Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 1146 - 1146 Chapter 131- The Colonel – Gathering Munitions (VOLUME 6)

1146 Chapter 131- The Colonel – Gathering Munitions (VOLUME 6)


The Colonel Harrison Orson


Those bastards. Those inhuman scoundrel bastards. They had found my private base. They had infiltrated it and killed my second in command. They had collapsed part of the tunnels and killed Dolan West and a couple of the other recruits that had been brought to me. That one recruit, William Porter that had just joined us, he had been a wonderful asset already. He was so smart and talented, but they took him from me as well.

William Porter and Dolan West were both worth more than any other lowly piece of trash that joined the DOE recently. Even that walking waste, Kirkland Clark, the one that went by the name of Barcland because he was part of the original BARC team, he was better than most of these worthless pieces of trash.

So many of the newbies were a waste of my time and resources. I had to thin the ranks a little when I got to the cave that they had moved to. Some of those that were the worst of them all needed to die, so I let the darkness creep out of its recesses and take care of them. This time though, I didn’t lose track of what was happening. This time, I remained aware of what I was doing the entire time.

That darkness was my rage, my anger, my power. And I was going to use it to destroy those monsters. They think that they can make a fool out of me. I will show them. I will show the entire world. If they would have just let things be the way that they were, then I wouldn’t have pursued this so much. If they hadn’t preempted my reveal of them to the world, then I wouldn’t have tried to destroy them so much. The people would have hated them and they would have already been destroyed.

No, they had to get rights secured by the governments of the world and then they revealed themselves to be the fucking friends to the universe. Half the people in the world now thought that they were the greatest things to walk the earth. Still, there were people that thought like me, that hated those things for what they were.

I would end them. I would end them all. Now that I pruned the hedges of the DOE once more, pruning off at least a dozen branches that didn’t need to be here anymore, I was able to start work on what I needed once more.


Half of the dead bodies remained in the cave, the others were scattered as I made my way across the state to another shelter that I had secured. This one only I knew about, so no one else was likely to be there. I didn’t have to worry about who might have ratted me out and betrayed me. Like that asshole, Dayton Long. He was a piece of scum, working against me with the Director. Now I had to be even more careful when I was trying to get my firepower.

I still had nearly a thousand members of the DOE, but I didn’t know how easily I could transport them all now. Not with West being gone and my entire operation being compromised. Dammit! There had to have been a traitor in my army. There was someone in there that was feeding information to the monster’s Queen. She sent her people to get me, to kill me.

Fuck her! I wouldn’t go down that easily. I wouldn’t let her beat me. I was going to be king. Not just one small part of the world either. I was going to be the king of the world. Yes, that was what I was going to become. I would kill the monster queen and all of her little minions, then I would slowly take over the world. And there was nothing that anyone could do to stop me. Not as long as I continued to recruit more people to my army. I would be able to fight them off no matter what.

For now though, I needed weapons, I needed ammo, I needed munitions to fight against the monsters. I knew where they were. I knew where their base of operations was. I would go there, right to where they were. I would take the fight to their front door and take them by surprise. They would die almost instantly and then I would be the hero of the century, the millennium, of all history. Yes, that was what would happen.

I had a list of sellers that could possibly get me what I needed. Some of them might have it on hand already, others might not. The only thing is, not all of these sellers were true allies. Some of them were just army buffs, others were on the wrong side of the fight. It was going to be an intense time while I tried to track down what I needed.

What I truly wanted were my tanks. I wanted them back. I needed them. I had recruited some experts that had fixed the firing mechanisms and made it so that they were once again capable of firing missiles and other firepower. They would have been the best option.

Everyone knew that the monster bitch Queen, Trinity Gray, was part Fae. And all Fae legends talk about how they cannot touch or manipulate most forms of metal. That meant that as long as I was inside of a vehicle like a tank, then I was safe from that evil bitch. I would be able to destroy her, and she wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.

My tanks were still there in Benkelman though. And now the NSA was crawling all over the scene. After leaving the cave that morning, I had sent some scouts to the tunnels in Benkelman to see what the situation was like. There were NSA search teams all over the place. And not only that, but they had also found the caves. They knew about the dead bodies, and they were likely to try and pin them on me.

Yes, technically I had killed them, but it wasn’t my fault. They were worthless. They had no purpose to add to my team. Why should I keep them around? And this is war, you don’t let your enemies live, and you don’t just fire a soldier. They would flip sides and give secrets to the enemies. No, I had to kill them, it was the only way that you could make it through a situation like that.

I was starting over from square one. I wasn’t able to get tanks, not really, but I had other options. And I had a lot of people willing to help me. Not all by choice, but they were willing to do what needed to be done, to preserve their own safety. Still, I was slowly rebuilding the stock that those monsters stole from me.

The first new thing that I got to replace my actual tanks was the Wiesel 2 Argus Scout Tankette. It wasn’t a full tank, but it was going to be able to function the way that I wanted it to. I was making sure that it held at least two men and a lot of ammo.

To go along with the Wiesel, I also managed to get my hands on three American T17E1 Staghound armored cars from World War II. Those were going to help a lot, and they packed a pretty big punch when it came to firing capabilities. I also procured two reconnaissance vehicles that were the United States Army M1127. They were faster, lightly armored, but still packed with autocannons. They would devastate those monsters easily. And lastly, I got three Bulgarian M1117, which were American made in all truth. These were meant for crowd control and equipped with machine guns. They were going to be fun little toys for me to use.

I had managed to recover a good amount of the firearms that I had stashed away for the battle that I knew was coming. I knew that something was going to go wrong, so I had refused to put it all in one place. I had just known that something was going to go wrong and that I needed to be prepared for anything.

Slowly and steadily, things were coming back together. I wasn’t done building my army’s supplies back up yet, but I was getting there. And before long, I would march on that evil bitch’s home and knock it over like it was nothing more than a pile of building blocks. I would see to it that the wretched piece of trash burned to death with her lover and their entire worthless family.

I could see it all now. The burning and screaming monsters. The smell of their charring flesh. The heat from the flames that melted their skin from their bones. It was all so glorious, so perfect, that it made me smile and the rage in the back of my mind smolder with excitement and eagerness, ready to be set loose on the unsuspecting masses.

Soon, it was coming soon. I would end them all. I would rule the world. I would see my dreams come true. Soon, very soon. Just a little more to go. I needed more guns, more ammo, more soldiers, more to fight the monsters. I needed to make sure that I had enough to kill them all in one go. I was almost there. Almost there. So very close.

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