Chapter 9: Annulment!

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The Cen family was on the verge of bankruptcy while the Mu family was thriving at its peak.

If Mu Yourong were to marry the fifth child of the Cen family, would that not mean that she would be at a loss? How could the Mu family’s daughter be put in such a position?

However, how would outsiders perceive the Mu family if they were to annul the marriage now?

Just as the husband and wife were caught in a dilemma, Mu Yourong walked over from the side. “Dad, mom, why do both of you look sad?”

Shen Rong heaved a sigh and told Mu Yourong about the situation.

Mu Yourong possessed the memories of her past life, so she remembered the Cen family’s return to Yunjing Province when they were on the verge of bankruptcy in the past.

It was within her expectations that the Cen family would return around this time.

Mu Yourong furrowed her brows ever so slightly at the thought of it. “What’s the difference between the Cen family’s business and a toad trying to swallow a swan?”

Moreover, she was more than just a swan! She was a phoenix that roamed the nine heavens!

A family on the verge of bankruptcy wanted her to marry into their family. Were they dreaming?

“That’s right!” Shen Rong chimed in by adding, “How many years had it been since the agreement was made? And yet, they actually remembered it! Why don’t they remember to measure themselves instead? How dare they wish for my daughter to end up in misery!? They’re really shameless!”

Mu Yourong continued, “Dad, mom, there’s no need for both of you to be part of this later. I will talk to them. It’s already the twenty-first century! We pay great attention to the freedom of marriage and also the freedom to date. Anything that happens later will not be related to you, regardless.”

She was given a new life when she was reborn. With the Goldfinger system in her grasp, she would not need to marry anyone unless they were worthy!

She wanted to marry Fifth Master Cen, who was standing at the peak of the pyramid. A small place like Yunjing could not bind her down! Who the hell was the fifth child of the Cen family anyway? Even though the fifth child of the Cen family was ranked fifth in the family, he was utterly unrelated to the Fifth Master Cen!

If the fifth child of the Cen family was Fifth Master Cen, the Cen family would not be on the verge of bankruptcy and would not need to rely on a marriage to solve their problem!

Mu Yourong had already used the Goldfinger system earlier to investigate this matter. If she was not mistaken, Fifth Master Cen was in the Mu family’s banquet hall yesterday. All she had to do was to capture his attention.

She would not allow the incidents from her past life to repeat themselves.

Suddenly, the servant walked over. “Sir, madam, the Cen representatives are here.”

“Invite them into the house, quick,” said Mu Dabing with a wide smile.

It did not take long before two silhouettes appeared in the living room.

Madam Cen walked in front. Her hair was hoary with age, while her face was covered in wrinkles.

In stark contrast, the woman following behind her was glowing radiantly. There was no telling what her real age was!

One of these two women was Madam Cen, while the other was Cen Shaoqing’s mother, Zhou Xiang.

Mu Dabing hastily walked to the door to welcome them.

“Madam, Mrs. Cen, when did you arrive in Yunjing Province? Why didn’t you inform us in advance so that we can clean up the place to welcome you?” Even though he currently despised the Cen family from the bottom of his heart, he still needed to show some respect.

Meanwhile, Shen Rong hastily ordered the servants to make tea.

Madam Cen answered smilingly, “Dabing, you and your wife are too kind! This is Yourong, right? Little girl, you’re really pretty!”

“You’re too generous with your compliment. She’s just a little rascal who can’t be brought to the table.”

His daughter was outstanding, of course! How could the fifth child of the Cen family deserve his daughter?

Mu Dabing had already ridiculed Madam Cen in his heart many times over! The old woman lived in vain for so many years! Why would she not take a look at the great disparity between the two families? They were on the verge of bankruptcy, yet they still had the courage to visit the Mu family.

After exchanging small talk, Madam Cen dived straight into the main topic of conversation by saying, “Dabing, let’s not beat about the bush anymore since we’re a family. We’re here to discuss the two children’s matter today.”

Dabing feigned his confusion by asking, “The two children’s matter?”

Madam Cen continued, “It’s about the engagement between our Shaoqing and Yourong.”

When the Mu family was on the verge of bankruptcy back in those years, it was the Cen family’s patriarch, Cen Haifeng, who made a financial contribution to ensure the survival of the Mu family’s business. In order to repay their kindness, the Mu family made a vow that if they had a daughter in the future, they would certainly betroth the daughter to the fifth child of the Cen family, Cen Shaoqing.

