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Chapter 553 - Chapter 553: You Don’t Understand the World of Cheaters

Chapter 553: You Don’t Understand the World of Cheaters

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As the Lord of Destruction, even though his body was destroyed and his soul captured by Roy, Baal was fearless.

In Roy’s hand, his soul distorted and transformed into Baal’s ugly face. He roared at Roy, “Osiris! You will pay the price for your betrayal! The souls of demon kings are immortal. Even if you can destroy the Hellforge, at worst, we will be expelled from this world and return to the Abyss. At that time, we will find you, kill you with our own hands, imprison your soul, and torture you forever!”

Roy ignored his clamor. He took out Kanai’s Cube and stuffed Baal’s soul into it. “Go accompany your brother!”

At this moment, the souls of five demon kings had been collected in Kanai’s Cube. They were Baal, Andariel, Duriel, Belial, and Azmodan. Belial and Azmodan had died in Lilith’s hands, and she couldn’t destroy their souls, so she brought them to Roy.

After controlling Kanai’s Cube to separate out the divine spark in Baal’s body, Roy looked and found that it was also half.

After losing his divine spark, Baal’s soul weakened, surprising him. He cursed at Roy in Kanai’s Cube and shouted wildly, but when Roy closed Kanai’s Cube, he couldn’t hear anything.

“Are the souls of demon kings really indestructible?” Julia asked Roy when she heard Baal’s scolding.

“How is that possible? It’s just that conventional methods can’t destroy them!” Roy smiled. “Immortality is only relative. Wasn’t Archangel Imperius’s soul immortal? But when he fell, he could self-destruct his soul!”

“But it’s impossible for the seven demon kings to self-destruct their souls!” Julia said.

“Then we can purify them!” Roy grinned sinisterly. “That idiot Baal, does he think I’m also a demon and can’t do anything to him? He definitely won’t think that I can also use the power of holy light to slowly purify his soul! If he thinks that the purification of holy light is too slow, I can even use Void power to corrode him. In short, there are many ways to destroy their souls!”

“That’s good…” Julia breathed a sigh of relief. Baal’s threat just now was quite troublesome. After all, she felt that there were seven demon kings, but Roy was only one. This comparison of numbers made her feel at a disadvantage.

Roy didn’t take Baal’s threat to heart. Of course, he knew that demon kings had many clones. Destroying a portion of their souls didn’t mean that he could kill them completely. But as long as they dared to come to him, he would kill them one by one. He wanted to see how many bodies these guys had in the Infinite Worlds.

Moreover, for Roy, who understood the situation of clones, he even felt that the demon kings’ clones might not necessarily come to take revenge because every clone already had their own independent consciousness, so they naturally had their own selfish motives. It was questionable if they would be willing to return to their main bodies, let alone avenge the other clones.

Thinking of this, Roy couldn’t help looking at Lilith. He felt that she might be an exception. Her clones scattered in various worlds seemed to be cooperating, but he didn’t know why…

However, Baal’s topic about the immortality of souls suddenly reminded Roy of something he had overlooked before. It was about the whereabouts of the soul of the Archangel of Fate, Itherael, when he attacked the High Heavens.

Roy hadn’t killed Itherael. Mephisto, Diablo, and the others had joined forces to kill him. At the time, Roy hadn’t destroyed the Crystal Arch, and Itherael’s soul must have flown back into it. But after the Crystal Arch was destroyed, the souls of the dead angels stored in the crystal had nowhere to go. These souls were eventually eaten by the demons, but strangely, Itherael’s soul wasn’t found among them.

In other words, it was very likely that Itherael’s soul had returned to Eden!

The projection of the Book of Truth in the High Heavens meant that there was still a connection between the High Heavens and Eden. If Itherael’s soul had returned to Eden, then Eden would definitely know about the war situation here.

Now, Roy was wondering how important this world was to Eden… Logically speaking, Heaven had many military outposts in various worlds, and there should be many like the High Heavens. It shouldn’t be unacceptable for Eden to have a military outpost destroyed, and it was likely impossible for them to send troops to take revenge…

But it was hard to say. After all, Archangels were high -level positions in Eden.

