Chapter 33: Did That Sound Human To You?

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Even though Qian Lingyu did not understand English, she could tell that Ye Zhuo was really impressive just by seeing how she interacted with the group of foreigners. How did this happen? How could she speak English so fluently when she did not even graduate middle school? It was impossible!

To make matters worse, Li Boyang was the class representative for his class, so how could he possibly lose to a middle schooler?

In the past, Qian Lingyu frequently praised Li Boyang in front of Sister Liu and belittled Ye Zhuo. Now, Ye Zhuo was proving her wrong right in front of Sister Liu’s eyes! Could she still feel good in her heart? Not only did she feel awful inside, but she was also having trouble putting up a good front.

Qian Lingyu was not the only person who felt awful. There was also Li Boyang who joined in her misery. His original intention of making Sister Liu summon Ye Zhuo was to bring shame to Ye Zhuo. Yet, unexpectedly, Ye Zhuo did quite the opposite! It was a beautiful triumph for her. She was brilliant!

Soon, Li Boyang’s palm was sweating. He raised his head to look toward Ye Zhuo.

Ye Zhuo still stood over there. The bright light above her shone down on top of her head. Under the lighting, her originally delicate face appeared even more attractive.

The crowd behind her turned into her background to accentuate her features. She was beautiful and very confident too. Not a trace of nervousness could be seen on her alluring face.

It looked as if she was not talking to seven foreigners but a bunch of her close friends instead.

She conversed naturally and expressed the quality and grace that represented the powerful country of China to perfection.

No! She should not be behaving in this manner! Li Boyang clenched his fists. Ye Zhuo was not supposed to be this way.

His educational background was far superior to Ye Zhuo’s, and so was his family background. As a result, Li Boyang had always felt a sense of superiority over Ye Zhuo all this time.

Today, Ye Zhuo gave his false sense of superiority that he had always been proud of a ferocious stamp.

Ye Zhuo’s action created a huge distance between him and her, and Li Boyang naturally felt awful.

In fact, he still could not believe that this was real.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhuo did not overthink the situation. After she was done communicating with the foreigners, she headed to the back kitchen with her little notepad.

The customers from this table were allergic to fish and raw ginger, so she needed to inform the chefs in the back kitchen about this matter.

The few foreigners turned around and gave a thumbs up to Qian Lingyu and the others while clearly muttering the word ‘good’!

Qian Lingyu and Li Boyang felt rather awkward.

Just then, Sister Liu exclaimed emotionally, “My god! I didn’t expect that Little Ye would be so impressive! I couldn’t tell at all! Do you agree, Lingyu?”

“Yes, yes she is.” The corners of Qian Lingyu’s lips widened into a rigid smile.

Qian Lingyu pondered for a moment before she said, “Actually, it’s still not that uncommon for a person to speak good English without any educational background. Haven’t you seen the news, Sister Liu? Remember the old woman picking up trash in that tourist spot who is also good at speaking English?”

So what if she could speak some English? At the end of the day, she still needed to work for Qian Lingyu! She was just a wage earner! What was there to be arrogant about?

Her son was studying in an elite high school, and he would go on to an elite university in the future. When he was out in society, he would be an upper-class person who would marry a woman who is fair, rich, and beautiful. Her son would be at the peak of humanity! Ye Zhuo could only wait and work for Qian Lingyu for the rest of her life!

At the thought of this, Qian Lingyu felt much better in her heart.

Upon hearing what his mother had said earlier, Li Boyang felt much better too.

Qian Lingyu was right. So what if she could speak English? She could speak English so fluently, yet she was still working for his family, right? His status was still higher than Ye Zhuo’s.

Ye Zhuo’s educational background was still poorer than his. Even if she could speak English, it could not save her from her poor educational background and lowly status.

Li Boyang turned his head to look toward Qian Lingyu. “Mom, I’m going to return to my room to read.” He would certainly need to put more effort into studying so that he could get accepted into a good university.

By then, Ye Zhuo would still be a middle school graduate while he would be a postdoctoral research student with outstanding academic achievements.

