Chapter 23: Kneel Before The Mogul

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Granny Cen pointed at the photo on the menu and said, “This is it.”

Ye Zhuo took a glance at it and found that the deep-fried Hemiptera was actually deep-fried cicada pupa. She smiled and said, “So it turns out that you’re referring to this, huh!?”

It was early summer in Yunjing Province, and one of the favorite delicacies that people enjoyed during the season was deep-fried cicada pupa.

It was not an easy feat to catch the cicada pupa, so the selling price was a little high as well. They cost five bucks each.

“I’d like to have ten!” Granny Cen requested.

“Sure.” Ye Zhuo nodded without feeling any reluctance.

Granny Cen did not forget to remind her as well, “Little Ye Zi, don’t forget the lobster noodles too.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t forget it.” Ye Zhuo looked back at her with a smile. “Please hold on.”

Granny Cen nodded.

Ye Zhuo turned around to get the food.

Upon seeing that, Sister Liu said out of curiosity, “Little Ye, is that old woman a family member of yours?”

Ye Zhuo replied, “We just got acquainted with each other yesterday. The old woman is all by herself; life’s not easy for her.”

“You’re treating her to a meal although you’re not acquainted with her? Child, are you a fool?” Sister Liu continued, “There are way too many swindlers out there these days hoping to get a free meal! They’re targeting naive little girls like you specifically!”

Sister Liu was making frightening remarks just to scare Ye Zhuo.

There were truly way too many swindlers in the world today. Many of their victims were deceived to the point where they went bankrupt.

Ye Zhuo smiled. “If every person looks on and does nothing, won’t there be no warmth in this world?” If the old woman that took Ye Zhuo in chose to look on and do nothing back then, how would she be who she was now?

“You have a point too.” Sister Liu added, “However, do be careful, Little Ye. It’s fine to treat her to a meal but don’t ever let her swindle money out of you.”

Ye Zhuo nodded ever so slightly. “Noted.”

It did not take long before Ye Zhuo came back with a bowl of lobster noodles and deep-fried cicada pupa in a tray.

Granny Cen stood up in excitement, and she was almost drooling at that point. “My lobster noodles! My deep-fried Hemiptera!”

“Please eat it slowly. The noodles are fresh out of the pot; it’s very hot.”

“Mmhmm mmhmm.”

A luxury car was parked by the side of the road with Mu Yourong seated in the backseat.

Ye Zhuo’s change was too drastic to the point where it made Mu Yourong feel an ineffable sense of threat.

Mu Yourong could only sigh in relief, knowing that Ye Zhuo was presently performing lowly chores.

She convinced herself that she was just being too high-strung.

What kind of attainment could a lowly person like Ye Zhui achieve anyway?

Nonetheless, she still could not allow herself to be at ease.

She had to plan in advance so that she could ensure that Ye Zhuo remained a lowly person for the rest of her life!

Mu Yourong attempted to recall everything that happened in her past life with great effort. She had to avoid encountering the person that brought her all her misery and, instead, pass that on to Ye Zhuo!

Mu Yourong narrowed her eyes ever so slightly and cast her glance on Ye Zhuo. She suddenly felt that the old woman that Ye Zhuo was speaking to looked rather familiar. She spoke aloud, “Is that the old woman from the Cen family?”

The assistant seated at the front seat answered, “Yes, miss.”

“The Cen family has fallen, just as expected.” The corners of Mu Yourong’s lips curled up faintly while her gaze was filled with mockery. “It has only been a few days, and she has already turned into a beggar! The saying ‘birds of a feather flock together is spot on!”

She was just thinking about how much attainment a deadbeat could possibly achieve when her assistant immediately echoed her and said, “You’re right, miss. That damned old woman from the Cen family is simply tarred with the same brush as that faker, Ye Zhuo! Why didn’t she take a good look at herself first before she had the nerve to come to the house and talk about the engagement? If I were her, I’d be so embarrassed that I’d bury myself in the ground!”

Upon hearing that, Mu Yourong retracted her gaze. “Alright, let’s go home.”

Mu Yourong then pondered for a moment before she continued speaking, “Are there any updates from Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou recently?”

Ye Zhuo humiliated Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou so severely last time around, so she believed that these two people should not be as quiet as they were now.

Then, her assistant turned around and whispered something in Mu Yourong’s ear.

Upon hearing that, Mu Yourong smirked. “Then we shall give them a hand.”