Perhaps Eden could accept the destruction of the military outpost, but several Archangels had died at once, and their souls had not returned. This might be a big matter for Eden…

I have to end the war with the Burning Hells as soon as possible. Then we might have to guard against Eden’s possible revenge.

Roy was no longer the weak low-rank demon from before. He was even looking forward to seeing if he could meet his old acquaintance Gabriel to repay his ‘warm hospitality’ from back then.

After taking down Baal’s Temple of Destruction, Roy and Lilith continued to lead the army forward. But they were already at the core of the Burning Hells. The demons of the entire Burning Hells attacked one after another, causing immense casualties to Roy and Lilith’s army.

Although the description was simple, it was actually a massive war between tens of millions. All kinds of magic flew in the sky, and countless flesh and blood splattered in all directions. These were not enough to describe the tragedy of the war.

The nephalem warriors under Lilith suffered the most casualties. The poisonous air in the Burning Hells, the pervasive dark power, and the high temperature and heat brought by flames and magma were constantly destroying these humans. They couldn’t transform into a demon like Sareth, so the disadvantages of the battlefield affected them immensely.

If not for the existence of necromancers and the use of countless corpses on the battlefield to create undead as shields, the nephalem’s battle line would have long collapsed.

Although their compatriots were dying every moment, these nephalem were still fighting in silence. To the nephalem, this attack on the Burning Hells was a war of survival and a war of redemption. The reason for this was that if they could destroy the Burning Hells, Sanctuary would welcome thousands of years of peace. So for humans, this was a war for survival space.

As for the war of redemption, it was because of their mother, Lilith… They were using their lives to redeem the sin of disobedience they had committed.

Lilith didn’t say anything about the sacrifice of the nephalem and only watched their actions silently. Roy didn’t know if she would use the power of the Blood Sea to resurrect these nephalem after the war, but he knew that she should have acknowledged the nephalem’s act of redemption.

Rafaro’s colossal body circled in the sky, and orbital attacks rained down. The sky of the Burning Hells ignited with flames due to the burning of countless flying demons in the air. And on the ground, the smelly demon blood had long flowed into a river. The demons from the Abyss and the demons from the Burning Hells fought each other with weapons in their hands until their eyes turned red, and there was no concept of compatriots at all.

Roy and Lilith were also quite exhausted. In order to reduce the pressure on the army, they had been taking action. Although they didn’t need to use authority power to deal with these demons, the immense numbers caused them to consume a lot of magic power. Hell demons kept appearing, making it very difficult for the alliance army to advance.

This war lasted for about four days before the alliance army finally arrived in front of Diablo’s Chaos Sanctuary. Here, Mephisto and Diablo had been waiting for a long time.

After seeing the last two demon kings appear, Roy and Lilith didn’t say anything, and each found one to kill.

As expected, Lilith found Diablo, and Roy found Mephisto.

Seeing Roy turning into a stream of light and rushing toward him, Mephisto’s ugly face revealed a sly smile for the success of his scheme. He spread his ragged bone wings and arrived in the sky. He spread his hands and raised them, and a giant ball of flames with a diameter of a thousand meters suddenly appeared in Roy’s flight path.

The ball of flames was spinning and seemed to want to stop Roy, but he didn’t retreat and rushed in.

Mephisto grinned sinisterly and suddenly closed his hands. The giant fireball immediately collapsed inward, and the diameter of a thousand meters shrank to less than fifty meters. The temperature of the flames also soared rapidly, and the flames turned blazing white. Then the entire fireball exploded violently.

The power of the flame bomb was so great that the air of the entire Burning Hells trembled from the explosion. Countless shattered flames turned into a rain of fire that fell from the sky and ignited the Abyss demons on the ground into torches.

But Roy rushed out at the same time as the explosion. The powerful flames didn’t cause much damage to him. His body was covered in a thick layer of black ice armor, and the flames only melted his ice armor.

Roy rushed in front of Mephisto in the blink of an eye. With Frostmourne in hand, he slashed at Mephisto’s head with a powerful magic power light.

A strange black scythe appeared in Mephisto’s hand. He raised the scythe with both hands and blocked Roy’s blade with the handle. The magic power on the weapons collided, and powerful shock waves spread out like rings. In just a few seconds, Roy and Mephisto slashed at each other countless times, and these shock waves continuously emerged.