“Go ahead.” Qian Lingyu nodded affectionately.

After Li Boyang left, Qian Lingyu looked toward Sister Liu. “Sister Liu, it’s not enough for a person to have good linguistic skills... the person will need to be good inside out! Only then is the person considered truly capable! I’m going to wait and enjoy the luxury life that my Boyang can provide for me in the future!”

Sister Liu replied, “I think Little Ye is not a common person, and she will certainly achieve great things in the future.”

“What sort of things will she achieve, huh?” Qian Lingyu had on a disdainful expression. “She’s only capable of uttering a few English words, right?”

Sister Liu continued, “She is not only good at speaking English, Lingyu.?Could it be that you haven’t noticed that the business of our barbecue shop suddenly got better since Little Ye’s arrival?”

This was a situation that was obvious to all.

Nevertheless, Qian Lingyu was rendered speechless by this remark. She answered, “How is the business in the shop getting better related to her? I’ve just recently upgraded the barbecue seasoning recipe. The volume of customers suddenly increased because the food tastes better!”

In the beginning, Qian Lingyu was under the assumption that the business suddenly grew better due to Ye Zhuo too. Afterward, she realized and convinced herself that that was not the case.

It was because she coincidentally changed the recipe of the barbecue rub just when Ye Zhuo started to work here. As a result, this matter was utterly not related to Ye Zhuo.

Upon saying that, Qian Lingyu said impatiently, “Alright, Sister Liu. Don’t idle around here anymore. Go to the back kitchen and see if there’s anything that you can help out with.”

Sister Liu went back to the kitchen and found Ye Zhuo cleaning the serving trays. She hastily walked over to Ye Zhuo and said in an admiring expression, “Little Ye, that was truly impressive of you earlier! You spoke so fluently that I was dumbfounded!”

Ye Zhuo smiled and said, “Auntie Liu, I’m not that impressive. You’ve exaggerated.”

In her past life, the people around Ye Zhuo were all renowned moguls. It was really not a big deal for one to speak some English. As a result, Ye Zhuo did not think much about this matter.

“You were impressive! You were very impressive, of course!” Sister Liu continued, “Little Ye, other than English, can you speak any other languages?”

Sister Liu had a strange feeling that Ye Zhuo was undoubtedly capable of speaking other languages as well.

Ye Zhuo picked up the serving tray and said with a carefree expression, “Other than English... I can only speak Russian, French, Japanese, German… and Korean.”

Can only? Did that sound human to you?

Sister Liu swallowed a gulp of saliva and looked at Ye Zhuo in shock.

“Little Ye, which... which school did you say you were studying at?”

“North Bridge,” answered Ye Zhuo.

Sister Liu did not pay much attention to Ye Zhuo’s words in the past because of Qian Lingyu.?Now, she was fully convinced of Ye Zhuo’s capabilities. Ye Zhuo was not here to work. She was only here to relieve Ye Shu.

Meanwhile, Granny Cen did not turn up tonight.

After spending time with the old woman for over half a month, Ye Zhuo found that she was feeling unaccustomed to the old woman suddenly not coming. She looked in the direction of the streets a few times throughout the entire night. However, the old woman did not turn up until it was almost time for closing.

After closing, Ye Zhuo did not leave at once, but she headed to the bar and found Qian Lingyu.

“Yes, Little Ye?”

Ye Zhuo spoke, “Aunty, it’s been almost a month since I started working here.”

“So?” Qian Lingyu raised her head to take a glance at Ye Zhuo.

Ye Zhuo was here to request for a full-time position, right?

She knew it! She knew the day would come.

“Aunty, when my mother wanted to resign in the past, you said that you needed one month to hire a new staff. As a result, I started working here to replace my mom for one month’s work. Have you hired a new staff member? I’m resigning the day after tomorrow.” She came over here to give Qian Lingyu a gentle reminder in order to prevent any dispute when the time came.

‘What?’ Qian Lingyu looked at Ye Zhuo incredulously.

Ye Zhuo was not here to beg her for a job?

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