Hitman With A Badass System

Chapter 1270 Vedora, The King Of Monsters Vs The World I

When Noah entered the battlefield, the atmosphere palpably shifted. The energy radiating from him stirred the winds into a violent frenzy, akin to a storm's sudden onset. His Celestial Stage cultivation prowess made even the Immortal stage angels struggle to breathe.

Despite Noah's imposing presence, Eve stood her ground, while Trista and Lenora betrayed a flicker of fear and concern in their eyes.

For a brief interlude, the battle halted, with no side engaging the other.

"It's high time you joined us, Supreme Guardian," the leader of the angels greeted Noah, his voice resonant with newfound confidence and arrogance. With Noah's arrival, he seemed convinced of their ability to defeat Eve and the two Elder Vampires.

"Stand down, Eve. It's time you pay for your actions," Noah commanded with a cold, calm authority.

"What you call my actions, I call my choices. You are too blinded by vengeance and Salesi's manipulations," Eve retorted with equal frostiness.

"Catching someone who serves the Dark Lord is what I would do whether Salesi told me to or not," Noah asserted.

"The Dark Lord is your brother, did you forget that, Supreme Guardian?" Lenora taunted, inciting Noah's ire. At her provocation, Noah raised his hand, unleashing a beam of pure light that struck Lenora, sending her tumbling through the air.

"LENORA!" Trista exclaimed, rushing to catch her fallen comrade. Lenora's fortune held, for Noah's strike, though forceful, was not lethal. Had it been charged with his Light flames fully, it would have reduced her to ashes.

"You are coming with me, Eve Voldiguard," Noah declared, descending to the ground.

"There is no apprehending her, Supreme Guardian. Our orders are clear; we are to kill her," the angel leader asserted, landing beside Noah to emphasize the point.

However, Noah turned to look at the angel with cold eyes, devoid of the innocence or mercy that once might have been there. Instead, his gaze conveyed exhaustion, conflict, and anger.

"You are not killing her," Noah stated coldly. Novel Fire - novelfire.net

Hearing Noah's words, Eve couldn't help but snicker. She knew her little sister Jasmine was in love with Noah and surmised Jasmine must have implored Noah not to kill her. Unbeknownst to both Noah and Eve, the real Jasmine Voldiguard had long perished, replaced by a clone created by the Skyhall elders, manipulating both the Voldiguard family and Noah from the shadows.

"I am sorry, Supreme Guardian. Our orders are clear. We are no longer taking prisoners from the Dark Lord's army," the leader of the angels declared firmly.

While Noah had somewhat relaxed his non-lethal approach, he still preferred capture over killing when possible. In this moment, Noah believed apprehending Eve would be more strategic than executing her.

Thus, Noah and the angels found themselves at an impasse.

"You are not taking me alive, Noah," Eve declared, clutching her hammer tightly. She recalled the fate of Diana, also known as Harriet Hunt, the Dark Lord and Noah's mother, at the hands of their enemies. Determined not to suffer a similar fate of being brainwashed or worse by Skyhall, Eve resolved to fight back with all her might.

Seeing Noah's firm stand in not killing Eve, the leader of the angel frowned. But he did not fear Noah as he had the backing of the entire Skyhall behind him.

"Then you can back the fuck off, Supreme Guardian, 'cause we're killing her today!" the leader of the angel stepped forward and brazenly declared. "Focus all your goddamn attacks on her!" He then barked orders to his angels.

In response, Noah's cold demeanor shattered into decisive action. He lunged forward and landed a solid punch on the angel leader, sending him hurtling through the air.

When Noah's punch sent their leader flying, the other angels were stunned beyond words. It took them a few seconds to snap out of their shocked state.

"You're committing a fucking crime against Skyhall itself, Noah!" The angel second in command exclaimed.

But Noah didn't even flinch at her words. Instead, he calmly turned his gaze at the angels.

"She's coming with me alive."

"Then you'll have to kill us all to take her, Noah!" retorted the second in command, signaling the angels to unleash their fury.

The moment the second in command barked her orders, the angels immediately took off to the sky and began to launch a barrage of spells at Noah.

"Celestial Barrage!" "Divine Wrath!" As beams of searing light and explosive celestial orbs cascaded towards him, the battlefield illuminated with the intense radiance of their holy attacks.

