Chapter 4: Born Again!

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Upon hearing that, Ye Shu immediately nodded. “Yes! Yes! Follow me, Zhuo Zhuo.”

The bathroom was at the innermost part of the house. It was pathetically tiny and could only fit one person. If another person were to attempt to come in, both people would not be able to turn at all.

Ye Shu looked at Ye Zhuo anxiously.

She was afraid that Ye Zhuo would be displeased again. After all, Ye Zhuo used to live a life of luxury.

Observing the normal expression on Ye Zhuo’s face, Ye Shu continued to speak, “Take a shower first, Zhuo Zhuo. I shall look for some fresh clothes for you.”

“Thank you for taking the trouble.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

There were a few garments that Mu Yourong did not want anymore that were lying in the house. Those were brand new clothes that Ye Shu had bought for Mu Yourong, but Mu Yourong refused to wear them because of the poor quality.

Nonetheless, Mu Yourong was shorter and a little chubbier than Ye Zhuo. As a result, Mu Yourong’s clothes would not fit Ye Zhuo for sure.

Therefore, Ye Shu went to a fashion store nearby and spent a hundred bucks to purchase two sets of new clothes.

A set of clothes that cost 50 bucks was considered a cheap flea market bargain for an ordinary person. However, a set of clothes that cost 50 dollars was already considered a luxury good for Ye Shu.

She would wear old clothes that people threw away on usual days and would need to save up for a long, long time in order to have 100 bucks.

Ye Zhuo took a quick shower and stood in front of the mirror to size up the girl she saw looking back at her.

She had a very standard oval face, and her fine, delicate complexion was so fair that it was almost translucent. Her pair of exquisite hooded eyes were upturned ever so slightly while her crystal clear pupils were as mysterious as obsidian.

Her lashes were very long and thick like a butterfly’s wings. Furthermore, underneath her graceful, straight nose was her slightly pursed red lips. It seemed that her face was 30% nonchalant, 40% estranged, and 30% cold.

Yet somehow, the combination exuded an elegant feeling.

Ye Zhuo curled up her lips ever so slightly. The beauty in the mirror curled up her lips as well and cracked into a poppy flower-like radiant smile that could enchant an entire city.

Her face was 50% similar to what it looked like in her past life, with each feature having its own merits. Seeing how beautiful the original owner was, the heavy weight on her chest was lifted at once. She was a person who judged people by their face, after all.

“Hmm, pretty good.” Ye Zhuo picked up a rubber band and tied her long hair into a high bun, revealing her snowy-white long neck that carried a tinge of evilness.

Then, she whistled at herself in the mirror and asked, “How am I so good-looking?”

Ye Zhuo admired herself in the mirror for a while before she got dressed. She had just clothed herself when she furrowed her brows.

Perhaps, she was accustomed to wearing branded clothing, so she was not used to the rough texture of the fabric material and felt uneasy all over her body.

It seemed that she had to figure out a way to accumulate her first pot of gold as soon as possible so that she could lead her entire family to a fairly well-off life and make her way to the peak of humanity!

Ye Zhuo raised an eyebrow and felt some memory fragments come into her mind. Then, she walked outside after she got changed.

At that moment, Ye Shu walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of noodles in her hands. “Zhuo Zhuo, come and have…”

She was stunned when she turned around and found that the rest of her words were stuck in her throat.

The girl before her eyes was dressed in a white shirt where its hem was casually tied at her hips. She looked rather carefree as she carried a look of 30% plainness and 70% unruliness.

Her legs were long and straight; there was no makeup on her face, yet she was so exquisite that it was impossible to take one’s eyes off her. Even her standard hooded, upturned eyes were rippling with radiance.

The clothes were obviously cheap flea market bargains, yet it looked like superior quality, branded clothes on her body. Even the professional models on television looked inferior to her.


Ye Shu had only reacted to the situation after Ye Zhuo spoke.

Was… Was this Ye Zhuo?

Ye Shu was dumbstruck in bewilderment.

She had never expected that Ye Zhuo would look so pretty with her thick makeup removed. It would not be an exaggeration to describe her with the words ‘akin to a fairy’.

