Chapter 12: Poor Educational Background

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5000 bucks! It was more than two months of her salary!

The owner smiled and replied, “Miss, there are two types of precious medicinal herbs in your prescription. The 5000 price tag is actually the discounted price.”

5000 bucks was considered a discounted price? It was too expensive!

Ye Shu was startled, so she hastily tugged at Ye Zhuo’s sleeve and said, “Let’s not get the medicine anymore! Zhuo Zhuo! Let’s go home! I’m still healthy, so there is no need for me to take any medicine. I’ll be fine after resting for a few days.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want it.” The owner took back the medicine.

Ye Zhuo patted Ye Shu’s hand smilingly while she turned her head to look toward the owner. “We’re taking the medicine, boss! Here’s the money.” As Ye Zhuo spoke, she took out the money from her pocket and passed it to the owner.

The owner placed the money into the currency counting machine. It was precisely 5000 bucks. He could not help but take an extra glance at Ye Zhuo while thinking to himself how the young maiden was so accurate that the money that she gave him was precisely 5000 bucks without even counting it.

Meanwhile, Ye Shu undoubtedly felt very guilty. “I’m really fine, Zhuo Zhuo!” She could only make 5000 bucks after working for two whole months.

“Mom, we can always earn more money after losing it. However, taking care of the health of our bodies is our responsibility. Moreover, we only live once!” Ye Zhuo said in all apparent seriousness.

“The young maiden is right. What’s 5000 bucks compared to your health?” The owner passed the medicine to Ye Shu. “Miss, you have a filial, kind daughter!”

Ye Shu received the medicine and replied, “Thank you.”

After returning from the traditional Chinese medicine dispensary, Ye Zhuo headed to the market.

She was planning to get some fish and meat. Ye Shu’s body was truly too weak, so she needed more nutritious food.

In the Mu family’s home.

Mu Yourong was the pure-blood daughter of a wealthy family, after all. As a result, she adapted to the life of living in a wealthy family rather quickly.

The only thing that made her feel slightly uneasy was that the little b*tch Ye Zhuo had actually left the family.

If she was as bored as she was in her past life, at least she could find joy teasing the little b*tch. As a result, she felt that something was missing in her life.

She was thinking about this when the system’s cue tone was heard in her mind all of a sudden. Mu Yourong hastily brought up the control panel that others could not see.

A person’s information was displayed there.

Li Qiandong: Male.

Age: 28

The eldest son of the Li family, one of the most powerful families in Beijing, and the successor to the Li family’s business. He had a net worth of over a hundred billion.

An influential official like him could make the Yunjing Province shake just by stomping on the ground.

“Is there a photo of Li Qiandong?” Mu Yourong narrowed her eyes.

The control panel’s screen shifted and immediately displayed the photo of a young man.

He had handsome facial features and outstanding qualities.

Mu Yourong narrowed her eyes again. “Look up Li Qiandong’s recent itinerary.”

The system immediately switched scenes and displayed an itinerary.

Mu Yourong examined the itinerary meticulously and then sat in front of the dressing table and began putting on her makeup.

Even though Li Qiandong had an impressive status, it was very apparent that Li Qiandong was not the target Mu Yourong was looking for. Mu Yourong’s target was Fifth Master Cen.

However, according to the information displayed, Li Qiandong was the best friend of Fifth Master Cen. So, if she could get her hands on Li Qiandong, she would be one step closer to getting Fifth Master Cen.

What a waste that the system could not look up Fifth Master Cen. Otherwise, she need not spend such a great deal of effort to get close to Li Qiandong.

At the entrance of a shopping mall, a group of men dressed in suits surrounded a young silhouette entering the building.

Who else was there other than Li Qiandong?

Li Qiandong had just walked out of the shopping mall when he saw a girl dressed in a clean, white dress half squatting at a nearby area with a gentle smile on her face. “Little boy, how old are you?”

The girl was very pretty; her pure white dress was spotlessly clean to set off her beauty like a freshly-bloomed lotus flower.

The person standing opposite her was a little boy in shabby clothes. He had a snot bubble coming out of his nose, but the girl dressed in the white dress did not seem to mind at all. She took out a napkin to wipe the little boy’s face meticulously with a gentle expression on her face the entire time.

“Thank you, miss.” The little boy thanked her respectfully.

