Chapter 40: Did Something Bad Happen?

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Ye Zhuo nodded. “That’s because it’s only a simple renovation; that is why it can be done so soon. Oh right, mom, we still have to go to the hospital tomorrow to get our medical certificate.”

It was a food service industry, after all, so they needed to get their health certificate issued before they could apply for a food hygiene license.

“Alright.” Ye Shu nodded.

Ye Shu and Ye Sen still had no idea where the restaurant’s location was; thus, Ye Zhuo took them to check out the restaurant after dinner.

The size of the restaurant was huge at a total of 80 square meters, including the back kitchen.

The renovation workers had already clocked out by now, so the three of them stood in the shop and talked to each other while echoes could be heard.

“Zhuo Zhuo, how much is the monthly rental for this place?” Ye Shu asked.

Ye Sen answered, “I can see that the size of the shop is quite spacious, so I bet the rental is 20,000 to 30,000 bucks a month at the very least, right?”

Ye Zhuo nodded. “Yes. The rent is 30,000 bucks a month.”

Even though Ye Shu was well aware that the rental in Yunjing Province was not cheap, she was still startled by the staggering price. “30,000 a month? Wouldn’t that be 360,000 bucks a year?”

“Mmhmm.” Ye Zhuo was calm and composed, and there was even a faint smile on her lips. It was as if they were not discussing a matter of 360,000 but rather 36 bucks.

Ye Sen began to calculate. “The monthly wage for my package delivery job is 5,200 bucks, so 360,000 bucks is five years’ worth of my salary!” He would not have known had he not calculated, so the figure certainly caught him off guard.

Nonetheless, Ye Zhuo spoke nonchalantly, “To receive gains, you must invest first.”

Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman with permed hair walked into the shop from the outside while holding sunflower seeds in her hand. “Is this shop rented by you?”

Ye Zhuo nodded. “Yes.”

The curly-haired woman continued, “My surname is He, and I’m selling snacks over there. There! Look, it’s that Nutcracker Snack Shop! Let me tell you this... The location that you rented is problematic. Whoever rents it will lose money. I’ve seen this place switch ownership ten times! Let’s not discuss the older ones but talk about the most recent one. The shop that transferred its lease to you is known as Zhang’s Braised Meat Rice, and they lost a few tens of thousands!”

Ye Shu’s face turned ghastly pale upon hearing about the losses. “Really?”

The curly-haired woman smiled and added, “Look at me... do I look like a person who is trying to deceive you? Oh right, did the boss of Zhang’s Braised Meat Rice tell you that they’re moving abroad? In truth, the Zhang family hasn’t moved abroad at all. She moved to the shop next to us to sell snacks! It’s now known as Zhang’s Snacks!”

The curly-haired woman was furious when she recalled this incident.

She was supposed to be the only snack shop in the area, yet Zhang’s Snack suddenly opened up next to her. Moreover, Zhang’s Snack was selling their products at a cheaper price than hers, so a large portion of her business was forcefully seized!

Otherwise, it was supposed to be a busy time for the shop now. How would she find the free time to take a stroll?

The reason why the curly-haired woman took the initiative to come over and talk to Ye Zhuo was that she had a selfish motive too.

There was a saying that ‘an enemy’s enemy is a friend’.

When Ye Zhuo realized that she was swindled, she would certainly look for the owner of Zhang’s Snack to pick a fight.

By then, Zhang’s Snack would not be able to operate its business, so the curly-haired woman’s business would resume as usual.

At the thought of this, the curly-haired woman said emotionally, “Do you think that the owner of Zhang’s Braised Meat Rice is immoral? They should’ve admitted that they’d lost money! They even lied to you that they are moving abroad! They’re willing to say anything for money! Bah! They’re really shameless!”

The more Ye Shu listened, the more panicked she became. A moment ago, she was very confident about the success of the business, but now she felt like someone poured cold water all over her enthusiasm. She felt cold from her head to her toes!

The rental was paid yearly, and they would lose 360,000 bucks even before they began operating their business. What should she do then?

“Zhuo Zhuo?” Ye Shu raised her head to look toward Ye Zhuo.

Ye Zhuo smiled faintly. “Mom, it’s fine. Don’t worry. Human effort is the decisive factor, and all businesses are run by humans. I believe that we will certainly be able to run the business well.”

