Chapter 958 - 958: An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 958: An unexpected visitor

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Visit Oliver Walker? As expected, they were here for the Chaplain. This made the guards around them even more vigilant!

“What happened?”

George Lee, who sensed the killing intent, quickly walked over and began to ask about the situation!

“She’s here to look for Boss!” One of the Imperial Guards replied.

George Lee glanced at the girl and frowned.

“Captain Lee, please bring this to Mr. Walker.He will naturally come out to welcome me!”

The girl was polite which was a stark contrast to the cold murderous aura she had just emitted!

After taking the jade pendant from the girl, George Lee was filled with doubts, but he still said, “Of course.”

The fact that the other party could accura tely call out his position meant that he was definitely prepared! However, he did not go there personally. Instead, he handed the Pisces jade pendant to a subordinate and gave him a look.

The subordinate quickly went in!

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George Lee didn’t leave because he felt that the girl’s skills were extraordinary! He was afraid that his brothers wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Moreover, the Thomas Corporation villa complex was no longer a private residence.

It was an important place. The hub that was connected to the chip research and development base! Therefore, nothing must happen!

At the same time, in the study, Oliver Walker, who was waiting for news from all sides, instantly lost his mind when he saw the blood-red Pisces jade pendant!

After a long while, he hurriedly stood up and asked with a trembling voice,

“She… Where is she?”

He had never imagined that Grace Floss, who had disappeared overnight, would come looking for him again ten years later with the jade pendant! When Grace Floss disappeared that year, Master hadn’t been killed yet!

He also vaguely remembered that the little girl had always followed behind him and never left him!

If it really was Grace Floss, then today, she should have become a slender and elegant young lady.

Meet her? Why wouldn’t he want to?

It was just that his master had searched for her many times, but before Grace Floss left, she didn’t leave behind a single word. In the vast sea of people, trying to find a ten-year-old girl was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hence, there was no news for many years !

“She’s at the door! And there’s a middle-aged man with an extraordinary temperament beside her!”

The imperial guards told him everything that had happened!

Oliver Walker took a step forward. His face, which had not shown a smile for a long time, was now filled with joy.

When he rushed to the front door and saw the girl, he couldn’t hide his excitement.

Although the current Grace Floss was no longer the little girl from before, he could still recognize this woman at a glance. She was the person he and his master had been searching for for many years!


Grace Floss’s beautiful eyes welled up with tears, and she felt the tip of her nose turn sour. She then ran forward without caring about anything else.

Then, she threw herself into Oliver Walker’s arms and said coquettishly, “Your girl is here for you!”

This scene stunned everyone!

This… What was going on?

Oliver Walker was also caught off guard by the sudden hug. “Let go!” Now, he was already married and established a career!

No matter how good their relationship was when they were young…

He only treated her like a younger sister! What would outsiders think of him if they were so intimate? However, Grace Floss’s body was indeed emitting a unique fragrance!

It was taint, but it was also very natural!

“I won’t!”

Grace Floss cried, ‘You… Do you despise me? Do you not like your girl anymore? Should I leave?”

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