“It’s time for dinner, Zhuo Zhuo. I made you some noodles.” Ye Shu suppressed the shock in her heart and placed the noodles on the table.

“Thanks, mom.” Ye Zhuo picked up the bowl and began devouring the noodles frantically.

She had not eaten much throughout the day, so she was truly starving by now. Although she was eating rather quickly, she did not appear crude... On the contrary, it was a pleasant sight to behold.

Pretty soon, she had finished the bowl of noodles.

“There’s more in the pot. I shall bring you another bowl,” said Ye Shu.

Ye Zhuo smiled. “I’m full, mom.”

Ye Shu continued to speak, “Then I shall take you to your room so you can rest.”

“Sure.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

The bedroom was a room separated by drywall. It was a very narrow space, and Ye Shu stayed in the next room.

The furnishing inside was very simple – there was a bed, a desk, and a cupboard for clothes. Not a single item there was excessive.

Mu Youroung lived here in the past.

She had already removed all the items she wanted before she left. As a result, not even a bedsheet could be found on the bed now.

Ye Shu said, embarrassed, “I shall get you a bed sheet and a blanket.”

Ye Zhuo simply replied smilingly, “Alright.”

Upon saying that, Ye Zhuo continued to speak, “Oh right, mom. Where’s my uncle?”

Ye Shu had a total of five siblings.

Her youngest brother, Ye Sen, lived with her. The uncle Ye Zhuo was referring to was Ye Sen.

Ye Sen was a middle school graduate. Due to his poor educational background, he did not manage to hold a proper job over the years. He worked as a package delivery man on usual days and did not smoke or drink; his only vice was gambling. He would invest almost all of his monthly wage in the casino.

Ye Shu looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “He should be back soon.”

Right then, the sound of footsteps was heard from the outside. “Sister! Sister! Come outside, quick! Come and look at what I’ve brought you!”

“Coming.” Ye Shu answered and walked toward the living room.

The person who came back was none other than Ye Sen. He carried half a barbecued duck in his left hand and a large watermelon in his right hand.

“You’ve made a fortune, huh?” Ye Shu said in astonishment.

Even though it was already the twenty-first century now, meat was a rare and extremely luxurious commodity in the Ye family. They would only chance upon a piece of meat during festivities.

Ye Sen cracked into a smile, revealing his pearly whites. “It’s a gift from my customer who owns a barbecued duck store! He said that our package delivery men are working very hard under the hot weather!”

Before his voice died away, Ye Sen noticed Ye Zhuo, who emerged from behind. He said with an astonished expression, “Sister, who’s this?”

Ye Shu smiled and introduced her to Ye Sen. “This is Zhuo Zhuo. Zhuo Zhuo, meet your uncle.”

“Hello, uncle.” Ye Zhuo greeted him respectfully with a bow.

Ye Sen looked as if he had seen a ghost. “You... you... you! You’re Mu Zhuo?”

Ye Zhuo was obviously not like this a few days ago!

“Uncle, I’m known as Ye Zhuo now.” Ye Zhuo enunciated her words clearly.

“You’re not going to be scheming something again, right?” Ye Sen pulled Ye Shu behind him and said vigilantly, “Sister, don’t be deceived by this ungrateful brat again!”

The words made Ye Zhuo suddenly recall many unpleasant memories.

The original owner of her body did many things that hurt Ye Shu in order to cut ties with her.

Therefore, Ye Zhuo looked at Ye Sen and said sincerely, “Uncle, I made a mistake in the past. I did many things that hurt my mom, and I know I was wrong. Please forgive me!”

Ye Sen looked at Ye Zhuo with a puzzled expression, and his gaze was filled with speculation.

How did Ye Zhuo suddenly turn into this person? It was so absurd that the sun must have risen in the west!

In an instant, he warned, “Ungrateful brat, if you have the courage to play some tricks and bully my sister, I won’t let you off easily!”

Ye Shu laughed and mediated the situation. “Ye Sen, Zhuo Zhuo is my daughter, so how can she bully me?”

Ye Sen grunted coldly. “That’s not for certain. What if she is as heartless as the ungrateful brat Mu Yourong, huh!?”

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