Her smile was just like the plum blossom blowing gently in the March wind and also akin to the cold ice suddenly encountering the blazing sun; it removed the coldness from Ye Shu.

Ye Shu felt much calmer for no apparent reason as she looked at the side of Ye Zhuo’s face.

Nonetheless, upon hearing that, there was a look of speechlessness in the curly-haired woman’s eyes.

The young people these days spoke like they were in a dream and were apparently open to lying to themselves. Could she run a business properly in a shop like this? It was simply absurd.

“Young maiden, please excuse me for being blunt. It’s the location that makes it difficult for you to operate your business! It’s going to be very difficult! My advice is for you to transfer the lease quickly before you even start the business! Otherwise, the days of losing more than your capital will be upon you later! The days of you constantly crying will be upon you later too.”

Ye Zhuo smiled in return. “Thank you for your warning, aunty. I know that you’re doing it out of your kind intention, but I’m also confident that we will be able to get the business up and running.”

Since the young maiden failed to appreciate her kind intention, she figured there was no need to persuade the young girl any further. Anyhow, she was not the one who would lose money. “Young maiden, you’re still very young. Just remember what I told you today, and you can decide for yourself if you want to believe it. I still have other affairs to attend to over at my shop; I won’t stay here any longer.”

After the curly-haired woman left, Ye Shu said out of concern, “Zhuo Zhuo, is it really going to be fine?”

Ye Sen wrapped his arm around Ye Zhuo’s shoulder. “Sis, we must trust Zhuo Zhuo! Our Zhuo Zhuo is so amazing! She is capable of investing in stocks and managing money. The task of operating a small restaurant is certainly nothing difficult for her! There’s no need for you to worry for nothing.”

Ye Sen trusted Ye Zhuo very much. Even if Ye Zhuo were to claim that the earth was a cube, he would think that Ye Zhuo was right!

Meanwhile, Ye Zhuo smiled and said, “Uncle is right. Mom, just trust me this time that I will certainly run the business well! Besides, we’re done preparing everything now. Is it really practical to back out now?”

Ye Shu chuckled and decided that she would not overthink the situation. “Alright, anything you say.”

All things were difficult before they were easy. They would certainly be able to build a good life for themselves as long as they work together with one heart.

In the Cen family’s home, the servant served the brewed medicine to Madam Cen. The medicine tasted very bitter. In fact, it was more than ten times more bitter than the medicinal herbs that Madam Cen used to consume. She had just taken one sip before she could not refrain herself from spitting it out.

“What’s going on, mom?” Zhou Xiang was startled.

Madam Cen furrowed her brows. “The medicine is really bitter!”

Zhou Xiang quickly followed up, “Mom, why don’t we just commission Doctor Lin again? Don’t take the medicine if it’s too bitter.”

“Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth. Go and get me some candied fruits,” Madam Cen requested.

Zhou Xiang was still feeling worried. “Mom, do you really not want to commission Doctor Lin?”

“No.” Madam Cen waved her hand dismissively.

Zhou Xiang heaved a sigh and fetched the candied fruits for Madam Cen.

Madam Cen finished a bowl of bitter medicinal soup with the candied fruits to make it easier.

Then, Zhou Xiang said, “Mom, you must tell us if you feel unwell in any part of your body. Don’t just hold it back.” Madam Cen had to rely on medicine to control her headache issues on usual days. So, now that she suddenly stopped taking Doctor Lin’s medicine, Zhou Xiang was very worried for real.

“Mmhmm, I know.” Madam Cen nodded. “I’m going to head upstairs to rest; you should sleep early too.”


It was the following day. Zhou Xiang had always slept in and woke up late. Madam Cen would be up by the time she woke up on usual days. However, she was surprised not to see Madam Cen around.

Zhou Xiang furrowed her brows and then looked toward the servant on the side. “Where’s Madam?”

The servant answered, “It seems that madam has yet to awaken.”

“Yet to awaken?” Zhou Xiang checked the clock and found that it was already past nine. She felt that something was off.

Then, she remembered the medicine that Madam Cen consumed last night.

In an instant, Zhou Xiang’s heart was racing. Could it be that… something bad happened to Madam Cen?

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