped his hands. “Senior, since you’ve already obtained the divine item, follow me to the Immortal Palace.”

Lu Changsheng was about to say something.

After releasing his divine consciousness, he was slightly stunned. He shook his head and said, “There’s no need. Someone from your Immortal Palace is coming.”


Xian Huaxuan was stunned.

I don’t even know how you did know?

He felt the faint divine sense power around him.

Xian Huaxuan was shocked.

Not only did this place suppress his cultivation, he could not use his divine consciousness to search his surroundings!

How did this person do it?

After that, Lu Changsheng walked out of the gate first.

Along the way, the star power at the test site had already disappeared.

This city had also become an extremely ordinary city.

At this moment, outside the city gate, there was a sea of people.

Outside the city gate was a sea of people.

Immortal qi surrounded him, and a powerful aura covered the sky!

Lu Changsheng looked up.

The experts here were indeed much stronger than those from the high-latitude regions.

Even the Dark Lord of the Dark Domain could not compare to him.

“It’s the first place on the stone tablet, Lu Changsheng!”

“The divine item should be with him since he came out.”

Lu Changsheng could clearly sense it.

Many of these people were greedy.

However, they did not dare to make a move with so many experts watching from above.

Furthermore, the people from the Immortal Palace had already arrived.

How could they dare to snatch something that the Immortal Palace had said they wanted?

At this moment, an old man came to Lu Changsheng and asked with a smile, “Immortal, did you get the divine item?”

Lu Changsheng nodded.

He wanted to say no.

However, looking at the expressions of the people around him,

he could tell that they had long known.

There was no point in hiding it.

“Then why don’t you come with me to the Immortal Palace?”

“Don’t worry, our Immortal Palace won’t snatch the divine item from you. We just have something to discuss.”

“Moreover, since you’ve obtained the divine item inside, you must know the secret behind it.”

Everyone looked helpless upon hearing this.

Lu Changsheng nodded.

Since the other party knew more information.

Moreover, this matter was already tied to him.

In that case, it would be easier to prepare if he knew more.

When Xian Huaxuan came out and saw the old man, he was slightly stunned.

“Master, why are you here personally?”

Xian Rusheng smiled and said, “Of course I have to come. Alright, Immortal Friend Lu, will you come with me now?”

With that, Lu Changsheng and the other two left in the direction of the Immortal Palace.

Fen Yan also met up with his father, the Valley Master of the Immortal Burning Valley.

After hearing Fen Yan’s words, the Valley Master of Immortal Burning Valley said solemnly, “You must maintain a good relationship with this person in the future. Don’t become enemies with him, understand?”

Fen Yan nodded.

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