Chapter 218: Nanke’s Crazy Yearning (1)

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Bai Xianyu nodded honestly.

Xie Xingyun looked at her and said solemnly, “I won’t hurt you.”

It was not known if Bai Xianyu had heard him or if she just did not want to think about this matter. “Why am I here?”

“To get to the General’s Manor, you also have to pass by my residence. I got someone to open the gate and place you here first. When you wake up, you can take a bath and change into clean clothes.”

He was quite thoughtful.

Bai Xianyu nodded. “Then 1 want to go back to the manor now.”

Xie Xingyun said, “I’ll send you.”

In order to avoid being noticed, Bai Xianyu walked out from the back door of the Marquis Manor. Xie Xingyun made arrangements for a spacious carriage.

The Northern Garrison Marquis Manor was at the foot of the palace. Looking at the sun, she had probably slept for more than two hours.

Just as she was about to retract her gaze, Bai Xianyu suddenly saw a familiar figure.


Xie Xingyun opened his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Bai Xianyu took a closer look at the person walking and a smile slowly appeared on her face. “I saw an acquaintance. I want to say hello.”

The coachman stopped.

Bai Xianyu got out of the carriage and stopped the person who was about to turn the corner.

“Miss Liu Yun.”

Liu Yun paused for a moment and turned around in confusion. When she saw that it was Bai Xianyu, she was surprised, but she immediately put on a smile. “Miss Bai, 1 was just about to look for you!”

Bai Xianyu looked around and pulled her to a corner. “Did your Mistress ask you to look for me?”

“That’s right.” Liu Yun smiled and said, “My Mistress said that the dress that Miss Bai chose for her previously is very beautiful. It suits her very well.”

“What else did she say?”

“Mistress also said that the Eight Prince has been growing recently and she wants to give him nice clothes as well. She wonders if Miss Bai can help her choose again.”

Bai Xianyu thought it was so comfortable to work with smart people, perhaps her choice was right.

“Got it. I’ll help Grade-7 Concubine Xu choose.”

Liu Yun smiled and nodded. “Since I met you here, Miss Bai, I won’t go to the fabric workshop. I’ll go and report to my Mistress now.”

“Go on.”

“Many thanks to Miss Bai!”

“You’re welcome.” Bai Xianyu silently added in her heart—we’re in the same boat from now on.

It was just that Liu Yun was simple-minded, but… she could confuse one’s eyes.

The next thing she had to do was to protect her family. She could ask Third Brother to plead for leniency.

After watching the girl enter the Manor guarded by the stone lions, Xie Xingyun got someone to return to the residence.

Bai Xianyu had slept in his room. The air was sweet after she left.

Xie Xingyun sat on the edge of the bed for a while, then walked to the place where the incense burner was placed next to the bookcase and took out a small piece of spice from the secret compartment.

As soon as he took it out, the room was filled with a fragrance.

He frowned and quickly placed the spice into the cauldron. Soon, a thin mist rose.

Nanke could help one sleep, clear one’s mind, fulfill one’s wishes, and there were even rumors that could make one recall memories of one’s previous life.

After Xie Xingyun took a bath, he lay on the spot where Bai Xianyu had laid down. He hugged the bedding she had slept on and fell into a deep dream.

When he opened his eyes in the dream, Xie Xingyun sat up and placed his hand on his knee. He looked at what he was wearing, the inner robe with long sleeves, and the beautiful bedclothes that belonged to a woman placed beside his pillow.

Where did Little Yu go?

He pushed open the door and walked out. The scene in his dream was very real, as if he had really returned to those days.

Xiao Zheng, who was already a young man, cupped his fists. “Young Master.”

“Where’s Madam?”

“Madam is cooking for you in the kitchen.”

There was a special kitchen in Xie Xingyun’s courtyard. He nodded and walked towards the kitchen.

At the door, she saw Bai Xianyu busy at the counter.

She was wearing a luxurious dress with elegant pink lotus embroidered on the hem. The cuffs were folded, and her side profile was bright and captivating.

He had clearly seen her in the afternoon. Now, just looking at her back view felt extravagant. In the past, he did not care about these details and did not come to see the scenery. Now, he used Nanke to make up for his regrets bit by bit.

She had liked him for so long.

And he seemed to have… missed her for many years.

She did not even notice when Xie Xingyun walked to her side.

“Not to add too much sugar. He doesn’t like sugar, so I’ll make something else.” Bai Xianyu thought about the two balls of flour. She supported her chin with one hand and placed the other on the elbow of this hand.

A pair of pincer-like arms wrapped around her back.

She was slightly stunned and turned to look at the man. Her eyes instantly curved into crescents. “Husband.”

Xie Xingyun’s heart ached slightly. He hugged her and did not say anything..

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