“Don’t mention it. I have some food with me; you can have it. Where’s your family?

The little boy shook his head. “I don’t know. I came alone.”

“It’s not safe for you to be out on your own. Is it okay if I send you home?”

The little boy nodded. “Thanks, miss.”

Li Qiandong could not help but slow down upon witnessing such a heartwarming scene.

The eagled-eyed chief standing next to Li Qiandong immediately said something to his assistant after noticing Li Qiandong’s behavior, “Look up the young maiden.”

“Sure.” The assistant nodded respectfully.

After a short while, the girl dressed in white held the little boy’s hand and vanished into the crowd; it was only then that Li Qiandong retracted his gaze and continued to walk ahead.

“Mr. Li, here.” The man standing next to Li Qiandong opened the door of the car respectfully.

He then got into the car. The man read the information sent to him from the assistant and said to Li Qiandong with a smirk, “Mr. Li, the young maiden we encountered earlier at the entrance is named Mu Yourong. She is the daughter who was recently reunited with the Mu family.”

Li Qiandong was stunned for a moment.

So it turned out to be her!

No wonder she seemed so familiar to him.

Li Qiandong’s impression of Mu Yourong was initially tainted because of the annulment incident from before. Hence, this was rather unexpected.

It seemed that there was some misunderstanding there.

If a person was so caring to a beggar, how could she ask for an annulment due to favoring the rich and despising the poor?

Li Qiandong was lost in thought for a moment.

After coming back from the market, Ye Shu was already cooking in the kitchen.

Ye Zhuo walked over to take the spatula in Ye Shu’s hand. “Mom, go back to your room and rest. I’ll take over from here.”

“It’s better for me to do it! This is not your kind of chore.” The Mu family hired chefs and servants, so she figured that Ye Zhuo had not even stepped into the kitchen before.

Ye Zhuo chuckled and said, “I took some culinary classes when I was with the Mu family, so don’t look down on me. Your body is weak; you shouldn’t inhale too much smoke.”

In truth, the original owner of her body was utterly incapable of cooking. Fortunately, Ye Zhuo had acquired culinary skills from her past life.

Moreover, Ye Zhuo had a unique set of cooking skills. The food she prepared was not only scrumptious but also effective in other ways.

“I shall help you to clean the vegetables then.” Ye Shu picked up the vegetables bought by Ye Zhuo.

Ye Zhuo heated the oil on the wok with agile movements. It did not take long before a gush of enticing fragrance filled the kitchen.

Ye Shu was undoubtedly astonished. She did not expect that Ye Zhuo was actually capable of doing this.

Half-past five in the evening, Ye Zhuo reported to duty at the barbecue skewer shop.

A young man dressed in a white shirt was behind the counter with his head lowered to write. He was so focused on writing that he did not notice Ye Zhuo’s arrival.

“Hello.” Ye Zhuo took the initiative to greet him.

The young man raised his head and met a pair of bright, upturned eyes just like that. He was visibly stunned for a moment, and then his ears flushed scarlet as he said, “We... we’re not open for business yet.”

Complexion as fair as snow, red lips, and pearly whites... It was the first time in his life that he had ever seen such an exquisite girl. Perhaps, even the most beautiful girl in his school had to step aside in the presence of this girl.

Meanwhile, the owner of the barbecue shop, Qian Lingyu, walked out from the inside. Upon seeing Ye Zhuo, she smiled and said, “Girl, you’re here! Did you bring your identity card with you?”

“I did.”

Ye Zhuo passed her identity card to Qian Lingyu.

“You’re only 18 years old this year?”

“Mmhmm.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

Qian Lingyu smiled and continued, “You’re the same age as my son. He’s 18 too, but he’s only in his junior year now.”

Ye Zhuo smiled but did not utter a word.

Next, Qian Lingyu introduced the usual job scope and work routine to Ye Zhuo. “In this line of work, you’ll have to be alert at all times with your eyes and ears. You will also have to move in an agile fashion…”

Ye Shu’s job scope was extensive. She had to serve food as well as clean up the tables after the customers left. The young man looked at Ye Zhuo’s silhouette with slightly furrowed brows. Was she really here to work?

Was she doing it as a summer job or a full-time job? If it was a full-time job, did that mean that she had yet to finish high school?

And if that were the case, her educational background would be very poor, right…?

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