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Chapter 1073 - Chapter 1073: Father and Sons Working Together

Chapter 1073: Father and Sons Working Together

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When Wei Xu and his son returned to the Wei family, this matter had long spread throughout the capital. The person in the palace must have received the news.

Wei Xu got up before dawn.

Madam Wei wanted to help him change, but Wei Xu stopped her.

He quickly put on his clothes. “It’s still early. Sleep for a while. I’ll bring Chen’er and the others into the palace.”

Madam Wei propped herself up on her elbows. “You’re entering the palace so soon?

Wei Xu fastened his belt. “I have an official position. When I return to the court, I have to meet the emperor.”

Madam Wei was still very worried.

Having regained what she had lost, she did not dare to be careless. She was always afraid that they would lose them again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” Wei Xu pulled the blanket over her and turned to leave the house.

Nanny Li was already waiting outside the courtyard. “Old Madam asked me to call Eldest Master over for breakfast.” Wei Xu went to Old Madam Wei’s courtyard.

Soon, his three sons arrived.

The father and sons bowed to Matriarch Wei.

Old Madam Wei waved her hand. “Alright, alright. Sit down and eat quickly.”

The Wei family was not an aristocratic family that lived a luxurious life. When her daughter-in-law, granddaughter-in-law, and children were around, the dishes would be more sumptuous. Old Madam Wei was very thrifty.

On the table were millet porridge, a few plates of meat buns, and a few plates of pickled vegetables.

Wei Xu and his sons used to eat very simply in the military camp and were not picky at all.

The few of them ate in big mouthfuls, except for Wei Qing.

He was born to be a scholar.

Old Madam Wei asked, “Have you thought of what to say when you enter the palace today?”

Wei Xu said, “Yes.”

Old Madam Wei looked at her son. “Are you sure you won’t hide it for a while longer?”

Wei Xu said firmly, “There’s no need. The Wei family won’t be aggrieved.”

Old Madam Wei snorted. ‘You’re still the same as before.”

The most arrogant person in the Wei family was Wei Xu.

Lord Wu An was more cautious.

It was obvious at a glance who he took after.

After breakfast, the father and sons rode out of the Wei family.

Wei Ting also rushed over from the Protector Duke’s Estate.

Wei Xu asked about Su Cheng and Su Ergou’s situation. Wei Ting said that everything was fine.

Wei Xu wanted to visit his in-laws directly, but if he went now, Emperor Jing Xuan would probably vent his anger on Su Cheng.

Wei Xu continued, “Is the Cheng family head used to living with Nalan Yun?”

Nalan Yun was a name Zongzheng Wei had borrowed from Ling Yun. Ling Yun had no objections and said he could use it as he pleased.

Wei Ting said, “She’s fine.”

After all, there were many red packets.

Wei Xu still did not know that his son had lost his backbone for gold. When he heard that everyone was fine, he could enter the palace in peace and deal with Emperor Jing Xuan.

Emperor Jing Xuan was quite smart in his early years and knew the importance of the Wei family resisting Northern Yan.

The Wei family had been framed for the incident at the Northern Pass, but Emperor Jing Xuan was not involved.

However, the Wei family was once King Nanyang’s subordinate. There had always been a thorn in his heart.

He wanted to use the Wei family but also guard against them.

After the Leng family stabbed the Wei family in the back, not only did Emperor Jing Xuan not deal with the Leng family, but he also let the Leng family divide the Wei family’s military strength and replace their official position.

Now that Wei Xu and his sons had returned with great fanfare, Emperor Jing Xuan would probably not be able to sleep and eat well again.

What was worse was that in the past, the Qin family and the Su family were around to deal with the Wei family. Now that the Qin and Wei families were in-laws, Qin Canglan was no longer obedient.

With Emperor Jing Xuan’s suspicious personality, he would definitely think of a way to weaken the Wei family.

The Wei father and sons arrived at the palace and handed the horse to the special guard.

Many officials had also heard about the return of Wei Xu and his sons. Just as they were feeling uncertain, they saw it with their own eyes.

