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Chapter 680 - Chapter 680: List Of Must-Kill Human Prodigies (1)

Chapter 680: List Of Must-Kill Human Prodigies (1)

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The Lake Reflecting Manor.

Chu Zhou regained consciousness and opened his eyes.

Almost at the same time, the consciousness of Xi Liujin, Guan Hu, and the others returned to their bodies.

“Old Chu, you’re too awesome this time. You actually defeated all the challengers in one go, including Zuo Yue, Sartius, Li Lei, and the other top five experts on the Heavenly Golden Rankings.”

“I can guarantee that in less than three days, everyone will know your name.”

Xi Liujin rushed in front of Chu Zhou and spoke with his divine sense with an excited expression.

Guan Hu and the other guards were also excited.

They originally thought that Chu Zhou would need at least a hundred thousand years to rise and stand out among the core members of the Chaotic Mystic Realm.

In that case, their personal guards could also take off.

However, he did not expect… Chu Zhou to take off in just a year.

Now that Chu Zhou had defeated Zuo Yue, he was already the second core member of the Chaotic Mystic Realm.

This takeoff speed was too fast.

In that case… their status in the company would also rise.

“We are so lucky!”

Guan Hu and the other guards looked at each other and saw the relief in each other’s eyes.

“However, it’s just a few dozen challenges. What’s there to be excited about?”

Chu Zhou smiled faintly.

He had started aiming at the Venerable level since a long time ago. He really didn’t think there was anything to be excited about defeating Zuo Yue and the others.

Xi Liujin rolled his eyes at Chu Zhou and said, “The wearer knows best where the shoe pinches are! Countless people want your achievements. It’s a supreme honor.”

“It’s a pity… Miller didn’t make a move. If you defeat Miller, you’ll really shock everyone in our company.”

A trace of regret appeared on his face.

Chu Zhou didn’t care about this. His current goal was to become a Venerable.

He didn’t care if he defeated Miller or not.

“Oh? Teacher wants me to meet him?” He suddenly looked at the screen on his arm and saw a message from his teacher, King Bei Cang.

“I’m going to see my teacher now. Guan Hu, bring 10 people with you and follow me!”

Chu Zhou said to Guan Hu.

“Your Highness is going to see Lord Bei Cang?”

When Guan Hu heard this, he was slightly stunned. Then, he was overjoyed and hurriedly called out the names of the 10 guards.

The ten guards who were called out were inexplicably excited when they heard that they could see the legendary King Bei Cang.

The other guards who were not called out had looks of pity on their faces.

Xi Liujin looked envious. “I’m envious… envious of you, Old Chu! But… you can meet Lord Bei Cang at any time!”


An incomparably huge cosmic battleship slowly rose from the depths of the Lake Reflecting Manor. Giant cannon barrels extended out, filled with a dangerous and ferocious aura.

This was the B-rank battleship (Universe Lord-level battleship) that the Mirror Universe corporation had prepared for Chu Zhou.

The entire battleship was 50,000 meters long. It had 12 superluminal engines and five B-rank large-scale ion annihilation cannons that could directly threaten Venerables.

In terms of defense, there were many Laser Defense Turrets and energy shield systems on the entire ship that could resist the attacks of Venerables.

This cosmic warship was called the Coiling Dragon by Chu Zhou.


The Coiling Dragon shot out a surging tail flame and quickly flew towards the exit of the Chaotic Mystic Realm.

Just as Chu Zhou went to pay his respects to his teacher, King Bei Cang, the news of him defeating dozens of core members in the World Overlord Arena spread throughout the Mirror Universe corporation like a storm, causing a huge commotion.

His battle videos were also watched by many people.

Many people were shocked when they saw the terrifying strength Chu Zhou displayed through the battle video.

Especially when they saw Chu Zhou use the Killing Sword Art, it made their scalps tingle.

Too powerful!

“Lord Bei Cang, you have a successor!”

“Chu Zhou’s unparalleled elegance is not inferior to Lord Bei Gang’s back then!”

“Our Mirror Universe corporation is going to have another super genius whose name will shake the entire human race!”

Those who had watched Chu Zhou’s battle videos basically had extremely high evaluations of him.

The name Chu Zhou spread among all the members of the Mirror Universe corporation at an extremely shocking speed.

Even some members of the Mirror Universe corporation guarding the borders of Humanity learned of Chu Zhou’s reputation through the Mirror Universe network.

Chu Zhou became famous in one battle!

His achievements and reputation were no longer limited to the Mirror Universe corporation. They had even spread outside.

Among the humans, many prodigies of the God Race, geniuses of the cosmic countries, and geniuses of some extremely powerful factions began to hear Chu Zhou’s name.

In the headquarters of the Infinite Battle Arena, on a huge mountain peak, a young man with three faces and six arms sat cross-legged in the void, looking at the news on the virtual screen in front of him.

“Zuo Yue was actually defeated?” His blood-colored cold eyes revealed a hint of curiosity. “Lord Bei Gang’s disciple, Chu Zhou? I wonder if he will be as stunning as Lord Bei Cang back then? Is he qualified to be my opponent?”

The Universe Adventurer Alliance Headquarters.

A figure in black walked down from a cultivation ground under many respectful gazes.

Behind him were 10 figures wearing the King of Adventurers medal.

“His Highness Xiu Si is too strong. Even 10 King of Adventurers working together can’t withstand his soul attack for more than 15 minutes..”

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