Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 813 The Origin Of Everything (Finale) (9/9)

Xu Jingming didn't hold much regard for the Xu family beyond his immediate kin. As for those distant relatives from many generations later, he felt little attachment towards them.

"Yes, under the wager's threat, they didn't want any distractions for me. What pleasantly surprised me was that Miaomiao reached the pinnacle of the Eternal realm in the scientific lineage within a single Abyssal Era," Xu Jingming said, a smile gracing his face. "If Miaomiao can achieve the half-step third realm in this independent spacetime, I'll be more than satisfied."

"It would be splendid to have a few half-step third-realm powerhouses," Grandpa Xu expressed his anticipation as well.

Xu Jingming contemplated, "If this succeeds, we can repeat the process in the future. Starting anew, again and again… A life of varied growth will allow their minds to reach an ample level."

"What should be our next course of action?" inquired Grandpa Xu.

"No need to rush," Xu Jingming replied. "Let them believe… that the wager battle will endure for millions of years. The prolonged nature of the battle will strain their minds. Let them endure it for ten million years."

Grandpa Xu smiled. "Alright, we shall proceed according to your plan. What comes after the wager battle?"

"Depending on their circumstances when the time arrives, I will decide whether my wager battle shall succeed or fail, or if I'll be entangled by the Ultimate existence," Xu Jingming explained with a smile. "In short, it is all for their growth."

Grandpa Xu nodded in understanding.

"In the future, I shall also expose them to danger. At times, I may require your intervention, Grandpa," Xu Jingming disclosed. "Whether it's due to our relationship or your superficial role as my grandfather, you will have a reason to interfere."

"I understand. We must ensure their survival while training them," Grandpa Xu affirmed.

"If they happen to perish, it is not an issue. You can help resurrect them. Sometimes, the right amount of death also serves as a form of training," Xu Jingming remarked.

Grandpa Xu smiled and nodded.

The two of them gazed into the distance at the independent spacetime. All their preparations for the future were aimed at nurturing their family.

In the independent spacetime, within Xu Jingming's territory, at the old residence.

Li Miaomiao, Xu Lixing, Grandpa Xu, Meng Tian, Mr. and Mrs. Xu, Li Chen'an and his wife, Xu Fangjin and his wife, Xu Biyun and his wife, as well as the dean, Tower Master, Island Lord, Redmond, and other prominent members of the human race, gathered anxiously, awaiting the outcome.

"The territory remains intact. Wu Ming hasn't faltered," the dean reassured.

"It has been three years, and still no victor," Mr. Xu fretted. "Judging by the intensity of the battle, their strengths seem evenly matched."

"In such a situation, either of them could triumph. It all hinges on who breaks through at the crucial moment," Tower Master observed.

Li Miaomiao, Xu Lixing, and the rest were too preoccupied to engage in conversation.

Every passing moment felt excruciating during these three years. Even as beings from higher dimensions, they had never experienced such prolonged tension.

"You should all leave," Connoisseur interjected.

"Senior Connoisseur." Everyone present rose to their feet, exhibiting utmost respect. Grandpa Xu, too, stood up.

"The battle has continued for an extensive period, with no end in sight. We remain uncertain of how much longer it will last or the disparity in timescales between the combat spacetime and our own. It could be a million years or even tens of millions," Connoisseur warned. "You must be prepared. Since the two opponents are evenly matched, anyone could emerge defeated, even Wu Ming. In that case… you will need to rely on yourselves in the future."

"We understand." Li Miaomiao and the others heeded Connoisseur's advice, recognizing the significance of the words from a third-realm existence.

"Disperse swiftly. There's no purpose in congregating here. My young friend, I shall take my leave. Feel free to visit me anytime," Connoisseur informed Grandpa Xu.

"Very well, Senior Connoisseur," Grandpa Xu replied.

Connoisseur nodded, turned around, and vanished.

The dean sighed with emotion at the sight. "It appears that Connoisseur and Wu Ming share a remarkable bond. While the other third-realm powerhouses have departed, he remained by our side for three years."

"Let us depart as well. Our presence here serves no purpose in aiding Wu Ming," Tower Master declared. And one by one, they departed.

The family members also dispersed, returning to their respective abodes.

"Mom." Xu Lixing stood by her mother, Li Miaomiao, her eyes filled with concern. "Will Dad truly lose?"

"I cannot say for certain." Li Miaomiao responded calmly, "Your father has shielded us for a long time. Moving forward, we must adapt and rely on ourselves."

Xu Lixing nodded. "I understand, but I am genuinely worried."

"In that case, focus on your cultivation. If you become stronger, your father will be immensely proud upon his return." Li Miaomiao gazed into the distant void.

The End.

Author's Afterword:

This marks the conclusion of our journey through this novel.

Initially, I was brimming with excitement, eager to delve into the realm of Earth's weapon combat and the challenges of surviving in the vast universe. I aimed to explore the conflicts between different factions within the human race and the ruthless nature of civilizations' competitive spirit. However, as the story progressed, I found myself scaling back those elements. It ultimately boiled down to my own limitations as a writer.

Throughout the novel, the transformation from a low-dimensional lifeform to an Ultimate existence proved to be an arduous feat to truly portray. Hence, my intention was to unveil the protagonist's true identity in the final moments. In fact, I had sprinkled numerous hints throughout the earlier stages. I wonder if it caught everyone by surprise.

Yes, now that this novel has ended, I'll take a long break to recharge myself.

As we reach the end, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers who have supported this journey. Thank you, everyone!~~

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