The officials were stunned.

Su Yuan saw Wei Xu from afar and cupped his hands at him.

Wei Xu also cupped his hands in return.

There were many people, so the two of them did not say anything and entered the throne room separately.

Emperor Jing Xuan came to the morning court and saw the Wei father and son who had been apart for many years.

Wei Ting was a common sight. Emperor Jing Xuan only took a glance before his gaze landed on Wei Xu.

Emperor Jing Xuan had been a little deficient in recent years. Recently, he had been taking pills and had recovered a lot of color and energy. He also felt a few years younger.

Wei Xu was a few years older than Emperor Jing Xuan, but Wei Xu was burly, tall, and handsome. He was like a strong and towering tree, filled with vitality and strength.

He could welcome thunder and sharpen the wind and rain.

In comparison, Jing Xuandi looked a little weak.

Wei Xu cupped his hands and bowed. “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

His sons also bowed.

His strong voice echoed in the throne room before Emperor Jing Xuan came back to his senses.

Logically speaking, he should have a deep relationship with Wei Xu, but Wei Xu’s youth and strength hurt his eyes.

He asked calmly, “Wei Xu, where have you been all these years?”

Wei Xu said, “Your Majesty, I was framed back then and was taken away by the Holy Maiden Temple of the Southern Wilderness. I only managed to escape not long ago.”

He did not hide his imprisonment.

A true expert dared to face his setbacks.

A general walked out with a ceremonial tablet in righteous indignation. “How dare the Southern Wilderness? They actually dare to kidnap our Great Zhou’s generals! Your Majesty! I think we should send our troops south to suppress the Southern Wilderness!”

Another general stood up. “I agree!”

They did not know how powerful the Southern Wilderness was and thought that the Southern Wilderness was the small barbarian race that had frequent internal strife.

Wei Xu did not speak up for the Southern Wilderness. He remained silent.

This was because he knew that it was impossible for Emperor Jing Xuan to start a war with the Southern Wilderness.

Qin Canglan, who could not be summoned back, was already a headache for Emperor Jing Xuan. If there was a second one, Emperor Jing Xuan would not be able to sit firmly.

Emperor Jing Xuan said, “I will investigate this matter thoroughly. Later, please go to the Dali Temple and cooperate with the investigation.”

Wei Xu said, “As you wish.”

The Kings of the Southern Wilderness had changed. The envoy of the Great Zhou was there the entire time, and there were no traces of Wei Xu interfering. It was not good for Emperor Jing Xuan to accuse Wei Xu of colluding with the Southern Wilderness.

His gaze landed on Wei Xu’s sons.

“Wei Chen, Wei Qing, Wei Yan, you died on the battlefield back then. Even your corpses were transported back by Wei Ting. What’s going on?”

Ghostfear said seriously, ‘Your Majesty, back then, it was my subordinates who wore our armor and lured the pursuers away for us. When Little Seven rushed to the mass grave, the corpses were already unrecognizable, and only our armor was left. Little Seven mistakenly thought that we had all died in battle.”

Emperor Jing Xuan asked, “Where did you go after you escaped? Why didn’t you return to the capital?”

Ghostfear said, “It’s not that we don’t want to return, but we’ve all been poisoned by the Holy Maiden Temple and lost our memories. We couldn’t remember who we were at all. We were separated and only slowly recovered our memories not long ago.”

Emperor Jing Xuan said in a low voice, “Lost? Where did you go?”

Ghostfear said without changing her expression, “1 went to the Western Jin to be a sacrificial soldier. Second Brother and Sixth Brother wandered to the Southern Wilderness.”

Emperor Jing Xuan slapped the armrest of the dragon chair. “Liar! Wei Qing clearly went to the Western Jin and became the number one strategist of the Western Jin, Zhuge Qing!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the civil and military officials were shocked.

The number one strategist, Zhuge Qing, was actually Wei Qing!

Emperor Jing Xuan said coldly, “Do you know that you’ve committed the crime of deceiving the emperor? You should be executed according to the law!”

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