Chapter 200 - 200: Grandpa Is Awake

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In the dim light by the pond, a hint of skepticism flickered in Chi Ming’s eyes. “You were prepared for everything? You were fully ready?”

Shen Qingyue hesitated. Well, she admitted she hadn’t anticipated the chaos with the bodyguard journalist trying to capture her. If she had, she would have brought her own bodyguard. If Chi Ming hadn’t arrived in time, she might have been in serious trouble today.

In the past, she had always suspected Chi Ming had ulterior motives. After her parents’ death, she had become extremely cautious, putting all her trust in Qin Zhen. Yet, she had been wrong about him. She had never truly trusted Qin Zhen himself. But now, after all that had happened, she realized she had been overthinking things.

Chi Ming just had intentions toward her, nothing more.

Suddenly, she remembered a conversation with Chen Ying.

At that time, she had always believed Chi Ming’s feelings for her were at most superficial, perhaps combined with a desire for a strategic marriage. She hadn’t taken him seriously, thinking his passion for her wouldn’t last long.

She recalled Chen Ying’s words: ‘Your thinking is too extreme. Why can’t you believe that someone might truly love you wholeheartedly?’

Her response had been: ‘I believe in that scenario, but I also believe it won’t happen to me!’

After all, she had been thoroughly disappointed by Qin Zhen back then. She had thought, if someone who had once made such promises to her could change, what about Chi Ming?

Yet, now, Shen Qingyue was certain that this stroke of luck had indeed fallen upon her.

Seeing Shen Qingyue lost in her thoughts, Chi Ming assumed her silence was an acknowledgment. He did not press further; the outcome was good, and as long as Shen Qingyue was unharmed, that was enough.

After bandaging his wounds, Chi Ming was sent to the hospital room. Yes, Chi Ming’s condition required him to stay in the hospital.

Shen Qingyue ordered lunch for Chi Ming, but before it arrived, she received a message from the bodyguard stationed at her grandfather’s place. It said Shen Jun was out of the intensive care unit and she could visit him.

Shen Qingyue’s face lit up. She turned to Chi Ming. “My grandpa woke up. I have to go check on him… When did Zhang Jianci and the others arrive?”

Before Chi Ming could reply, the hospital room door swung open. Zhang Jianci and Chen Jiang walked in. “Sister-in-law, you go handle your matters. We’ll stay here with Ming ge.”

Seeing this, Shen Qingyue narrowed her eyes. “You guys are here so quickly? Were you nearby all this time?”

Zhang Jianci rubbed his nose and cautiously looked at Chi Ming. “Hehe, it’s just to let you and Brother Ming spend more time together. We don’t have anything urgent to do, hehehe…”

“Hmph!” Shen Qingyue didn’t press him further, admonished Chi Ming to rest well, and quickly left.

Zhang Jianci picked up a large apple and took a big bite. “Brother Ming, I can tell, Miss Shen is completely hands-off now. Before, even if she didn’t say anything, her expression showed some resistance. But just now, she didn’t even blink. Has she accepted you?”

Chi Ming’s lips curved slightly. Despite the pain in his body, he felt good. He said, “More or less.”

“When are you going to seal the deal then… Women, you have to conquer them completely to put your heart at ease! Let me tell you, I have experience in this. The nature of the relationship determines the harmony in sexual life…” He was getting quite animated, but Chi Ming glanced at him, and he immediately shut up, turning to his apple.

Zhang Jianci quieted down, and Chi Ming shifted his gaze to Chen Jiang.

“What’s the situation at the airport? Have they found out anything?”

Chen Jiang respectfully replied, “Yes, we found out. They were people from the Fu family, trailing you from the gambling city. Since you returned to the country, Miss Fu Anyi from the Fu family has been searching for you…”

Chi Ming’s eyes darkened, especially at the mention of Fu Anyi. Murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

No one spoke in the hospital room. Even Zhang Jianci sat properly, not eating his apple. After all, this was a serious matter, not a joke.

After a while, a glacial look entered Chi Ming’s eyes. “Handle it thoroughly!” Chen Jiang understood his meaning. “Understood, I’ll arrange it right away.” With the command received, Chen Jiang left. The atmosphere in the room remained tense. Well, the big boss wasn’t in a good mood, after all.

Zhang Jianci did not tease anymore. Seeing Chi Ming’s expression darkening, he was afraid Chi Ming would get angry, so he bravely changed the topic.

“Brother Ming, I heard from Sister-in-law that she ordered dinner for you.

How many portions did she buy? Are there any for us?”

Talking about Shen Qingyue did ease Chi Ming’s expression a bit, but his words were cold. “Buy your own!”

“Oh.” Zhang Jianci pursed his lips. Brother Ming was really possessive. It was just some food; if his sister-in-law really bought a lot, he did not believe

Brother Ming could finish it all. He’d have to share, right? He took out his phone: [Wife, order dinner for me.]

Yun Ting replied: [I’m busy, so if you have work matters, get to the point!] Zhang Jianci was speechless..

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