I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 290 - Chapter 290: Chapter 186: Seven Years Time

Chapter 290: Chapter 186: Seven Years Time

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Han Yi woke up still feeling the severe pain throughout his body, with his Divine Soul being deeply confused. He struggled for a moment before barely managing to open his eyes, but he could only move his eyeballs.

At this moment, he should be lying flat on his back, facing the sky.

Han Yi took a deep breath and began to mobilize the magical power within his body. The intense pain instantly increased by a level, causing him to immediately stop.

After a while, he tried again. However, this time, he didn’t attempt to mobilize his magical power but instead tried to sense the condition of his body.

It was terrible- a disastrous kind of terrible.

He couldn’t even sense his Spirit Sea.

Such an injury showed just how terrifying it was.

Since joining the Xuandan Sect and advancing to the first layer of Qi cultivation, he had never experienced such a situation before.

But Han Yi didn’t give up. It took him half an hour to mobilize a trace of magical power from his body. Using that trace, he stimulated his body. With waves of intense pain, Han Yi’s forehead was soaked in sweat, his body instantly drenched.

Another hour later, Han Yi’s body was slightly more flexible. He turned his head with difficulty and got a clear view of his surroundings. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief and felt a greater sense of urgency.

He sighed in relief because what he saw after turning his head was a familiar building; the place where he had fallen before teleporting to the first layer of the Void Domain. This was the spot where he had stopped after discovering the black mark on the back of his hand.

From this perspective, he should have returned to the Mirage Immortal World, which was why he breathed a sigh of relief.

The urgency was because, in the Mirage Immortal World, danger not only came from the Void Beasts but also from other cultivators who had entered this illusionary world.

In case someone discovered his situation, the only outcome would be homicide and plunder.

With that thought in mind, Han Yi stopped repairing his body and focused his consciousness on the Sea of Consciousness Space.

Suddenly, his Inner Heart was shaken violently.

Because at this moment, at the edge of the gray mist in the highest part of the Sea of Consciousness Space, there was a black bead floating and devouring the gray mist.

He naturally would not forget this black bead.

This was the bead he had sensed when he had just fallen into the deepest layer of the Void Domain.

What exactly was this black bead?

How did it get into his Sea of Consciousness Space?

With great shock in his Inner Heart, Han Yi couldn’t help but have those two questions in mind.

However, he had a guess that the token from the mysterious place had brought him plummeting down into the Void Domain just for this black bead.

Looking at it from the Sea of Consciousness, the mission of the black token seemed to have been accomplished.

However, at this moment, both his physical body and Divine Soul were severely injured, so even if he wanted to investigate the black bead that had suddenly appeared in his Sea of Consciousness Space, he couldn’t.

The Sea of Consciousness Space was where the Divine Soul resided, one of the most important and core locations for cultivators. Han Yi would never allow such a strange thing to linger here so carelessly.

As for how to remove the black bead, he would have to wait until he had fully recovered.

Apart from the black bead at the very top devouring the gray mist, the Sea of Consciousness Space now had a Soul Tower occupying the central position. Unlike before, this Soul Tower had entered a disintegrated state.

Even with the added enhancement from the Soul Tower, if Han Yi transformed into his normal Divine Soul state, he would instantly disperse and, although it would be easy to regroup, he would disperse once again after regrouping.

This was a situation that would only occur when the Divine Soul was severely damaged to a certain extent.

Han Yi focused his consciousness on the Soul Tower and started practicing the Ninefold Soul Tower. At the edge of the Sea of Consciousness Space, strands of gray mist followed the guidance of the Soul Tower and gradually fell down, like anointing sesame oil, onto the top of the Soul Tower. The several top layers were still illusory, while the first and second layers at the bottom had solidified.

Another hour later, Han Yi’s Divine Soul had recovered enough to be present in his Divine Soul state without dispersing.

Han Yi opened his eyes, reached for the Storage Ring only to realize that all of the Luo Tian Pills and Soul Pills he had before had already been used up after the last confrontation with Li Yuan Yi and the bizarre existence possessing him.

He made a mistake; he should have bought more healing pills in the future and stored them, thought Han Yi.

Actually, he had never expected this situation to occur. After he was severely injured by the strange being that had possessed Li Yuan Yi, he had escaped back to Shu Du with the intention of going to the Immortal Pavilion in the Eighth Immortal Ring to buy an Immortal Boat, spirit pills, and Spiritual Talismans. However, he had been hunted by Gold Core cultivators halfway and barely survived, only to escape to Mirage Immortal Mountain.

Unexpectedly, he then encountered a bizarre and extreme situation.

His body and Divine Soul had been brought to the verge of collapse in an instant.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe it as a thin line between life and death.

A moment later, Han Yi’s body had recovered slightly more, and he was finally able to prop himself up, trembling as he leaned against the wall and sat down.

It was then that a voice came.


“Senior, you are injured; do you need any help from this junior?”

Han Yi raised his head with difficulty and saw that Mu Yao was slowly approaching, 30 meters away. On her face, an indescribable glow revealed her hesitation, excitement, viciousness, and determination.

“Senior, as 1 just saw that you couldn’t even open your Storage Ring, I wondered if you might need my help.”

In Mu Yao’s sleeve, she already had a magical weapon. It was a golden needle, at least 20 centimeters long and one centimeter thick. The entire first half of the needle was emitting a black light. This needle had been coated with a highly potent poison. Even a Foundation Establishment Cultivator would be rendered immobile once poisoned by it, leaving them at her mercy.

Han Yi’s expression remained calm.

He didn’t know if the other party had been around for a long time, but if she had appeared right when Han Yi had just returned to the Mirage Immortal World, he would have been truly defenseless and doomed..

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