Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents

Chapter 319 - Chapter 319: Chapter 173: The Secret of the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes _2

Chapter 319: Chapter 173: The Secret of the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes _2

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Jiang Ming suddenly understood.

The World of Secret Realm was too unique.

It was clearly intervened by artificial means.

In the previous world, the integration of Nine Domains, the birth of strongmen like Master and Xiao Sanxiao, along with various different tribes, who could have made this possible if not for divine intervention?

“Right, there is also a World of Secret Realm on the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes!” Instructor Qian Yuan said quietly, “Compared to this, the Secret Realm World there is truly more brutal. When you enter the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes in the future, you will systematically study the general and special knowledge of that place.”

Jiang ming wanted to inquire more but knew it wasn’t the time, so he just said, “After I came out of the Secret Realm World,I hurried here directly, without revealing my presence in the middle, and without any scuffles with anyone, yet my Eighth Realm Cultivation level got exposed.”

Instructor Qian Yuan’s eyes flickered slightly, but he just nodded.

At that moment, Principal Hong Xuanji opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Ming, saying, “Everything has been arranged. Jiang Ming, if you take action against the foreign race in East Mountain, are you confident that you can take care of it?”

“Yes!” Jiang Ming’s voice was resounding, but he chuckled, “There is a kind of energy crystal there, if they are taken care of, can they be mine?”

“Apart from some material information, everything else can be yours. It’s a Yuan Crystal, an entity formed by the condensation of primal qi, similar to the Golden Core in the Eighth Realm of Martial Arts, extremely pure in energy, and is also a hard currency on the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes,” Principal Hong Xuanji simply explained, “After receiving the message on your mobile phone, take action immediately!”

“Principal!” Instructor Qian Yuan interjected, “We have just identified eight bases, and there is still one not found, isn’t it too early to act now?”

“The situation has changed, and we have to act!” Hong Xuanji said seriously, “A character named Wutian has emerged. I have suspicions about his identity. If he really belongs to that kind of Tribe, it would be more dangerous than opening the Ancient Starry Sky Road. Now that we have roughly identified his identity, we must act promptly. Let’s go, follow me. Jiang Ming, take care of things here and prioritize your own safety in case of danger.”

“Alright!” Jiang Ming nodded.

He knew that the other party had figured out some of his secrets, otherwise, they would not have trusted him with such important matters.

Hong Xuanji and Qian Yuan’s figures flickered and they were gone.

Without making any sound or noise.

Jiang Ming simply stood without leaving or heading to the East Mountain base.

Once he reached East Mountain, if he wanted to investigate,he had to enter the Realm of Heart where he would be unable to receive any messages.

He gazed at the distant sky, thoughts churning in his mind.

Today, Instructor Qian Yuan’s words completely overturned his perception.

“The World Gate is a double-edged sword. When it opens the gateway to the Ten Thousand Realms Battlefield, it will also be coveted by other tribes.”

“Cosmic Fog!”

“Ancient Starry Sky Road!”

“There is also a secret realm world in the Warzone of Ten Thousand Tribes.”

“Divine Beings!”

For a time, Jiang Ming felt his scalp tingle.

Just like that saying: The more you know, the smaller you feel. The stronger your power, the more insignificant you feel.

Without receiving a message to take action, Jiang Ming first received some secret techniques related to the way of Cause and Effect, and the Curse Skill, sent by Instructor Qian Yuan.

And a final warning from the instructor: Such secret techniques are abstruse and difficult to comprehend. If one does not have the talent, it is impossible to master them in a lifetime, and it could even cause a backlash. Be cautious, cautious!

Unable to master it?


Jiang Ming only chuckled.

“Soul Pursuit Technique!”

“Super Sensitivity!”

“Ninth Sense!”

“Bloodline Tracking Technique!”

“Soul Lock technique!”

“Detailing Cause and Effect.”

These are the secret techniques related to the way of Cause and Effect, there are more than ten of them, each one is incredibly profound, and it would be impossible to comprehend with a normal secret technique.

Plus, various analysis and so on.

“Soul Curse Technique!”

“Essence Blood Curse!”

“Nightmare Technique!”

“God Killing and Soul Destruction Technique!”

“Death Entanglement!”

“Hell’s Resentful Soul Method!”

The secret techniques related to curses are even more bizarre, the names alone are enough to make one’s scalp tingle.

Jiang Ming quickly skimmed through.

