Just being looked at like this, she felt her heart race and her breath become tense. To hide her unease, Su Qiuge sternly said, “How daring!”

She was about to step forward and lower the curtain when the man, faster than her, directly grasped her hand. Her wrist, slender and delicate, was firmly held in his hand, unable to move, and her fingertips trembled slightly. He leaned in slowly, and beneath his feathery eyelashes, his narrow eyes shimmered with a dim light.

“The princess didn’t say that before…”

Su Qiuge was frightened by the sudden pressure emanating from him and stared at him in a daze, unable to speak. Meanwhile, he curved his lips slightly, a seemingly gentle but distant smile on his face.

“When the princess fought with others for me at the Jade Tree Garden, she said she wouldn’t let me leave the bed. Why are you retreating now?”

Su Qiuge’s hand was firmly grasped by him.

His exceptionally exquisite facial features, being so close, carried an undeniable aggressiveness that instinctively made her want to step back. But constrained by her “persona,” she could only muster a forced response, saying, “How audacious! You are merely a plaything of mine. I can play with you whenever I want. Who are you to interfere with my actions?”

Xie Xinglin lowered his gaze, staring at her for a moment with an expression that was profound and inscrutable. His gaze unnerved Su Qiuge, making her contemplate how to drive him away. Then, he suddenly revealed a smile—casual and tinged with curiosity.

He leisurely spoke, “Then allow me to attend to the princess’s dressing.”

The emphasis he placed on the word “dressing” carried a clear and mellifluous tone, lingering in the ears and evoking imaginative thoughts. Upon hearing his words, Su Qiuge quickly tightened her dress, realizing that his gaze had fallen upon her exposed bare feet. She promptly pulled them back.

Little did she know that her flustered appearance would only further fuel his desires. She heard a derisive chuckle, and the man approached, leaning on the bedside until their faces were almost touching.

His scorching breath fell upon her face, and his lips curled slightly. His seductive, flirtatious eyes, with their upturned corners, exuded a cold gleam reminiscent of a sharp weapon.

“The princess was once so passionate, but now that she has won me over, she reveals a completely different countenance. This visage truly resembles those heartless men who frequent the pleasure quarters…”

Su Qiuge tightened her grip on the blanket, and she saw him looking down at her from above. Then, his hand landed on her face, expressionless, as he calmly remarked, “I truly want to see what color the princess’s heart is by opening it up.” Su Qiuge’s pupils slightly contracted upon hearing those words. “Guards! Guards!” she called out. For a moment, she genuinely sensed the burst of murderous intent in his eyes. This man, despite wearing the same facade, was indeed different. Before she finished speaking, the man’s face softened, and he revealed a gentle smile, curling his lips as he said, “Princess, please forgive me. I was merely making a joke to alleviate your boredom.”

Although he said that, Su Qiuge still felt that everything he had just said was true. While she didn’t know what would happen if she were to be killed in this dream, her will to survive remained just as strong.

At that moment, hurried footsteps could be heard from outside, and a figure clad in lake-green dashed into the room. It was a youth with a good figure and a slender waist, even… wearing rouge.

The youth’s gaze turned towards Xie Xinglin, who had his arms propped on the bedside, and finally landed on their intertwined hands. Through gritted teeth, he uttered, “Vixen! How dare you commit such impudence in broad daylight! Release the princess immediately!”

Su Qiuge thought to herself that finally, there was someone sensible. She was about to laugh and say, “Hurry up and take him away from me.”

Little did she know, the next moment, the young man in the lake-green shirt pointed at Xie Xinglin and looked at her with tears in his eyes, saying, “Princess, didn’t you say before that you loved Qing’er the most, and he was the only male favorite of yours?”

Under Su Qiuge’s gradually stiffening smile, the young man in the green robe clenched his handkerchief with a jealous expression and said, “Who is this bewitching vixen, after all?”

Damn it, another male favorite!

Why does she have another male favorite!

And this young man, with just one look…

One look and it’s obvious he’s underage??

How much of a beast is this going to be…

At this moment, Su Qiuge took a deep breath and bit herself hard, just wanting to quickly escape from this damn dream and never dream again.

Little did she know, at this moment, she heard a sneer in her ear.

She turned her gaze to Xie Xinglin beside her and saw him raise an eyebrow slightly at her.

His crimson lips curled up slightly as he stared at her anxious expression for a while. Finally, lazily, he leaned closer and said to her, “Princess, you really have a big appetite. Today, you took one by force, but little did I expect that there’s another hidden beauty in the palace.”

Su Qiuge was about to retort when she heard him continue, “It seems that I haven’t served you well enough, and I haven’t satisfied the princess…”

He stared at her meaningfully and added slowly, “I will try my best from now on.”

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