Mephisto flapped his wings, and a huge tornado rose from the ground, sweeping Roy and him in. Countless vacuum blades danced irregularly in the tornado, leaving cuts on Roy’s mist body, but they healed in an instant.

“Fancy!” Roy curled his lips and said to Mephisto, “Do you think this elemental damage is still useful to you and me?”

“But it can kill your troops!” Mephisto laughed. “If these low-level demons really think that they can come and go freely in the territory of demon kings, where will the prestige of us demon kings go?”

Roy looked back and found that Julia, Benia, and the others were struggling on the tornado-covered battlefield. Not only did they have to deal with the demon lords under Mephisto and Diablo, but they also had to divert their attention to resist the omnipresent wind blades.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll kill you soon!” Roy ignored them and flashed above Mephisto’s head with a sinister smile.

As he pressed down with one hand, a mist-like pillar of light shot out from his palm and blasted down at Mephisto.

Mephisto raised a spherical shield of dark power with his body as the center. He wanted to use this to resist Roy’s attack, but he didn’t expect the attack to break through his shield easily and bombard him directly.

Like a meteor falling to the ground, Mephisto was blasted down from the sky by Roy, but the bombardment of Chaos power continued to strike him. With Mephisto as the center, the ground nearby quickly collapsed and was annihilated, and the enormous pit was blasted nearly a kilometer deep before stopping.

The tornado created by Mephisto immediately dissipated. Roy’s Chaos power directly destroyed the magic power circuits in his body, causing the elemental power in his body to become chaotic. After getting up, Mephisto checked his state angrily. He knew that he could no longer continue to use magic power for the time being.

Before he could fly up again, Roy had already swooped down from the sky. He used his right hand, which had accumulated sixty-four times his strength with the Red Dragon Emperor’s Gauntlet, and slashed down with his sword with one hand, directly slashing at a demon horn on Mephisto’s head.

The friction between the blade and the incomparably hard demon horn caused dazzling sparks to appear. But then with a crack, Frostmourne directly cut off Mephisto’s demon horn, and the blade continued to take away a small piece of his skull.

Mephisto let out a blood-curdling scream. His tail swung ferociously, and an immense force hit Roy, knocking him to the side, temporarily giving him respite. Mephisto took this opportunity to open a spatial rift beside him, drill into it, and disappear from the pit.

Boom! Roy spread his wings and soared into the sky. He flew out of the pit and came to the sky to look down at Mephisto. He knew that Mephisto had hidden in space, but this guy couldn’t hide forever.

Sure enough, about ten seconds later, a spatial rift quietly appeared behind Roy. Mephisto emerged and launched a sneak attack. The self-healing ability of the demon king’s body was not to be underestimated. In these ten seconds, the wound on Mephisto’s skull had already healed.

But the severed demon horn couldn’t grow back for the time being. After gritting his teeth and emerging, Mephisto swung his scythe at Roy’s lower back.

Mephisto knew that this sneak attack wouldn’t be of much use. He mainly wanted to force Roy to dodge.

Sure enough, Roy easily dodged the sneak attack. But while he was adjusting his posture in the air, Mephisto opened his demon claws and clenched them at Roy.

An invisible force enveloped Roy’s body. Under this force, his eyes instantly turned blood-red!

Seed of Hatred! Mephisto used his authority!

At this moment, Roy only felt an incomparably strong hatred suddenly surge in the depths of his heart. For a moment, he was full of hatred and hostility toward everything around him. Be it Mephisto in front of him or Julia, Benia, and the others in the distance, he wished they would die!

Mephisto’s successful attack planted a powerful Seed of Hatred in the depths of Roy’s heart. This authority of hatred could ignore any barriers and directly erupt in the target’s heart and soul. Even the strongest enemy could be driven by hatred.

But people full of hatred often couldn’t distinguish between friend and foe. So after the attack succeeded, Mephisto immediately retreated, not wanting to become Roy’s target.

Next, he only needed to watch Osiris kill his subordinates under the drive of hatred from afar. If possible, he would plant a Seed of Hatred in Lilith. In that


Mephisto was thinking about it when a light suddenly flashed in his eyes, and a strange scene appeared in his mind.

This scene was the scene of his entire body disintegrating!