He heard the cell phone alert and saw a message from Instructor Qian Yuan:

“Take action. After success, message back immediately.”


After replying, Jiang Ming instantly teleported outside East Mountain, then entered his heart realm.

The reality of the heart realm was the same as the Nine Domains Secret Realm World, mirroring reality but being much larger and broader.

He didn’t take this to heart in the past, but now…

“A grand starry sky within the heart realm?”

Jiang Ming had this thought and entered the mountain stomach, it was busy, especially around the altar, seemed like the final arrangement was being made.

Dragon Qi, also known as Long Qi, was sitting with a cup of wine in his hand, looking bored.

Uncle Hu, or Hu Qiang, was directing operations, with nine cubic Yuan Crystals beside him.

“Hu Qiang, an Eighth Realm Cultivation!”

“Long Qi, Seventh Realm Peak!”

“There are also two powerful Seventh Realm experts!”

“Not hard to kill!”

Jiang Ming clearly observed the situation again, then directly appeared from the heart realm beside Hu Qiang and attacked without a word.

“God-splitting Maxim!”

To prevent accidents, his first move was lethal.

God-splitting Skill, the eighteenth layer.

The formidable Soul Power condensed into a light of soul destruction, flashed and disappeared, striking directly at the opponent’s soul origin.

Hu Qiang, after all, was an Eighth Realm Expert, reacted very quickly, a light flickered on his body, trying to resist this inexplicable force, but it was impossible!

The protective light was torn apart, he screamed, blood flowed from his seven orifices, and his head instantly enlarged three times. If it wasn’t for the Fox Clan’s inherently powerful spiritual forces, it would have exploded.

Jiang Ming casually sent out a Sword Qi, which blasted his head.


The next moment, the Martial Arts Domain descended, causing Long Qi and the others who had just reacted to be suppressed, almost unable to move.

“Who are you?”

Long Qi was terrified when he saw Hu Qiang killed in an instant.

Jiang Ming didn’t answer; Swords Qi flew out from his body into the bodies of various races, disrupting the power circulation within their bodies, suppressing them immediately.


Dragon Qi roared in anger, power surged out, and his body changed, revealing a dragon head.

The Dragon Horns were multicoloured, emitting a colourful light like a dream.

His power also far surpassed the ordinary Eighth Realm, but facing Jiang Ming’s Martial Arts Domain, it still felt like struggling in a swamp.

This shocked him even more.

Jiang Ming had already reached his side, with a slap on him, dissipating the power inside Dragon Qi’s body.

He watched him, feeling inexplicably uneasy.

He first took the nine cubic Yuan Crystals into his Space Ring, filling it instantly.

He released his soul power, penetrated into the mind of a Seventh Realm Alien, trying to break the soul ban and probe its memory, but found the soul ban completely different from Green Shell’s.

“Indeed, be careful!”

It was within his expectations, and Jiang Ming was not too disappointed.

After all, the Heaven Dragon Association and Blood Blade Organization were different forces.

The Seventh Realm was strong, but the activation of his soul ban caused his immediate death.

“You want to pry into our memories? You’re dead!” Dragon Qi was even angrier, “Who exactly are you? How could you appear here without triggering an alarm? Impossible! No, you look familiar, Jiang Ming?”

He identified Jiang Ming’s identity as he calmed down a bit. His face changed again.

“With your strength, how could you invade here silently?” Dragon Qi couldn’t believe it, almost going crazy, “And how could you discover our secrets.”

“I didn’t find anything initially and didn’t even know if there were aliens on Blue Star.” Jiang Ming smiled faintly and leisurely.

But secretly, he used his soul power to explore the soul bans on the imprisoned aliens.

From weak to strong, one by one.

“After returning to Pingyang City, I was assassinated by Green Shell. But my strength surpassed him. Therefore, I traced it back and found the hidden aliens in the city, among them was Cailin,” Jiang Ming grinned wickedly, “So, after peeking at her memory and finding a deleted part, luckily I have the Memory Recall skill, so I ‘saw’ you guys making love, tsk tsk, so many positions, your alien races sure know how to play.”

Dragon Qi’s face turned red, filled with regret.

Multiple Dove who was unable to move revealed a look of despair, and he looked at Dragon Qi with hatred. He had said before to kill her directly, then there would be no traces left behind.

Becaogse of this one mistake, not only they have to die here, but also their great cause will be destroyed.

Damn you Dragon mother!

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