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Chapter 338 - Chapter 338: Song Ling Following Gu Dai Around

Chapter 338: Song Ling Following Gu Dai Around

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Zhao Xuan faced President Song Ling’s inquiry with a troubled heart. How could he admit President Song Ling’s indifference towards Miss Gu Dai?

Fearing for his salary, he dared not risk the truth.

He cleared his throat, deliberating before speaking, “President Song, with the multitude of company matters and your significant workload, it’s natural to overlook personal affairs…”

Before he could finish, Song Ling cut him off coldly, “Shut up.”

Each word from Zhao Xuan was a reminder of his neglect towards Gu Dai.

Not wanting to speak more, Zhao Xuan immediately closed his mouth upon hearing Song Ling’s command.

Song Ling, unblinkingly, watched Gu Dai engaged in conversation with someone else.

Wei Jia, usually emotionally stable, approached Gu Dai nervously, “Hel-Hello, I’m Wei Jia.”

Gu Dai nodded with a smile, “Hello.”

Gathering her courage, Wei Jia expressed her gratitude, “Beautiful sister, thank you for helping me.”

Gu Dai gently ruffled Wei Jia’s hair, softly inquiring, “You’re welcome. Can you tell me about the inspiration for your competition piece?”

Wei Jia’s entry depicted a joyful gathering in a small wooden cabin.

Her thoughts drifted back, her eyes glazing over as she reminisced, “The scene in my Suzhou Embroidery is from my childhood. During Chinese New Year, all my relatives gathered, filling my heart with warmth, inspiring me to capture that moment.”

Gu Dai’s gaze lowered, envisioning scenes of her parents smiling as they guided her in Suzhou Embroidery, a smile unconsciously graced her lips.

She callid out softly, “Wei Jia.”

Wei Jia looked up, bewildered, “Hmm?”

Gu Dai complimented, “I really like your style and your embroidery technique is excellent. Good luck in the finals.”

Wei Jia nodded eagerly, “Okay!”

As Gu Dai noticed someone approaching, her smile faded, her brows furrowing, “What are you doing here?”

Song Ling had intended only to observe Gu Dai and leave without disturbance. Yet, upon seeing her smile, he couldn’t resist approaching.

Facing her, his heart trembled, suppressing the pain, he replied indifferently, “I just happened to pass by and heard about the competition.”

Zhao Xuan thought, President Song’s excuses were transparent. He clearly came for Miss Gu Dai.

Gu Dai, uninterested in his reasons, dismissed him, “The competition is over. You can leave now.”

After speaking, she turned to Zhen Chan, “Auntie Zhen, let’s go have lunch.”

Auntie Zhen nodded, “Okay.”

As Song Ling followed them, Gu Dai’s expression grew colder, attempting to ignore his presence. Confronting him in the private room, she asked coldly, “What do you want?”

Song Ling suggested casually, “I just happened to be here. Let’s have lunch together.”

Gu Dai’s gaze remained icy towards Song Ling.

Unfazed, Song Ling approached Auntie Zhen, “Hello, Auntie Zhen. I am President Song An’s grandson.”

Auntie Zhen’s brows furrowed slightly, then relaxed with a smile, “So, you’re his grandson.”

Gu Dai, seeing this, reluctantly allowed Song Ling to stay.

Auntie Zhen inquired, “How has your grandfather been these years?”

Song Ling replied with a smile, “Thanks to Gu Dai’s care, he’s been well.”

As he said this, he picked up some shredded potatoes with the public chopsticks and placed them in Gu Dai’s plate, softly noting, “This dish is quite tasty and suits your taste.”

Gu Dai looked down, aware of Song Ling’s familiarity with her preferences. She responded nonchalantly, leaving the potatoes untouched.

Song Ling’s expression dimmed slightly at this.

Though close in proximity, Song Ling felt as if an insurmountable wall separated them, as if they were living in different worlds.

Auntie Zhen glanced between Song Ling and Gu Dai, guessing the situation. Remembering the handsome young man who had visited Xiuyang Village with Gu Dai, she shook her head in resignation.

With so many outstanding people around Gu Dai, and her apparent resistance towards him, Song Ling’s chances seemed slim..

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