Of course, Mephisto knew what was going on with this scene. This was a scene of the future that he could occasionally see. In other words, this was his inconsistent prophetic ability appearing again.

In fact, Diablo and the other demon kings had once asked Mephisto about the power of a seer, but Mephisto had always been mysterious about it. He didn’t explain or tell anyone. And because Lilith had occasionally displayed this seer power when she was the Burning Hells way back when, the demon kings had secretly speculated whether she had Mephisto’s bloodline.

Lilith didn’t pay much attention to this and couldn’t be bothered to explain. She was only focused on her own plan. But this rumor spread to human society, causing the records of the seven demon kings to evolve into the saying that Lilith was Mephisto’s daughter.

But the real truth was that Mephisto had stolen a little of Lilith’s true demon blood!

This had occurred when this world first formed. Mephisto sensed a powerful dark power and an equally powerful holy power in this world. Out of curiosity, he used a clone to pass through a Gate of the Abyss and came to this world. Here, he found this powerful dark power and discovered that it was gradually evolving into a Purgatory Space, which was the embryonic form of the Burning Hells.

Coincidentally, Archangel Imperius was also attracted by holy power and came to this world. Like Mephisto, when he discovered that a new Purgatory Space was forming, he simultaneously thought of developing this place into a forward outpost.

Mephisto and Imperius both discovered each other’s existence, so they immediately started fighting. This was the same routine that many angels and demons used in various worlds to start the Eternal War. But at the time, Mephisto’s clone had just formed, and his combat strength was much lower than Imperius’s, so Imperius beat him miserably in the first battle and almost killed him.

While Mephisto was recuperating in the newly formed Burning Hells, Lilith came. She suddenly appeared in this world and discovered Mephisto’s existence, so she helped him recover in her Blood Sea.

An ancient demon like Mephisto naturally knew who Lilith was, so when he found that the Blood Sea contained her true demon blood, he absorbed it.

Lilith was naturally furious when she found out, but Mephisto was a relatively famous demon in the Abyss. So after he lowered his stance and apologized, she let this matter go.

After obtaining Lilith’s demon blood, Mephisto quickly noticed the changes. He had the ability to peer into the River of Time, but because he had stolen this ability, he couldn’t control it at all.

Afterward, the High Heavens developed under Imperius’s construction. In order to resist the High Heavens, Mephisto began to find companions from the Abyss. First, he found Baal, then he found Azmodan, Belial, Andariel, and Duriel. He found Diablo last. Together with Lilith, the eight demon kings fought against the five Archangels of the High Heavens.

Lilith’s thoughts hadn’t been on the Eternal Conflict from the beginning to the end. It wasn’t until many years later that she began her plan. She found Inarius, who was tired of war at the time, and then created the nephalem with him…

This was the truth of the matter. Mephisto had never told anyone. At this moment, his prophetic ability appeared uncontrollably again.

Mephisto trusted this prophetic ability a lot, so he quickly escaped without even thinking.

However, he was still a little too late. Half of his body and one of his demon wings were enveloped by a sudden force and began to self-destruct!

Mephisto could feel every cell in the covered area screaming in despair. Every cell lost the thought of survival and self-destroyed their life force…

Of course, he knew what was going on, so he raised his head and looked at Roy. As expected, golden polygons of light appeared on the surface of Roy’s body, which should have fallen into hatred and madness. These polygons of light kept appearing like ripples and enveloped his entire body in a force field of light.

When Mephisto looked over, Roy’s eyes were clear. He even raised his right hand and attacked Mephisto…

Roy sneered at Mephisto. “It seems like I can block your authority, but you can’t block mine…”

“What is that?!” Mephisto asked unwillingly as he looked at the polygonal light barrier around Roy.

“I call it… A.T. Field!” Roy said. “You might not understand this name, but you definitely understand its other name: Wall of the Mind!”

“How is that possible?! How can an ordinary mind barrier defend against the power of authority?” Mephisto roared angrily.

“Because it’s not ordinary at all!” Roy spread his hands. “For this, I threw in… nearly ten million souls!”

“What do you mean?” Mephisto didn’t understand.

However, Roy couldn’t be bothered to talk to him anymore. He flashed in front of him and sucked his soul out of his collapsed body.. Holding Mephisto’s struggling soul, Roy said, “How could you understand the world of cheaters…”

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