Cen Shaoqing was only four years old at the time.

Eight years later, a daughter was born into the Mu family.

Cen Haifeng had purposely rushed back from Beijing just to attend the child’s full moon celebration. Moreover, he exchanged keepsakes with the Mu family. The strong connection between the two families was formed via the engagement, just like that.

Out of the blue, Mu Yourong chimed in, “Madam, I’m only 18 years old this year, and I don’t want to think about the most important event in my life for the time being. Moreover, your Cen family is a rich, influential family. How can someone like me be a worthy match for Mr. Cen?”

Madam Cen did not ponder further on that, but she chuckled and looked toward Mu Yourong. “You’re a worthy match; you’re a worthy match! My sweet child, you’re so pretty, so how can you possibly not be a worthy match for him? Don’t worry. Since the engagement is already set, our Cen family won’t go back on our word. I will certainly make Shaoqing marry you.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yourong’s expression changed ever so slightly. The damned old woman was senseless! She was incapable of even discerning Mu Yourong’s sarcasm.

It was obviously the Cen family’s son who was not a worthy match for her!

The old woman made it sound like she was out of his league instead!


Madam Cen was disgusting!

At that very moment, Mu Dabing and Shen Rong’s expressions were rather unpleasant. What was the point of Madam Cen’s remark? Why did she have not the slightest common sense?

Zhou Xiang furrowed her brows ever so slightly. Her sharp senses allowed her to detect that something was off about the husband and wife’s expressions.

Then, she took a glance at Madam Cen, and their eyes met one another’s. Their gazes changed ever so slightly.

Zhou Xiang smiled and stood up. “Brother Mu, sister-in-law, what my mother meant was that we made the trip this time to set a date for the two children’s marriage. Now that the two children are grown up, it’s good to give us peace of mind as their parents if we can set a date soon.”

“Auntie, this is the most important event in my life. My parents can’t make this decision for me.” Mu Yourong added, “Don’t make things difficult for my dad and mom anymore. Since you’re here today, I shall clear up the situation. I only want to focus on my studies now, and I don’t want to be distracted by other matters. It’s best to call off the marriage between our two families now. We are no longer in a traditional society that allows for forced and arranged marriages.”

Zhou Xiang was dumbfounded upon hearing that. Madam Cen was notably stunned as well.?They could only keep their gaze on Mu Yourong.

Mu Yourong continued to speak, “I believe that Mr. Cen will certainly be able to find a girl who deserves him in the future.” Only that the girl would not be her since she was out of his league!

Mu Dabing stood up in slight embarrassment. “Madam Cen, Mrs. Cen, the child doesn’t know how to speak politely to the elderly. If there’s anything in her statement that offends you, please don’t argue with her.”

“Dad, I’m already an adult! I have the right to choose!” Mu Yourong looked toward Mu Dabing with a determined expression.

Mu Dabing remarked, “Yourong is my only daughter. She is a determined and headstrong girl. I may be her father, but in truth, I’m utterly incapable of making decisions for her! Since the child is unwilling, we can’t force her either… There’s a saying that ‘you can’t force love’. Let’s forget about the engagement.”

Zhou Xiang maintained the presentable smile on her face. “Brother Mu, an annulment is not a joke. Our two families have a strong bond that has lasted for years. Moreover, Haifeng’s last words prior to his death were that we must fulfill the engagement…”

Cen Haifeng was a man of his word, and he treated Mu Dabing like his own brother.

Even at the present height of the Cen family that was already far beyond the reach of the Mu family, the Cen family still kept their word!

They did not expect that… the Mu family would actually call for an annulment.

Moreover, Mu Yourong’s comments made it seem that she was out of Cen family’s league.?Could it be that it was a delusion?

Zhou Xiang’s reaction was out of Mu Dabing’s expectation. He did not expect that Zhou Xiang would still shamelessly insist on going ahead with the marriage at this point. She was really thick-skinned!

“Oh, Mrs. Cen.” Mu Dabing raised his head to look toward Zhou Xiang. “It’s best for us to know our place. There are certain things that we’ve already spoken clearly about. You are a smart person, so why would you feign being confused?”

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