Domineering Mr. CEO and His Impudent Love

Chapter 29 - Chapter 29: Chapter 32: Expelled from the Gray Family

Chapter 29: Chapter 32: Expelled from the Gray Family

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“You, Austin Lucas, why don’t you just use all the tricks you have up your sleeve at once?” She abruptly turned around, fixing her gaze on Austin’s smug and handsome face.

“From drugging me to conspiring with my family, you’ve staged one show after another, Austin Lucas… I must have been blind to have taken a liking to you back then!”

Aidan Lucas had already told her about his scheme to drug her to slander her.

Although her grandmother and aunt had always been eyeing the Gray family’s property, they had been quiet since her mother became seriously ill and drove them abroad.

If it hadn’t been for Austin Lucas actively reaching out to them, they would never have had the ability to contact him.

Austin, when questioned by her, not only had no rebuttal but even laughed out loud: “Lily Gray, don’t blame me for being ruthless. This world is cruel; showing mercy to others is being cruel to oneself. Look at the people here, although they are your relatives, they are now willing to testify for me.”

“With your own grandmother, your own aunt, and so many members of the Gray family proving that you cheated during your marriage, even if you really sue for divorce, how much chance do you think you have of winning?”

Austin Lucas made no attempt to conceal his ambitions. He had planned everything, from “catching adultery” to the internal disintegration of their marriage.

Although the “adultery catching” incident went awry, as long as he had this move in his hand, Lily Gray wouldn’t be able to do anything to him even if she had evidence of his adultery.

And now, the one who was proven to have cheated by the family was her, Lily Gray.

“Austin Lucas, you’ve gone too far!”

“Enough—I’ve traveled all the way back to the Gray family’s home not to watch you argue!”

Madam Gray impatiently cut off Lily’s words.

“What are you standing at the door for, you money-losing girl? Come in and sign the papers quickly! Also, after the divorce is settled, you’re going with me to the lawyer’s office to transfer all the remaining shares. A money-losing girl like you wanting to take a share of my Gray family’s property, it’s really ungrateful…”

Madam Gray cursed under her breath, having grown up in the countryside and never changing her old ways despite having married into the Gray family for many years.

Lily had no opportunity to object. As soon as the elderly lady spoke, two unfamiliar relatives came forward and forced her into the study room.

Forced to sign the papers, the lawyer was already waiting for her, and even her seal was found by them.

The divorce agreement transferred half of the Gray family shares in her hands to Austin Lucas as compensation for her cheating during the marriage.

As for the other half, in Madam Gray’s words, it would be temporarily held by her until the divorce certificate was processed. After that, she’d be taken to the lawyer’s office to sign and notarize the transfer.

Although she was Ethan Gray’s daughter, she was just a money-losing girl. The Gray family’s property belonged to the Gray family, and she had been expelled from the family in front of the lawyer’s witness.

“Grandmother, does this do Daddy justice? You have no right to expel me from the family!”

When Lily Gray heard Madam Gray’s plans, she could not hold back any longer.

“Slap—” Madam Gray slapped her face with a raised palm.

“Hmph, a daughter who’s married out is like water that’s been splashed out! You’re just a money-losing girl. This is our Gray family’s property. How can it fall into the hands of a money-losing girl like you! I’ll tell you, this matter has been approved by the entire Gray family. You better obediently hand over the shares your mother, that jinx, has been occupying.. Or else, don’t blame me for not sparing the feelings between us as grandmother and granddaughter!”

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