I Attained Invincibility In The Real World

Chapter 337 - Chapter 337: Chapter 226: Annihilation and Flesh Consciousness

Chapter 337: Chapter 226: Annihilation and Flesh Consciousness

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Extremely oppressive.

Chen Sheng looked at the deepest part of the cave, where a creature resembling a Heavenly Person was embedded in the inner wall.

For some reason.

He felt his emotions were very oppressive.

Merely the other party standing there made Chen Sheng instinctively feel somewhat out of breath.

His heartbeat began to slow down.

The blood gradually stagnated.

His body visibly lost vitality at a discernible speed.

It was as if an invisible force was taking away Chen Sheng’s control over his physical body.

Is it the power of a Heavenly Person…

Chen Sheng furrowed his brows, looking at the slumbering Heavenly Person.

Previously, when he bid farewell to the Vermilion Bird, it had solemnly warned him that if he discovered the Heavenly Person’s body in the Slumbering Land.

He must not disturb the other party. Otherwise,

There would be great terror.

When saying this,

The Vermilion Bird revealed a very serious expression in front of Chen Sheng for the first time.

Although Chen Sheng was extremely curious about what the so-called great terror was,

He didn’t have a death wish to test it with his own body.

As for the anomaly in his body,

It was not a big issue for Chen Sheng.

At his level, he possessed unparalleled control over his flesh.

It was merely the power unconsciously emitted by the Heavenly Person and was not enough to make Chen Sheng at a loss.

With a thought from Chen Sheng,

He had already dispelled the abnormal phenomenon in his body.


He took a step forward, approaching the direction where the Heavenly Person was located.

He walked slowly.

Very lightly.

Trying to avoid causing any disturbance to the surrounding environment with his movements.

Whether it was the Slumbering Land or the Sealed Land,

Too powerful fluctuations of strength could easily damage the seal or disturb the slumbering Heavenly Person.

Especially given the peak state of qi that existed now.

This was also the reason why Association Committee Members like Sun Yihe seldom participated in the activities of the Sealed and Slumbering Lands.

Chen Sheng’s strength,

Was no weaker than theirs either.

In terms of pure physical power, he far surpassed them.


He was extremely cautious.


Chen Sheng arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

Looking at the Heavenly Person in front of him,

He carefully scrutinized it. Unfortunately,

After looking for a long time,

Chen Sheng could not make any sense of it.

As for the aura and appearance,

At least before it woke up,

Chen Sheng couldn’t discern anything unusual.

Shifting his gaze away from the Heavenly Person’s face,

Chen Sheng looked at the dense blood vessels in its body.

Sure enough,

These blood vessels were as he thought,

Not directly in contact with the body of the Heavenly Person.

Between the two, there seemed to be an invisible wall of qi blocking them.

The blood vessels were merely constructed about a few centimeters outside the body of the Heavenly Person to directly absorb the power it emitted. Chen Sheng continued to observe,

His eyes locked on the direction of the energy flow within the blood vessels.

If he hadn’t guessed wrong,

These energies should be flowing towards the main body of the Flesh Consciousness. His gaze gradually shifted,

And soon,

Chen Sheng’s eyes fell on another direction of the cave.

The endpoint of all blood vessels seemed to be behind that piece of Flesh Wall.

For years, the Flesh Consciousness has been absorbing the power emitted by the Heavenly Person, and its main body must not be hidden too far away.

With that in mind,

Chen Sheng did not hesitate,

He stepped forward and approached the Flesh Wall.

With a squishy sound,

His arm plunged into the flesh.

Thunder erupted,

Under Chen Sheng’s control, the thunder did not harm the blood vessels, only annihilating the flesh.

In no time,

A huge channel appeared in front of Chen Sheng,

The blood vessels lost their support and hung loosely.


Chen Sheng took a deep look at the Heavenly Person embedded in the Flesh

Wall not far away,

And withdrew his gaze,

He then walked away from this cave.

As he walked,

The Flesh Consciousness did not cause any more mischief.

He didn’t know whether it was because of Chen Sheng’s performance earlier or some other reason.

But either way,

Chen Sheng had no intention of stopping.

Leaving the cave where the Heavenly Person was located earlier,

Thunder continued to forge paths for Chen Sheng,

In no time, Thump,


Chen Sheng’s footsteps settled, He slowly lowered his head,

Half the size of Chen Sheng.

The blood vessels guiding Chen Sheng’s path extended from the surface of this heart.

The power emitted from the Heavenly Person’s body was also delivered here.

Is this the Flesh Consciousness’s…main body?

Chen Sheng frowned,

His intuition told him that things were not that simple.

If the other party wanted to escape, the main body should have disappeared.

But if they didn’t run…what trump card could they play? Perhaps sensing Chen Sheng’s thoughts,

A wriggling sound suddenly resounded beside him.

Within the flesh,

A figure slowly emerged,

It was Xiang Zilong, who had initially attempted to escape but was controlled by the Flesh Consciousness.

As soon as he appeared, the eye made of fleshy tentacles turned towards Chen Sheng,

“Spare… me.”

“Otherwise, we will all die if we disturb him.”

The Flesh Consciousness slowly spoke through Xiang Zilong’s body,

He slowly raised his hand,

Pointing in a certain direction,

Chen Sheng followed his finger,


Was where the Heavenly Person was located.

It was clear,

It was trying to use the Heavenly Person’s deterrence to keeping Chen Sheng at bay.

Chen Sheng tilted his head slightly,

Looking at the Flesh Consciousness using Xiang Zilong’s body to communicate with him,

He found it laughable.

