Hyperdimensional Universe: I have Three Thousand Ultimate Talents

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287: Chapter 160: One Punch Destroys the City

Chapter 287: Chapter 160: One Punch Destroys the City

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The Dog Emperor was killed, the others were not enough to be afraid of.

At this moment, the endless killing intent of the people on the mountain was fully released, rushing down the mountain to begin the massacre, and the killing was unrestrained.

Blood flowed like rivers, and corpses piled up like mountains.

The mountaintop gradually quieted down, but the smell of blood was pungent and there were countless corpses.

Jiang Ming also knew the situation of these people.

The two young men were Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, and there were Heavenly Saber Song Que and Evil King Shi Zixuan.

There were also powerful figures from both righteous and evil paths. They had completely abandoned the idea of being incompatible, and focused on fighting against the foreign tribes. However, the foreign tribes were too strong. Their base was found and they were besieged by the Dog Emperor’s strong army and almost wiped out today.

“Great Sui has perished, Cihang Jingzhai is finished, Six Heavenly Demonic Paths have almost died out, and there are probably only a few left among the world’s powerful people other than us.” Heavenly Saber Song Que sighed, “Now the Ape Emperor occupies the Great Sui Dynasty, and he is terribly strong. Even Ning Daoqi was killed by a punch, and the Great Sui National Teacher was easily annihilated. After occupying the Imperial City, he conquered all directions, recovered a few foreign tribes, and then swept across the world.” “Docs the Ape Emperor have any special abilities?” Jiang Ming asked.

“He has boundless strength, is invulnerable to blades and spears, immune to all laws, and his speed is unparalleled. The domain he controls is also terrifyingly powerful,” Song Que told him everything he knew. “Under the suppression of the domain, he approaches quickly and kills with a punch. By the way, his will is also terribly unyielding, and soul attacks are useless. He also has a pair of divine eyes, which can see through illusions.”

“He truly is not to be underestimated!” Jiang Ming revealed a strange expression.

Based on the description, the opponent was very strong.

Extremely strong.

For him, though, this kind of foreign tribe was the easiest to deal with.

“It’s strong enough to make people despair,” Song Que sighed. “I don’t know how to address you, sir, or where you are from?”

“Jiang Ming, from the Great Tang Dynasty’s Chang’an,” Jiang Ming replied. “There’s a terrifying existence over there, a hundred times stronger than the Dog Emperor. Master has been holding them off for over a year. The rest of the foreign tribes have been mostly dealt with, and although the Tang Domain is in ruins, the overall situation has stabilized. If Master does not fall, the Tang Domain will remain unharmed. If you have nowhere to go, you can go to the Great Tang Dynasty’s Chang’an.”

“Even Master can’t suppress it?” Song Que was shocked.

Shi Zhixuan frowned.

Jiang Ming nodded.

They then exchanged a lot of information. In short, the territory was vast and the people suffering.

No, all the people have become food for blood.

Even many areas have been enclosed.

“Instead, we’ve become food!” Song Que grieved, “Foreign tribes, I want to exterminate them all.”

Jiang Ming remained silent.

For those who have always been high above, this is an unacceptable reality.

He then proposed to borrow the Heavenly Saber Technique from Song Que, the Skill of Immortality cultivated by the two Kou Zhongs, and the Immortal Seal Method cultivated by Shi Zixuan, and so on.

All of them agreed.

Not to mention the life-saving grace, even among them, they exchanged cultivation skills to promote their cultivation levels, as the world is in calamity and no one is hiding their brooms.

Here, Jiang Ming obtained a large number of cultivation skills.

“Mr. Jiang, where arc you going next?” Song Que asked.

“Roaming the world, slaying foreign tribes!” At the top of the mountain, Jiang Ming stood with his hands behind him and looked in the direction of the Imperial City. “Next, I will meet the Ape Emperor.”

“Mr. Jiang, that place has already been built by the Ape Emperor like an iron bucket, and the Ape Emperor is so powerful. With his subordinates, he is even more terrifying. Once you get trapped in there, I’m afraid…” Song Que tried to dissuade him.

“No worries!” Jiang Ming smiled, turned around and bowed to the crowd while saying, “The Ape Emperor is a dead man. You can go to the Great Tang Dynasty’s Chang’an or join forces with martial artists from other territories. Only by gathering a large number of powerful people can you resist the strong foreign tribes. Farewell, everyone, I’ll see you in the future!”

As his words fell, he took a step and disappeared without a trace.

“Space Art, instant teleportation!” Song Que gasped.

“With this technique, he can go anywhere in the world. As long as he is careful, the Ape Emperor can’t do anything to him,” Shi Zixuan exhaled a turbid breath. “Old Song, what are your plans for the future? Will you go to the Great Tang Dynasty’s Chang’an or stay here and wait for news?”

“Let’s wait for the news. If the Ape Emperor is killed by him, we will have a chance to resist the foreign tribes,” Song Que was slightly distracted. “After all, this is our homeland, how can we abandon it? Once we leave, it will be difficult to come back.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

It’s hard to leave one’s homeland.

Besides, their home had been invaded, and no one would be willing to give up.

Jiang Ming did not walk fast.

He walked intermittently, also checking the situation in various places.

In front of him, a town was sealed off by a Wolf Demon. When he arrived, he saw several large pots set up in the middle of the town and more than a dozen numb people following orders.

Steaming, grilling, braising, stir-frying…

All of them were people.

The Wolf Demon feasted on the side.

Jiang Ming closed his eyes, as the killing intent in his chest boiled uncontrollably.


He looked up at the sky and whispered.

To broaden their horizons and see the power and various methods of the foreign tribes?

To let us know about the cruelty of the foreign tribes and temper our will?

“Or let us know the naked cannibalism rule of the cosmos!”

Jiang Ming let out a soft sigh and took a step forward.

With one step, he was a hundred meters away. As he passed through the middle of the town, the Wolf Demon was stunned and its skull cracked open, falling dead. The numb villagers saw this and went from stupor to ecstasy, then wailed like madmen, lunging forward and biting with their teeth, scratching with their hands.

More and more people joined, soon engulfing the Wolf Demon..

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