Chapter 2190 Choice
But he couldn’t have too much hope.

After all, it was a bit difficult to deal with spawns using the technological level of spawns’ high school.

As for the last option.

The damaged beacon radar!

Fang Heng’s gaze focused on the radar.

There was a premonition hidden within.

This radar might be related to subsequent spawn missions.

Even if he guessed wrong, and it had nothing to do with the spawn mission, he could still pick up a few world beacons for free.

That’s it!

[Hint: The player chooses the reward: damaged beacon radar.]

The beacon radar was about the size of a fist, with a slightly damaged screen and a few buttons on the side.

Fang Heng pressed a few buttons at random, but there was no response at all.

It seemed like it couldn’t be used anymore.

He would go back and let Victor repair it first.

Fang Heng focused his attention on the mission description once again.

[Hint: Settlement in progress…]

[Hint: Due to the player’s influence, the current mission-Finding the remnants of the sacred tree has been canceled.]

[Hint: The player gains 20 favorability rating with the tree spirit race, and gains 5 million honor points from the tree spirit race.]

[Hint: The player’s main storyline progress has been increased to: 57.1%.]

The mission is completed, and the main storyline progress has directly increased to 57.1%!

It was worth it!

A great deal!

It saved him a lot of time!

Fang Heng turned his head and saw Raven looking at him with astonishment.

At this moment, Raven’s face was already withered, his eyes filled with an incredulous look.

The person before him.

The strange power he displayed just now…

Raven took a deep breath, his face full of exhaustion.

He could feel the natural energy that had been suppressed within him once again coming to life.

At the moment when life was about to come to an end, finally…

At least, the tree spirit race could be freed from the suppression of power.

The bright future of the tree spirit race could finally be foreseen!

A trace of relief appeared on Raven’s face, but the light in his eyes gradually faded, until it turned into ashes.

Fang Heng glanced at the fallen Raven, supporting his somewhat heavy body.


That was…

Fang Heng approached and saw the Seed of the Azure Lotus left in front of Raven.

[Hint: The player obtains the item-Seed of the Azure Lotus.]

[Item – Seed of the Azure Lotus.]

Level: Legendary.

Description: One of the holy weapons of the tree spirit race. When released, it can summon a special domain where natural science skills receive additional enhancement effects, and friendly units recover a large amount of HP per second within the domain.

Description: This item requires activation through natural science, and it consumes the vitality of the caster. The effectiveness of the skill is related to the vitality consumption and the level of natural science of the caster.

Description: This item can be absorbed through sacrifice.

Fang Heng glanced at the dropped item and furrowed his brow.

It seemed to be the holy weapon Raven used to assist everyone in leaving at the last moment.

This thing even required the consumption of vitality?


It was better to have more Leaves of Life.

There was a chance to try sacrificing it for energy absorption.

If not, he could just sell it.

Fang Heng stuffed the Seed of the Azure Lotus into his backpack and glanced again in the direction of the electronic spirit.

Here it came.

There were several dark crystals where the electronic spirit dissipated.

Fang Heng reached out and waved his hand forward.

The crystals flew into his hand.

[Hint: The player obtains the item-Tier 3 rainbow crystal*7.]

Rainbow crystals! Tier 3 upgrade items?

Fang Heng was somewhat surprised.

He had not encountered any evolution crystals since entering the World of Forests, so he thought it might be a special setting.

He didn’t expect to get them now.

Rainbow crystals were required for leveling up from Level 41 to 50.

Currently, his level was only at Level 40.

He did not need Tier 3 Rainbow Crystals.

Looks like he was overleveling the monsters.

Fang Heng shrugged his shoulders and rummaged through it carefully.

[Hint: The player has discovered-Core of the Mind.]

[Item-Core of the Mind.]

Type: Special item.

Description: A special item created by spawns to modify the electronic spirit, capable of restraining and controlling its power. This item also affects certain life forms.

Description: The player can use this item on certain life forms to exert control over them.

Description: Prerequisites for using this item: Master level in psychic studies.

Fang Heng furrowed his brow.

Directly controlling life forms?

It sounded a bit like beast taming but the prerequisite for use was too high.

It required a master level in psychic studies.

Better to hold onto it for now.

As he thought this, Ji Haiting’s voice came through the earpiece.

“Zi zi, zi zi, hey? Fang Heng? Can you hear me? Fang Heng?”

He got to admit, the headphone quality developed by OmniTech Company was really something, still able to be used even in such conditions.

Fang Heng nodded and replied, “Yeah, I’m listening.”


Finally, Ji Haiting managed to connect with Fang Heng’s communication.

Through the pinhole camera, he saw that Fang Heng was still safe, and Ji Haiting let out a big sigh of relief.


At last, Ji Haiting managed to establish communication with Fang Heng. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Fang Heng still safe through the pinhole camera.

“You, …”

Once again surveying the surroundings through the pinhole camera, Ji Haiting’s expression turned serious, and he uncertainly asked Fang Heng, “The electronic spirit… it…”

Understanding Ji Haiting’s implication, Fang Heng nodded. “Yeah, we got lucky.”

Ji Haiting fell silent for a good while.


Could it really be handled with just luck?

“Boss Ji, my strength has significantly decreased. It would be best if someone could come to support me.”

“Hmm, alright, just wait a moment. I’ll send someone over immediately. The tree spirit race is still in the research institute. They’ve had a breakthrough in their strength, and it’s very unsafe here. I’ll have someone escort you out right away.”

Taking a deep breath, Fang Heng said, “Okay, thank you.”

Soon, a Federation team, half-mechanical, descended from the ceiling passage.

The captain of the team nodded at Fang Heng upon seeing him and said, “Dr. Fang, you’ve been through a shock. We’ll evacuate you immediately. Later, we’ll conduct a comprehensive physical examination on you, and we’ll need you to recall the situation at that time.”

Under the escort of the Federation soldiers, Fang Heng was escorted out of the research institute.

It was more than an hour later.

In the infirmary.

After half an hour of rest, Fang Heng had mostly recovered.

The door to the room opened.

Ji Haiting gestured for a few accompanying psychic-modified guards to wait temporarily at the door and walked into the room alone.

“Fang Heng, everything alright?”

“Just used some skills beyond the limit, suffered a bit of backlash, but I’ve mostly recovered,” Fang Heng responded, looking at Ji Haiting. “What’s the situation outside now?”

“The spiritual domain blockade network has been completely destroyed, and the communication channel between us and the spawns is effectively closed,” Ji Haiting said with a wry smile. “Honestly, the Federation has never encountered such a situation before and feels a bit helpless. I don’t think they can do much in the short term. We can only wait for the spawns to contact us again.”

“Without the transmission of the spiritual domain blockade network, it will take at least half a year for the spawns to enter our world from their star system. During this time, the Federation can only rely on itself to deal with the tree spirit race. The Federation has just convened a meeting to discuss the next course of action.”

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