“Rest assured.”

“Killing you won’t alarm anyone.”

As the words were spoken.

The Flesh Consciousness felt a blur in front of its eyes.

Chen Sheng had already bent his fingers and stretched them in front of Xiang Zilong’s body.


Chen Sheng flicked lightly.

Xiang Zilong’s body immediately exploded into a bloody mist.

But the movement didn’t stop.

Xiang Zilong’s head showed a look of terror.

In his frightened eyes.

Chen Sheng waved his left hand lightly.

The heart by his side instantly burst, turning into a rain of blood falling down. Before it even touched Chen Sheng’s body, it was already evaporated by the thunder.

“I don’t negotiate with the weak.”

With a slap, he shattered his opponent’s main body.

Chen Sheng bent down to pick up Xiang Zilong’s head.

Frankly speaking.

He didn’t know if this heart was the main body of the Flesh Consciousness or not.

But Xiang Zilong, as an important witness to his display of strength.

It was still necessary for him to survive.

If the Flesh Consciousness disappeared.

With his strength, simply being hit shouldn’t be enough to kill him.

If the Flesh Consciousness didn’t die.

He could also observe if there were any abnormalities in the skull.

“You… are dead!”

As it turned out.

The Flesh Consciousness was even more impatient than Chen Sheng had thought.

As soon as he picked up the skull.

He was just about to continue sensing the outside situation to see if there were any abnormalities.

He saw Xiang Zilong’s facial features in his hand suddenly distort horribly.

It roared from his mouth.

At the same time,

A few flesh tentacles suddenly sprang out of the severed part of the neck, lashing at Chen Sheng with a fierce breaking air sound. The Flesh Consciousness didn’t want to run.

It was that he couldn’t escape.

The flesh around him was not created by his abilities.

It was the natural diffusion of the Heavenly Person’s power, constantly turning things around into flesh.

Flesh Consciousness was born in this pile of flesh by coincidence.

At first,

He didn’t know why he existed and why he was born.

Only after years and months of learning to control the flesh around him, which was just like himself.

It was not until he accidentally began to devour lonely tourists or those who went deep into the rainforest.

Only then did he gradually acquire memory and the ability to think and began to try to separate himself from this pile of flesh.


He was just an ordinary conscious being.

The flesh was only his carrier.

Even if he controlled some flesh and barely formed a body with it.

Once they left the range of the Slumbering Land, the flesh would instantly lose its life.

As for the bodies taken from the outside world, they simply couldn’t withstand the process of his main consciousness’s parasitic invasion.

Take Xiang Zilong, for example,

After being parasitized, his internal tissue had gradually necrotized.

At most, within a few days, this body would collapse.

And he would return directly to the Slumbering Land.


In the process of constant research, trial, and failure.

He was left with only one hope.

That was to find a powerful enough body, able to resist the influence of the Heavenly Person and carry his conscious self.


He set his sights on Chen Sheng.

He believed,

Only this body could completely isolate the influence of the Slumbering Land and carry his entire conscious body.


Chen Sheng’s strength greatly exceeded the expectations of the Flesh Consciousness.

His frontal assault ability was nothing in front of his opponent.

The ability to control flesh was even directly blocked by the thunder on Chen Sheng’s body.

All means.

In front of Chen Sheng, they couldn’t even make a basic resistance.

At this point,

The Flesh Consciousness no longer thought about occupying Chen Sheng’s body.

He only hoped that by relying on the Heavenly Person’s deterrence, he could successfully scare off this human who was like a monster.


Chen Sheng didn’t care what he said at all.

He was determined to kill him.

Facing the destruction of his main body,

The Flesh Consciousness parasitising Xiang Zilong’s body was completely mad. While using the flesh tentacles to attack Chen Sheng,

More tentacles were directly inserted into the surrounding flesh, seemingly trying to escape.

Next second.

The flesh tentacles used to block Chen Sheng hadn’t even come close before they were destroyed by the thunder.


Chen Sheng gently blew a breath.

The fierce wind instantly filled the entire cave.

Destroying all the tentacles.

Xiang Zilong’s head let out a desperate roar.

It didn’t take long.

The sound gradually weakened.

As the fierce wind gradually dissipated.

Chen Sheng looked at the skull in his hand and couldn’t help but click his tongue lightly.

Even though he had deliberately held back earlier, not destroying Xiang Zilong’s skull.

But after the Flesh Consciousness disappeared.

On him, there was no sign of life left.

There was a hollow in his eye sockets.

Looking out from the severed neck.

His skull had already been completely occupied by the flesh.

This time,

One could say that he was dead beyond dead. Left with no choice,

Thunder erupted from Chen Sheng’s hand.

In an instant, Xiang Zilong’s skull was engulfed.

In the air,

Suddenly burst out a mournful scream. Chen Sheng’s mouth curled up slightly.

Sure enough.

Little rabbit.

Still trying to gain an advantage while he was down.


Chen Sheng would always fight to turn his enemies into flying ash and not leave a whole corpse.

Having dealt with the Flesh Consciousness.

He still needed to go back and see if the people in the Martial Arts Association and the Holy Sect who were also parasitized were in the same situation. If everyone who was parasitized was just like Xiang Zilong,

One could say that Chen Sheng’s visit this time had been in vain.

Although it wouldn’t arouse suspicion,

But he would have to find another way to attract the attention of the Holy Sect Sect Leader,

Thinking about it,

Chen Sheng exited the Heavenly God State.

With a flash, his figure,

Disappeared directly in place..

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