However, these terrifying spells did not affect Noah's state of mind. Instead, he countered the spells with his defense spells, creating shields of radiant light that deflected the incoming onslaught. Once he deflected the spells, he quickly retaliated with his own potent light-based spells. "Radiant Burst!" "Holy Spear," Each cast brilliant spears of light that pierced through the angels' defenses, showcasing his mastery over celestial energies.

Meanwhile, Noah's army, caught in a storm of confusion and disbelief, muttered amongst themselves, "What the fuck is going on? Why's Noah fighting the angels? Aren't they on the same side?"

"Who the hell are we supposed to fight now?" one soldier shouted, encapsulating the chaos as they struggled to decide whether to support Noah or follow the Skyhall's orders.

Noah's display of power was both awe-inspiring and terrifying. He moved with deliberate grace, his actions a testament to his immense strength and his intent to subdue rather than kill. His blows were precise, calculated to incapacitate rather than end lives, yet they carried a brutality that left both angels and his own army in awe.

"Noah's lost it, fighting his own allies!" one of Noah's soldiers exclaimed, watching as their leader dismantled the angels' offense with ruthless efficiency.

"Stand down, or I will make you," Noah commanded, his voice resonant with a cold authority that echoed across the battlefield. His hands glowed with a radiant light, not lethal but overwhelming, as he launched a series of non-lethal spells to immobilize the angels, wrapping them in bands of glowing energy that pinned their wings and arms, rendering them helpless.

"By the heavens, Noah! You betray your own kind for her?" an angel cried out, struggling against the luminescent bonds that held him.

"This isn't betrayal. This is justice," Noah retorted, his eyes scanning the battlefield for any angels still willing to challenge his resolve.

Amid the chaos, some of Noah's army began to rally to his cause, their initial shock giving way to a growing understanding of their leader's intentions. "The Supreme Guardian knows what he's doing. Aid him!" a seasoned general among Noah's ranks ordered, shifting the army's focus from Eve to assisting Noah in subduing the rebellious angels.

Seizing the moment of chaos,Eve lunged into the battle, her eyes set on the angel leader and his comrade, both of whom were still reeling from Noah's powerful assault. Her hammer swung with lethal precision, each strike infused with dark lightning, aiming to end the lives of the angels.

"You're mine!" Eve growled as she landed a crushing blow on the recovering angel, who barely managed to raise his hand in time. The impact sent shockwaves through the ground, cracking the earth beneath their feet.

"Hold her off!" The leader of the angels, trying to rally his defenses, shouted.

But his commands were cut short as Eve's hammer tore through their magical barriers like paper, her strength too immense for their weakened state.

As she prepared to deliver the killing strike, a sudden intense beam of light from Noah struck her, sending her crashing into a nearby rubble. "Stand down, Eve!" Noah commanded, his voice booming across the battlefield.

"Damn you, Noah!" Eve cursed under her breath, struggling to regain her footing, her anger flaring at being thwarted by Noah like a bug.

Noah, now facing the dual task of subduing both the vengeful angels and the furious Eve, showcased his remarkable prowess. With swift movements, he deflected Eve's relentless attacks while simultaneously countering the angels' offensive.

"Betraying the Skyhall for her, Noah?" one angel spat, his sword clashing against Noah's light-infused barrier, the sound echoing metallically through the air.

"This is not about betrayal. It's about doing what's right!" Noah, undeterred, replied.

With a swift motion, he unleashed a barrage of light spells targeting both Eve and the angels. The spells manifested as radiant chains and bolts of purifying light, designed to subdue rather than kill, capturing his targets in a display of overwhelming power.

Eve, battling both the physical chains and her simmering rage, was a whirlwind of fury, her attacks a blur of motion and energy. But Noah, with his superior control and strategic mind, managed to anticipate and neutralize her every move.

As they fought, a sudden shift permeated the air. Eve ceased her assault when Azazel's voice reached her.

"Lady Eve, you need to leave the battlefield now. Elidyr has sensed the tear in the realm. The hydra is coming," Azazel communicated, his voice tinged with a rare hint of fear.

The transformation in Eve's demeanor, from seething anger to a grave frown, did not go unnoticed by Noah, who surmised the imminent arrival of the hydra.

"I hope you keep your word, Mugashuku," Eve murmured under her breath, her gaze lifting to the sky, anticipating the emerging threat.

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