Mu Yourong was an intelligent person. She was well aware that she could not personally engage in many matters, so she could only do it via Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou.

By doing so, she could maintain her good reputation and also simultaneously achieve her goals. It was simply akin to killing two birds with one stone.

With the CIS project, the first thing that Ye Zhuo did after she got home from work was turn on her laptop and log on to the international website.

She sat in front of her laptop, fully absorbed in the task. Her fingers tapped so swiftly on the keyboard that they formed into streams of remnant shadows. The ‘clacking’ sounds of the keyboard filled the room while the light cast from the display screen reflected on her face and added a tinge of coldness to her.

After a short while, she pressed on the ‘enter’ key, and the laptop’s display screen immediately showed, ‘Upload successful!’

The project was accomplished!

Ye Zhuo checked again and ensured that it was fine before she logged on to the international tech website and sent the person a message, ‘I’m done; shall I send it over to you now?’

Li Qiandong was online, coincidentally.

He furrowed his brows when he received the message.

Could a little novice complete the CIS project properly?

It seemed to be impossible, so Li Qiandong did not take it seriously; he replied casually, ‘Send it over.’

Thus, Ye Zhuo sent over the document.

Li Qiandong was dumbfounded when he saw the document on his computer displayed clearly.

His hands were literally trembling from excitement.


Mo, mogul?

Li Qiandong swallowed a gulp of saliva.

He could not be dreaming, right?

Li Qiandong gave himself a hard slap.

“Ouch! It hurt!”

He was not in a dream, right?

Meanwhile, the person on the other side continued to send a message, ‘If you can confirm that it’s all good, please click ‘mission completed’.’

It was only after the original poster confirmed that the mission was completed that the person undertaking the project could receive their commission and score.

Li Qiandong immediately clicked on ‘confirm’ and then sent over a message, ‘Expert, please take my knee!’

This person was a real expert!

Before the person on the other end could reply, Li Qiandong continued to send another message, “Expert, please approve my friend request!”

Ye Zhuo was stunned by what she read. Did they not already add each other as friends previously?

Then, she checked on her friends’ list and found that it was still zero… Could it be that the friend request did not go through previously?

Ye Zhuo did not mind small details like this, so she clicked to approve the other person’s friend request.

Li Qiandong disliked Niohuru for being a little novice previously and felt that the person did not deserve to be on his friend list, so he deleted the request.

Unexpectedly, it seems that the little novice was a true expert!

It was Li Qiandong’s first time experiencing the feeling of being proven wrong.

“How may I address you, expert? Li Qiandong continued to type, ‘Is it convenient to connect with you via a voice call?’

‘You may address me as Niohuru. It’s not convenient for me to have a voice call right now.’

Li Qiandong wanted to say something, but the person had already gone offline.

The person who took on the project behaved just like an expert! Aloof and cold! Like royalty!

Ye Zhuo had just logged off when the website published a global announcement.

‘Congratulations to user Niohuru.YZ for completing the SSS-ranked ten-star difficulty mission!’

It was a very low-profile announcement, yet it was like a blast to countless tech moguls.

DA_LittleDai posted, ‘F*ck! F*ck! This person is a mogul for real! @Father-of-2, @I-am-ChenHa, why haven’t you kneeled and called him daddy??Do it quickly!’

Happy1985 posted, ‘Some people were mocking him for being a new member yesterday; are you embarrassed for being proven wrong now?’

8thfloor00 posted, ‘Kneel before the mogul!’


[User I-am-ChenHao had already changed his name to ‘Niohuru.ChenHao.]

[User Father-of-2 had already changed his name to ‘Niohuru.Father-of-2.]

[User DA_LittleDai had already changed his name to ‘Niohuru.LittleDai.]

The following posts were all users changing their names.

The prefix names were all Niohuru.

Niohuru.LittleDai posted, ‘From this day onward, we are the Niohuru clan!’

Niohuru.8thfloor00 posted, ‘From this day onward, Niohuru is our daddy!’

[email protected] posted, ‘Hello eldest brother! Hello brother @8thfloor00! I’m your weak brother.’

Happy1985 posted, ‘So… are all of you little tadpoles looking for your daddy?’

After Ye Zhuo went offline, she received a money transfer notification. It started with the number 8 and amounted to a six-figure number.

Ye Zhuo felt more comfortable after receiving the money.

On the other side of the table, Li Qiandong ran wildly to Cen Shaoqing’s room with the laptop in his arms. “Brother Fifth! Brother Fifth!”

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