Chapter 794: Liberty Watch's Preparations

It's been a week since Amber and the others had that conversation with Noah. The clone's words haunted their thoughts, but Amber had something else on her mind.

Upon discovering that the woman accompanying the clone was Erik's current lover, Amber felt a wave of sadness wash over her, mingling with a tinge of anger.

The news cut deep, penetrating her heart like a blade. Amber struggled with feelings of betrayal and loss. Erik made her promises.

The revelation left her feeling adrift, as if a part of her connection with Erik had been irreparably altered.

Her mind raced with questions and doubts, each thought adding to the growing storm of melancholy and indignation within her.

She wanted to be alone for the following week, to think, to train. She did nothing else during the day, even the nights sometimes.

As she sat in the exact spot where she had met Noah, Amber watched the nearly finished buildings and the constant flow of people entering and leaving the structures below.

"Mind If I sit?"

Amber shifted her gaze. Mira, the woman who caused that mess, was standing behind her. A complex combination of emotions crossed Amber's face as she looked at her.

Amber couldn't deny the request, despite feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions.

A subtle softening of her expression revealed an internal conflict as she wrestled with her emotions, ultimately opting for reluctant acceptance rather than outright hostility.

"Suit yourself."

Mira did just that, and for sometime, they were both silent. While looking below, where people from Erik's guild worked, built, crafted and carried, Mira took the strength given by her experience and finally said.

"What happened is neither mine nor your fault."

Amber didn't turn to look at her. She already knew that. It was Erik's fault. It was his choice to find a substitute for her.

She was unsure if he had ever loved her in the first place.

How could he forget her so quickly? She didn't forget him. Not even once had a thought crossed her of finding someone else. At least not for the foreseeable future.

"I know that."

Mira sighed. "Look. I know I'm the last person you would like to hear those words, but closing yourself won't bring you anywhere."

Amber didn't reply.

"I do not know how things will go down. Erik might choose you or me, I do not know. Frankly speaking, I'm scared."

Amber quickly glanced at the woman, trying to be discreet. She saw the woman without her armor for the first time. It became clear that she had a striking beauty.

Her long, dark hair, elegantly braided over one shoulder, created a dramatic contrast against the rich green of her attire.

Amber didn't know, but she always dressed green. Even her armor had green patches here and there.

That was Mira's way of keeping her family close. Even though they were in a faraway place, she wasn't sure she'd ever visit again.

The woman had two bright and piercing eyes which held a captivating depth, embodying a curiosity that Amber recognized as a trait Erik was drawn to.

Amber found her undeniably alluring, a captivating combination of grace and intensity that both intimidated and fascinated her. She could understand why Erik had chosen her.

To some extent, she looked like Emily. Mira's beauty didn't quite match that of her friend, but the similarity was unmistakable.

That intensified her negative emotions. Erik and Amber's relationship had a rocky start, as he was infatuated with the daughter of the Stone Family.

Apparently, Emily shared the same sentiment. It was bizarre knowing her personality and how she always refused pursuers.

Although Amber was initially hurt by that, she persevered and persuaded Erik to be with her. She knew Erik was torn between the two.

"I'm scared that he will choose you."

That surprised Amber. "Why so? It's clear you are a beautiful woman. Strong, smart. Why would he choose you over me?"

Mira looked at Amber in the eyes. Her gaze then went to her bright red hair. They reached her bottom now, but Mira had no way of knowing she used to wear them short.

"Back in Etrium, Erik was always full of work. When he wasn't in his office, he was out hunting thaids. I won't even tell you what he did hunt, but there was no one in Etrium, aside from the Fierce Lioness, that could do the same. Alone at that."

Now Amber had a look of curiosity on her face. Noah informed her about Erik's adventure, but she wasn't aware of the specifics.

"Whenever he swung by the guild, it was usually just him or with Noah and the crew. Now I get why, but... whenever he was alone, and I ran into him, he was always staring at the sky through some windows."

Amber didn't speak, but couldn't understand. "What does this have to do with me?" she asked.

Mira sighed. "You can't understand because you are young. I'm older than you. I went through yours and Erik's problems many times."

She stopped for a second. "Oh, I know that look. It was longing. No matter what happened in the past, or why he ended up with me, he never stopped thinking about you." A tint of sadness crossed Mira's face.

Amber intently looked at Mira. "I know that for certain, Amber."


"How are the progresses going?" Noah asked Jabir.

"The blacksmith and mechanics department are complete. We are 95% done with the alchemy department."

"Good. What about the materials? Are they having trouble getting the Aclaitrum?"

"Not as I know. Tyree, that geezer, had a huge fucking smile when he entered the city. With that much ore, his production of weapons was going to be astronomical."

Noah didn't let his emotion transpire because of the mask, but it was clear he was glad. They needed to be prepared for when Erik came back. Ready to face the Blackguards.

"Glad to hear that."

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