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Chapter 1377 - Chapter 1377 - 1377:  I Finally Understand Why Shaokun Wanted To Acknowledge Him as His Master.

Chapter 1377 – 1377:  I Finally Understand Why Shaokun Wanted To Acknowledge Him as His Master.

This was a ‘Z’ curve, and the angle of the curve was very tricky. If one was not careful, it could cause a car to overturn.

When Feng Shaokun entered the first corner, he slowed down slightly.

Even so, the car was still very fast, drifting into the curve perfectly.

Everyone immediately exclaimed.

“Shaokun’s skills are getting better and better. If it was half a year ago, he definitely wouldn’t be able to do this.”

“Yeah, this drifting motion is too smooth. It gives me a feeling of climax.”

“Why do I feel like you’re driving faster than Shaokun? You can even drive?”

“I’m telling the truth! I dare say that there are not many people in the country who can do this move.”

“I agree with you. Shaokun’s skills are already very strong. After this period of hard training, he has already improved.”

“I really don’t understand why he wants to take that kid as his master. I can’t see how powerful that kid is.”

“Shh, don’t let Shaokun hear this. No matter how bad his skills are, he’s still Shaokun’s master. We have to respect him a little.”


Although that person pursed his lips, he did not say anything else.

Everyone continued to look at the competition venue.

At this time, Feng Shaokun had already quickly driven out of the second curve, and then it was a straight line.

Ye Feng had just entered the first turn.

Just when everyone thought that he was going to slow down, they suddenly realized that they were wrong.

Ye Feng did not plan to slow down. Instead, he accelerated slightly.

“What is he doing? He didn’t slow down when he entered the curve? Is he crazy?”

“Are you kidding me? If you enter the curve at such a fast speed, you might overturn.”

“I think he’s in a hurry to lose and is starting to play with his life, right?”

“Isn’t his mentality too bad? So what if he lost? It’s not embarrassing to lose to your own disciple.”

Everyone felt that Ye Feng was crazy. He did not slow down on this curve. He was simply courting death.

Just as they were bewildered, Ye Feng had already rushed into the bend at an extremely fast speed.


The Hummer’s tires screeched against the ground, and then it drifted into the curve perfectly. Then, without any hesitation, it continued to rush to the next one.

“I’ll… Go! Isn’t this technique too awesome?”

“This is f*cking okay? This drift seems to be even more awesome than Shaokun’s. I’m really going to f*cking come.”

“This drift can be written into textbooks. My hair stood on end just now. This is definitely the most awesome drift I’ve ever seen.”

“I finally understand why Shaokun wanted to acknowledge him as his master. His skills are so strong that it’s a little abnormal!”

“I f*cking want to kneel down to the ancestor…”

Everyone was already shocked by Ye Feng’s skill in passing the curve. They were all fighting to be the first to shout.

Two of them, who often played racing, even bowed their heads in worship.

They were still skeptical of Ye Feng’s skills before, but now, they were convinced.

This technique was too f*cking awesome!

Just as everyone was exclaiming in shock, Ye Feng had already rushed past this bend and continued to chase after Feng Shaokun.

Because he had saved a lot of time on the curve, he had pulled closer to Feng Shaokun’s car, but there was still not much change.

Everyone could not help but shake their heads and sigh.

“Mr. Ye’s skills are indeed impressive, but the car is really too bad. It’s difficult to make up for it with skills.”

“Yeah, if he had a better car, he would probably be able to overtake Shaokun now, right?”

“Sigh, what’s the use of having good skills? He was too arrogant. There is always a price to pay for underestimating your opponent.”

“There’s still one bend left. He only has this one chance. If you can’t surpass Shaokun, then this match can end.”

“I don’t think he has a chance…”


Ye Feng crossed the curve with an insane technique, causing Fuuma Jianwu, who was in the passenger seat, to scream.

However, her scream was not from fear, but from excitement.

“Master, it’s really exciting. It’s too satisfying!” Fuuma Jianwu looked at Ye Feng excitedly.

If she wasn’t afraid of disturbing the other party’s driving, she really wanted to hug him and kiss him.

Ye Feng turned around and glanced at her. He had a wicked smile on his face. “How good is it? Is it even better than when we were in bed?”

Fuuma Jianwu blushed. “Master, you’re in a competition right now. Don’t let your imagination run wild.”

Ye Feng held the steering wheel with one hand and pinched her face with the other. “What? Are you looking down on your master? I don’t need to go all out to deal with this kid.”

Feng Jianwu nodded in agreement. “That’s true. Master is the most powerful.”

Ye Feng turned around and sized her up.

She had a ponytail on her head today and looked very refreshing.

Coupled with the loose camouflage uniform on her body, she looked heroic and had a unique charm.

“Fuuma, do you want to try something even better?” Ye Feng pursed his lips and smiled evilly.

“What’s better?” Fuuma Jianwu looked at him curiously.

Ye Feng did not say anything. He only pointed at her cherry lips. “Do you understand?”

Fuuma Jianwu glanced down at him and immediately understood what he meant. She hurriedly looked outside and said, “Master, this is a competition. It’s very dangerous.”

Ye Feng immediately rolled his eyes unhappily. “You still don’t believe in your master’s skills?”

Fuuma Jianwu bit her lower lip. After a while, she nodded heavily. “I believe in Master.”

After saying that, she slowly lowered her head.


Ye Feng immediately became spirited. He was full of motivation.


At this time, Feng Shaokun’s car had already entered the next curve.

This curve was much more terrifying than the previous one. It was two consecutive ‘Z’ curves, so he had to control it carefully, or it would be very dangerous.

He glanced at the rearview mirror and saw that his master’s Hummer was about thirty meters away from him. He was instantly relieved.

Then, he began to slow down and enter the curve.

The first Z-shaped curve was easily passed, and he was about to enter the next curve.

However, at this moment, a black shadow suddenly rushed past him from the left, giving him a fright.

He looked up and saw the rear of Ye Feng’s Hummer.

“How is this possible?” he exclaimed and almost stepped on the brakes.

He had clearly seen his master’s Hummer about thirty meters behind him.

In the blink of an eye, he had actually overtaken him in the curve?

This kind of abnormal technology was simply inconceivable.

Fortunately, he had a strong mental fortitude. He only panicked for a moment before he hurriedly sped up and chased after him.

At the same time, the people in the club were boiling over.

“Holy sh*t, he actually overtook him? He actually overtook them at the bend?”

“Oh my god! Isn’t his speed a little too fast just now? It’s as if he caught up in the blink of an eye.”

“D*mn, a Hummer can actually drive at this speed. How did he do it?”


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